NZ Mass Shooter May Have Been Trained By CIA-backed Ukranian Nazis

NZ Mass Shooter May Have Been Trained By CIA-backed Ukranian Nazis
The shooter mentions Ukraine in his manifesto and says "I have donated to many nationalist groups and have interacted with many more," which is likely where he was trained and learned to write in Cyrillic. He also uses the (common among fascists) black sun symbol that is very prominent among Azov symbolism.
Fascist mercenaries who worked in Ukraine were allowed to go back to Australia with no interference:
The foreign fighters in Ukraine who Australia's laws won't stop

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He also says this in his manifesto:
"You will find no reprieve, not in Iceland, not in Poland, not in New
Zealand, not in Argentina, not in Ukraine, not anywhere in the world. I know, because I have been there."
This implies he was in Ukraine.

Note in the article that all of these people who returned to Australia from Ukraine were known to Australian intelligence. Like most mass shooters, this is a link showing that cops and intel protected him instead of arresting him.

i want to kill rich people not willing to step out of their positions or stop privatizing essential resources and also psychos that try to maintain the capitalist system, not some random religious innocent religious men, women and children

Really bizarre: there is an insulation business in Christchurch that uses a flaming black sun as its logo and sells services for $14.88.

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Oh wow how unusual.

Looks like fascist faggots can't learn anything after all

It seems there were also Serbs teaching him in that mix
NOW the strange thing is, why would a Serb serve with the neo-nazis in Ukraine. That doesn't make any sense really since our right-wingers would never go against Russia.

Mostly likely he brought the whole LE EBIN REMOVE KEBAB XDDD meme. Every term written on his equipment refers to some kind of conflict between Christian and Muslim armies. Battle of Ivankovac, being fist battle of an anti-colonialist uprising against the Turkish government would of course be seen by this brainlet as an EPIC Nazi masturbation fantasy instead of a fight against foreign occupation. Serbian Revolution has more in common with the Angolan War for Independence then any 90s civil war or Zig Forums tier shit.

the font just makes it obvious. no way they're that dumb

Imagine a world without the Ukraine, Poland, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

You forgot Israel.

If you removed America those countries would be far less threatening and could be dealt with at the world's leisure. America is the root of all reaction in contemporary times.

its a racist shithole not surprising

Israel is not a real country. There is only Palestine.

Someone should wreck those vans.

imagine seeing something like this and not immediately recognizing it as being CIA shit

Getting the Alt-Reich fascists and the Isamo-fascists like ISIS to go to war and kill each other would be an ideal outcome for the civilized world.

One load of fascists would be killed and the other would be seriously weakened and easy prey to be destroyed with ease by the people's army.

only the fash there
israeli left can be based

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Dude basically bragged about it

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doesn't exist.

Bet he did rub shoulders with some cops in countries he visited as well.

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This is what gets me the most.
People ignore our intelligence service connections to terror activity.
CIA made the taliban what it is now.

Which is why this is likely a 5eye mossad job.

Even the Ukrainian Nazis who trained him are pro-Zionist Entity

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I dont have a problem with israel itself or jews, just jews who try and dismantle the cultural fabric of my nation. Whats going on between the israilis and Palestinians is none of my business. I do wish as an american, my nation would stop supporting them but at the end of the day I get it. I would rather my side rule the world then the muslim side tbh.

This, Zionists and Nazis love each other because both are fascists and both want all Jews to leave every other country and stay in Israel.

white supremacists are overwhelmingly pro israel lol

Asked this in another thread, but isn’t the Azov Battalion basically the R.ojava of Zig Forums?

any proper leftist is for the abolition of israel. therefore, there is no such thing as israeli left.

they also receive material support from Israel
amazing how the zionists can propagandize themselves as holocaust martyrs while literally helping people who glorify the holocaust

The Israeli Left (Hadash / Honest members of Zionist Union) support a two state solution between the Arab peoples of Palestine and the Israeli goverment
Obviously some PFLP "one secular state of palestine" shit would be preferably but that just isn't a rational possibility at this stage
And in a sense I do agree that if Israel (Even a Socialist / Leftist dominated Israel) was to abolish itself and annex itself to the Palestine that there would genuinely be a large scale attacks upon Jewish / Israeli individuals depending on who comes to power within the new goverment

You can't say "no way they're that dumb" when talking about nazis.

ZU was shit but Meretz are decent. Hadash are 100% our guys tho. And ironically, all of them might have the deciding votes in the Knesset.

Here's what I don't get: what's the point of creating an Israeli state for everyone and a Palestinian state for Palestinians (which is what these people call for)?
Au contraire: Israeli colonization of the West Bank means any dream for two states is dead. There can only be one state; all that's left to determine is what kind of state it is.

Literally the only solution worth trying to bring about short of communism is a secular Palestinian/Levantine Peoples' Republic.

They did it, the madlads actually did it

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So fuck them. Lipstick on a pig.

It will be soon.

Do you understand how thoroughly fascist the Israeli people are? They will always be the first to attack. Yes, the overwhelming majority of Israelis are brainwashed Zionist settlers who have served in the IDF. You can't live with that.

So Zig Forums falls to Zionist ruse again, right? This attack is psyop since this shit was happened to same with Israel got attacked which was alleged to be false flag by Netanyahu, and turn out that guy even supports Israel as if greater Israel shit never cause Muslim to flood Europe to begin with since it fuck middle east really hard.

Well as much as Zig Forumsyps cry about MUH JEBS
They always support the most Zionist politicians out there, or to go even further, they always support the most america-centric politicians regardless of them being traitors to their home nations.

Where did this fucker get all his money???
How does he go traveling for years, seemingly with no job? How does he get money to "donate" to nationalist groups?

By being born petie bourg

According to him it was buttcoins.

1. Poland
2. Israel
3. United States
4. Australia
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Ukraine

Literally Nuke them all

reactionary Golden Dawn members assassinated.

Fuck right wing reactionary pigs, here is what they can do with their "le epic ethnic genocide", ie get shot in the back of the head like the imperialist tools they are.

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Link about this news?

It’s an old video and the user is a Zig Forumsfag that wants to push some "leftist are as bad as us, normies look!
Fun fact: while i love the vid, the assassination could be a false flag by the golden dawn in order to make up for killing Fyssas, the group behind it has not appeared since(and this was their first action)….

gotta love that guy who walks by like he didn't see anything


bitcoins were a mistake

He also seems like a Nazghul, he said he's against cheap capitalist labels and he wants workers owning the means of production as long as the workers are part of a ethno nationalist state

this is why we are losing the meme warfare

Ok guys this nuts manifesto is getting posted all over the chans now and i really fear that it's going to start radicalising people even more..

Of course it's a rag tag bunch of shit scrawling racist paranoia. But I feel like we need to properly take it down inch by inch. Saying "that's racist" isn't going to work with these guys.

We need to show why it's wrong and deluded.

one of the easily proven dumb things he says is that marxists have taken over the state (obviously a dumbass), then later he says that the global capitalists have taken over.

It's aimed at people who are already radicalized. And, frankly, it doesn't say anything particularly new other than urging others to commit violence under the guise of half-baked accelerationism. I'm worried too, of course, but you're not going to win these people over with reason. If the manifesto shows us anything, it shows that modern internet audiences only respond to fucking memes. Therefore, sadly and pathetically, we honest-to-god need to develop a dialectical theory of memes, their material origin, and their cultural/material effects. Looking into "Affective Economies" by Sara Ahmed, Adorno, Debord, Benjamin, Zizek, and Lenin's theory of propaganda seem like the places to start.

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lauren is making a big hypocritical stink

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Azov is not nazi, they fight for Ukrainian freedom against Russian invaders!!

It is "radicalizing" the already radicalized. You should know by now that debunking fascism does very little to stop it. You have to humiliate and physically ruin them.

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Azov is not nazi, they fight for Ukrainian freedom against Russian invaders!! Just look at this cool guys!

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Ukraine isn't a real country.

As I have stated while not preferable an independent Palestinian state even if forced to live in detente with an Israeli state would represent a massive improvement of the conditions of the Palestinian people and would at the very least end the imminent threat of genocide that exists because of Israeli colonialism
Citation needed
"Germans are inherently fascist and we need to breed it out of them" end of WW2 tier take
If I'm not Mistaken isn't IDF service pretty much mandatory unless your one of those insane Orthodox Jews who can't go outside / Some other valid reason?

What is your definition of a real country

This man saw the fucking Elves and still killed the innocent, he has no goodness in his heart.

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Ah, the great Israeli saviors of Palestine are fighting for a great compromise on their behalf.

Never said inherently. They are fucking brainwashed and don't belong there. All European settlers out of Palestine.

Yes, and? Your point? They are brainwashed and happy to do it. The blood on their hands makes them defend their position even more.


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fuck that cunt


also a nz military base down the road

Right wingers like to think Islam is a violent ideology. There is a hidden confession in her tweets that the right wing ideology is a violent belief system as she compares it to her spooky interpretation of Muslims. As Michael Parenti noted the right wing always makes hidden confessions in their deflections.

Leftism isn't a violent ideology, but they should show strength and not be sheep led to slaughter. Leftism can be so altruistic that it's members have a tendency to interpret civil disobedience as martyrdom. Leftists should never give the impression they are ripe targets for government death squads. The Black Panthers set a good example of appropriate strength without overt maniac like violent behavior.


Reminder that his is literally what you have to believe as an american/anglo nazi. It's ludicrous and nothing more than a very thinly veiled attempt at justifying both american imperialism and ethnic cleansing.

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I'm not a Nazi, It's in their religion, history, and the practice of Jihad.
That implies the elite are specifically capitalists, if you look at the globalists families you can see they also have other defining aspects.
That's the point.

>>Right wingers like to think Islam is a violent ideology.

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My point was that the right wing ideology is senselessly violent, and is the realization of what they project on Islam. We aren't going to solve the complexities of Islamophobia on Zig Forums. Lauren Southern shows how the average right winger is aware to some degree of the similarities of their interpretation of violent Muslims, and their own belief system. As does the immediate condemnation of "muh violent subhuman religion" each right winger involuntarily spurts out as they simultaneously say "donut judge me by right wing terrorists".

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True, but in a defensive way. It's Muslims coming to white countries and continue practicing their tradition of Jihad, not the opposite.
both are different groups, regardless if they both use violence or slow subversion.

Nice anime pics. World leaders or the groups that control them are not only capitalist.

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Well gee whiz stop bombing the fuck out of their countries, stealing their wealth and subjugating them to puppet dictators if you want that to stop. Or oh wait are you not deciding that… Maybe it's that thing right wingers worship.. What do they call that? Capitalism?
Sure they are. lol… No similarities at all… lol.
As Michael Parenti said "Right wingers always make confessions in their deflections."

Makes sense. The USA has been pretty okay with arming anyone, literally anyone. Even if it's bad for their own interests in the long term.

Imagine not knowing the marxists and global capitalists are one and the same. Dumb faggot.

It's still absurd that the US funded and armed Pol Pot

What does "capitalist" even mean in your tinny mongrel brain?

The people in power are the ones doing that, not "whites", they don't have the interest of their country's people.
This is a leftist meme. It's done with religion in general as well. All religions are the same just because both have beliefs and aren't trying to achieve your communist goals.

I'm aware of your "Means of production" bourgeois and "sell your labor" proletarian class definitions.

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Be real man. It's a fucking inevitable outcome of capitalism. Original sin type shit. Self interest. The capitalist kind.
What the fuck are you on about? Right wingers act just like Jihadists. Imma kill innocent people for muh caliphate white culture. I wouldn't expect a Jihadist to see it, and I certainly wouldn't expect a right winger to see it.

I mean seriously you don't think those motherfucking Jihadis don't have a victimhood complex just like Zig Forums? For Zig Forums it's just muh whyte culture, and they're barbaric and they run over kids with trucks. For the motherfucking Jihadis they're like these bitches are drone stricking 2 year old girls, stealing our oil, kidnapping us to torture in Guantanamo bay and going into mosques to gun us down while we're praying.. shooting up kids and elderly people without discrimination. I mean what the fuck are right wingers smoking? What the fuck they believing on besides meth and the divine providence of the Turner dairies. They obviously don't believe in divine justice cheering that shit on. Or if they do they don't realize the sick joke they are. If there is a God he would want to stomp on Zig Forumsyps until their blood sprayed on his robe, and he would laugh the whole time he was stomping just like they do at the 2 head shots that right wing jihadi recorded putting into a random little girl outside that mosque. Right wingers aren't about nothing. Nothing good at least. Nothing good about white culture. Nothing good about white religion. Certainly nothing good about the white man's economic lot. They ain't no fucking different to white culture than from what a jihadist is to arabic culture. Just plainhearted dupes working for the capitalist ruling class on a system that grinds everyone up. Except they're bitches, weak bitches. They got the guts to shoot up unarmed civilians, but not the heart to fight the real level bosses.. The plutocrats.. The ruling class. They're scared they'll look weak in that fight.

That's how you can seperate bitches from steers. A bitch will pick fights with weak targets to impress their bitch friends. Like that NZ terrorist faggot bitch who shot a bunch of unarmed targets. Then their bitch friends cheer. That's why I call them bitches I'm not fucking impressed by bitch asses at all. They inevitably end up bleeding cock in prison or completely failing in life due to being bitches. Right wingers that suck daddy porkies dick for patreon funds and YouTube likes are just bitches.. Plain and simple. Scared of picking a fight with porky so they become his bitch to feel tougher.


Two other gunmen in video, with location confirmation and same car
Video has been taken down previously.

Some tweets from here:
Pete Breidahl says he PREVIOUSLY WARNED THE COPS about the Rifle Club that the New Zealand shooter attended. "It turns out that the guy that fuckin' murdered everyone in Christchurch was a member of the Bruce Rifle Club."
🚨New Zealanders threatened with 10 YEARS IN JAIL if they have the shooting video. 🚨 "Anybody found “knowingly” in possession of objectionable material can receive a maximum of 10 years imprisonment." 14 YEARS IN JAIL if you are a "dealer" of the video

🚨🚨HUGE 🚨🚨 YouTube is INTENTIONALLY DISABLING PARTS OF THEIR SEARCH SYSTEM so people can't look up Christchurch content. "this is temporary and part of our efforts to better respond, review and remove graphic, violative content from YouTube."
"New Zealand ISPs have banned until it is “censorship compliant,” despite the fact that Dissenter was in no way involved with this week’s tragic events in NZ." says @getongab
🚨🚨BREAKING: @nzpolice demand USER INFORMATION ("IP addresses, email addresses") from Kiwi Farms regarding the New Zealand attack … USER. INFORMATION. FOR TALKING ABOUT IT. THIS IS AN INFRINGEMENT OF CIVIL LIBERTIES ISSUE NOW

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So, to sum up:

Almost none of the groups the US arms is bad for it in the long run. "Anti-American" groups like the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS are extremely useful to the US because they (1) spend more time attacking the US' enemies like Syria than they do killing Americans and (2) create a justification for the US to enter middle-eastern countries to "fight terror."

Why do all modern neo nazis and fascist are either overweight, have neck beards, are unattractive, edgy teens or look like they have down syndrome.

Strange thing about it is that Russian media haven't used information about shouter relation to Ukrainian nazis yet. That's strange, because they always use fake information to show Ukraine like hell on the Earth with nazis eating their children.

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stop embarrassing us any further please.