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The white working class will always lean towards fascism rather than the left.

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Literally the only reason you think that is because you haven't left the US. Or you're retarded. Where I'm from, most boomers are left wing and I know at least 5 other places where this is the case.

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The working class, white or otherwise has literally never leaned towards fascism lmao.
The Nazis had most of their support from the petit-bourgeoise and bankers, the italian fascists same thing, the Falange were literally just aristo rich kids larping as workers hoping workers would join them which never happened,
And just like every single fucking time today's 'white nationalist' Zig Forumsyps are overwhelmingly spoilt middle-class failsons unleashing their autistic rage at society and shitting their pants in public.
But fascists always like to try to lend themselves credibility by doing a bit of working class LARP.


the idea of whiteness is absurd and has been used to kill and oppress multitudes of Europeans.


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I'm australian
The number of white working class people I've met who I can be sure won't turn to fascism, I can count on one hand

I work amongst the white working class here in Australia, and I can tell you that your theory is deeply flawed. You clearly haven't encountered that many of these people

Where are you from that most boomers are left wing?

Yep, history doesn't hold up to your anecdotes lmao

The masses are generally apolitical or centrist by default, they don't care about socialist LARPing or nazi edgylord extremism.
Our job as communists is to educate the masses and push them towards a revolutionary direction.
The only reason why workers are complacent to fascist states is because fascists kill anyone who opposes them so people are natural fearful as they don't want to get killed/tortured/imprisoned

Read more history and theory OP

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Your examples were a long time ago, maybe it was true then that the left was stronger amongst the working class.
You're delusional if you think poor whites will take to your politics, no matter how much you try appeal to them with white identity politics

The working class, regardless of its makeup, leans towards whatever it feels cares about its interests. That can be fascism, socialism, neoliberalism, whatever. The problem is that only 1 out of all the options truly gives a shit, and the propaganda from the others makes that really fucking hard to see unless, surprise surprise, class consciousness is developed.

The working class leans towards populism, that can be provided in either left or right varieties. 'Read Cockshott' doesn't appeal to working stiffs, 'Land, Bread, and Peace' does. Simple, actionable demands to fix simple problems or accepted menaces.

sorry fam, you seem lost, >>>Zig Forums is the white identity politics board

Talk of "white working class" is immediately white identity politics. Pandering to white workers "good hardworking family people" "decent men and women" is identity politics.

At least where I am, the "left" is an object of vilification for most working class whites. The evil "leftists" coming to take your whatever…
Why do you think the left is historically weaker in "white" settler countries? The Israeli left, for example, is even more pathetic than the Australian left

I'd be willing to bet that what you mistake the petit bourgeoisie and lumpenproletariat for the working class.

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You're the only one doing that though.

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Well I work in the same damn warehouse as them so..
The only strain of "left" I can recall that was successful in Australian politics is the Labour party of Gough Whitlam. I think most white Australians harbour anti-capitalist feelings, since Whitlam was coup'd by the CIA and the British intelligence agencies.
Most Australian nationalists (even right wingers) agree that Australia is no longer a sovereign nation after Gough Whitlam

"Never say never."

No, its the unions doing that.
Its the white left doing that, they've been telling non-whites to be quiet for decades in the name of "unity".
I'm just raising the question, do you really think the white working class doesn't want to kill you commies rather than march alongside you?

I love doing white working class things like refusing to tip my waiter because she has a septum piercing then driving away angrily in my new f450 while I blast Luke Bryan

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**anti A.m.e.r.i.c.a.n feelings

The majority of the white working class is apathetic. The fascists are a lot more vocal, and their organizing is sanctioned by the powers that be and encouraged by the MSM. They're practically begging white people to be turned on by fascism and white identity politics and pushing that shit hard. Such idpol is not a threat to the elites, even if they're nominally against it and for multiculturalism. The alt-right is a marketing brand more than an actual movement.

Even the relatively bigoted conservatives I know don't buy into /pol or Rush Limbaugh's horseshit. They might hate poor people and laugh at liberal and socialist simpering, but the people who indulge in pathetic rightist ideology that we see on the internet are correctly ridiculed as the tards that they are. Sure, there are a good number of moral and intellectual cowards out there that do buy into the shit, but I'm pretty sure the typical conservative thinks Rush is a tard and should shut the fuck up. Their objection to the left is based on something more real and tangible (particularly, the liberals trying to fuck with people with the latest gun control scheme, and the socialists going along with idpol and wedge issues that really have no relevance to socialism).

Fascism has always been a movement of the petit bourgs and a particular subsection of the working class that is amenable to class collaboration and anti-democracy. There is a reason the Nazis had to draw from the dregs of German society to build their movement on the ground, just like /pol is composed of failsons and pissants.

Curiously, the countries you are talking about were products of settler colonialism. Other settler colonialist countries: USA, South Africa.

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You're right, but can you really trust these "right-libertarians" and regular conservatives not to allow fascists to take power?
Real fascism may be a petit bourgeois thing, but how many people are willing to enable it?

And your point is??
The a.merican left has been a joke for the last 50 years, only now with Backstabbin' Bernie its beginning to start again. South Africa still has an overwhelmingly white bourgeois class.

So first you'e saying white working class people won't be swayed by leftists' white identity politics, now you're saying the left has been telling white workers to 'be quiet' whatever that means. So far you've just been repeating the same soundbite of 'workers hate the left a bloo bloo bloo' with literally zero evidence except some personal anecdote and seem to be veering off into emotive screeching like you're about to frantically spasm into a nazi salute to calm your autism.

Fascism is the petit bourgieous and the ruling class convincing a minority of the working class to suppress the rest of the working class with the helping hand of their shekels . This has been the case every time it has manifest itself. The working class are socialist

maybe people like Rush and Ayn Rand are just people who take it too far, or aren't covert enough. Today, Tucker is more popular than these, even some naive leftists boost them occasionally. I would argue that he is more dangerous than the other clowns on the right

Historically, certain groups in the A.merican left have suppressed any criticism of the white working class in the name of unity. The New Deal was very white-centric, many unions in the US have a racist history

you seem very confident in this
Even if its true, isn't it also true that generally the reactionaries are winning today, in gaining the support of most of the white working class?

What are you talking about? Socialism and communism are at their strongest today since the fall of the eastern bloc, the popularity of the left and leftist ideas among the workers are have consistently been on the rise the last several years. The reemergence of a fascist movement and reactionary politics is just the backlash of the bourgeoisie working to counter the tide of working class radicalism.

If the left is weak in settler countries how come they won in Cuba and almost won in Chile?

socialism eco fascim nazism number one #1

revolutions can be successful in settler countries, but not reform
Chile failed because they went through the reformist route

Dying labor aristocracy of a settler-colonialist state. But whites are being actively proletarianized.

polls in any country outside the USA or any other such imperialist country show the opposite. Russia and former soviet states all have a majority support for leftist thought. that is ignoring the fact that 'white' is an arbitrary idpol definition that creates artificial division among humans.

Its meaningless to call them "white" since they don't live in imperialist countries then

eastern europe probably, most boomers in ex-com countries are leftists