This is from r/the_donald

This is from r/the_donald.

I believe online right-wing communities are more popular and attract members because they don't care about ideological purity, as long as you agree on a few points. And in online left communities? Everyone's on the look out to see if someone steps out of line, criticises North Korea, or Stalin, or whatever. Or supports the wrong leftist movement, like one big US military base in Syria.

I've visited leftist facebook pages, imageboards, discords, and it's always the same shit, what kind of leftist are you (this is very important, you have to find the hat with the proper label on it and wear it at all times) and do you support/criticise all the right causes. For someone new to leftism, that is a lot to navigate through and figure out.

I don't know what the answer is, I just know that's a problem. Our online communities need to be more inclusive. There are the "core" ideas everyone should be on board with: generally the principle "from each according to ability, to each according to need" is a valid one; you have to realise that capitalism has problems shown in many ways and it doesn't matter which way you perceive, experience or see capitalism as bad what matters is that you're anti-capitalist, the details will be worked out later. Do you think capitalism creates extreme wealth inequality? Good, welcome. Do you think capitalism is making our culture poorer for profit? Good, welcome. Do you think the profit motive places the interests of a few above the majority and you think a better way has to be found? Good, welcome, here's some thoughts on it.

The left has become lazy. No one wants to do "emotional labour" or "free labour". "Go read a book (the right book) and come back when you believe what I believe." We're pretending like we're this massive, popular movement and people will just be begging to join our club. The opposite is true.

Often people laugh at Zig Forums for saying they're "white" and then pictures from meetups and IRL show them to be diverse. And none of them give a fuck. Why? Because they agree on a few issues and not even all of them: communists are bad, SJWs are bad, traditional monogamy and marriage is good, some form of religion is good (but most of them don't care if someone is an atheist), might makes right, men should rule, blah blah blah. In an online community what the person looks like doesn't matter, as long as they're LARPing as white supremacists or whatever. The movement grows and absorbs people who do shit like the NZ shooting. Enough people join a movement there will be people who will absorb the propaganda and 'live the memes'. Most Zig Forumsacks are kids or poor people who don't have the means to go to Ukraine for training and travel to NZ and shit. The reality in America is that a lot of people are poor.

But online, the currency and value isn't money, it's the content. And since chans, and fb and everything else are just a platform that doesn't produce any content itself, the content comes from the users. Either as posts, or OC, or images they found. More users means more content and that means more people will be attracted to the site.

Simply, we need to become more inclusive and welcoming. If people hold "wrong" opinions, or support/criticise the wrong countries (honestly, who gives a fuck?) that just means there is an opportunity for them to learn. And they will learn. It's just better that they learn in a leftist context/community/setting than a right wing one. I'm sure if you go on a right-wing discord they start treating you as a friend, then when you're given information you're not told to read a whole book, but are shown information in easily-digestible 'memes' or youtube videos. And no one asks you to grok it all immediately, you're just supposed to go "huh" and then store it for later, because next thing you're laughing at the black dude being beaten by a cop in a hilarious video.

We need to stop acting like leftism is a university and start thinking of it as a popular movement. By definition, a popular movement will include all kinds of people, some of which you may not like. And that's ok! You don't actually have to get along with everybody. Do you see anyone on Zig Forums criticising the NZ shooter because they disagree with his politics or his manifesto? No. Most of them are praising him. They support Trump despite his strong ties to Israel, because they agree on some views, but not all, and it doesn't really matter as long as he can further their agenda. We're so scared of supporting anyone in the fear that it might be revealed later that the person said something "bad". We dissect a person's public persona, because we only want the purest. Like some fucking religious cult.

It's fucking bullshit.

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My point is thsat

Right wing communities are more popular because right wing ideas are supported and promoted by all facets of first world society.

My point is that there are people out there ripe for educating, agitating and organising. Even if they are on right-wing communities. Let's not say that a person's beliefs are their identity. Someone who is right-wing or thinks they're right wing, can also be convinced otherwise. Were all the flat earthers born as flat Earthers? They were globers or whatever. They believed the Earth was round and they actually convinved themselves or were convinced that the Earth is flat. Same can be done for people in the centre, or on the right.

Don't be lazy. It's hard changing someone's mind. And writing posts that make people think takes time and effort. We're not in a position not to make that effort.

P.S. delete this, this was an accident:

Name me one post in Zig Forums where we laughed at someone coz of purity testing. Ffs you are already preaching to the choir.

Every sectarian thread.

Have you ever been on this board?

Well the right wing types you are talking about are "alt right" which is just that a board term for any rightwing opposition to the current Republican establishment. Where as leftypol and other anti sjw spheres ars the opposite it is niche not broad.

The problem is there is no ability to imagine the end up capitalism in the west. If people can imagine the destruction of the earth before the destruction of capitalism sudden marx is less important than tranny liberation

We don't want retarded people here.
Zig Forums overstates its relevance.
Young folks voted hillary, they are just outcasts.

who said that thing about about how it's easier for people to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism? i think it was Zizek

Whites and Chistians voted Trump in all demographics


As expected.
Young voters overall still voted dem.

Right Wing is far more entertaining in the face of a society who requires entertainment & lives for the spectacle. Left wing is boring, lame, and has been killing memes, comedy, and entertainment of all aspects because "all forms of art & entertainment that isn't a soviet painting depicting a bigender trans drag queen is RACIST AND SEXIST". I'm transgender and when I step into the identity politics world, jesus fuck it's OFF THE RAILS, I can't keep up.

Even I'm getting bored of leftism. We just infight all the fucking time and can't get anything organized. I think I need to stop doing this so much and go make flower beds for my garden to save the bees and get off the internet.

Try harded Zig Forums

Yeah but the young demographic that does anything voting Trump

Not Zig Forums. It's truth. I participate here often. Check out Society of the Spectacle by Debord. This US society needs to be entertained, they need to get high on entertainment, distraction, celebrity. Alt-right & liberalism checks all of those boxes for the everyday American consumer.

Zig Forums is ideologically diverse (as the name suggests), but the common point of "leftism" is progress (as opposed to reaction) from the status-quo (often capitalism). You won't get banned as long as you don't support capitalist imperialism.

Because most leftist groups are specialized think-tanks on a certain resolution of issues (statists/anarchists, market/planning, centralism/federalism, etc).
Right-wing ideologies are often not incompatible because they are calling for either the status-quo (capitalism) or one of its previous incarnation (classical liberalism, christian values, nationalism, etc).
Because leftism theory often require an intellectual introspection and critisism of society, while right-wing groups are just calling for something that is already established.

I can agree to a certain extent, but often leftists groups will necessitate you to follow a specific model or talking-point so as to follow praxis or further debate within this specific model, instead of being a generalist philosophically diverse community.

The only common idea is to move further from the status-quo, which often depend on the overthrowing of the state, but after that, it's every ideologies for themselves, because they are often fundamentaly incompatible.
Market anarchists would disagree.
But the resolution to thoses specific problems within capitalism can be dealed in several incompatible ways, as in some might consider a market economy to not be the underlying (as in structural) issue of capitalism, but instead private property or capital accumulation.

This is what propaganda is supposed to help with.
Not when you "believe what I believe", but when you "understand my point", often explicited more accurately within books, so that the debate can continue without misconceptions.
They should, as it is supposed to be their interest to inform themselves, but then again, propaganda is supposed to help here.

I agree idpol is counter-productive.

If they are arguing in good faith there is no reason to reject them.

This has been theorized by Leninism with the vanguard party.
This is an issue if their beliefs are fundamentally incompatible with the in-group world-view.

I used to be left, when I was stupid. I was let down. But no more! I'm all right now!

Sounds like you want to invite a bunch of liberal class traitors to inflate our numbers so you feel better about yourself.

I don't really want to associate with people that don't have a strong foundation. That includes a lot of reactionary leftists that inhabit this board.

any idea what the majority of users on this board specifically voted for?

is there a /lit/ equivalent on here. It's one of few non brainlet boards on 4

please give context. you still sound like a shill. Good luck though.

lmao that's not Zig Forums that's more like /r_tD. Real Zig Forums would probably say

Alt-Right is not even an organization. It's just what left calls everyone who falls on the spectrum. It's very cringey when right leaners claim they are the alt right or magapedes, or that they're from 4chan


Majority of people here are too young to vote

the reason some people come so long but then stop is 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧cold war propaganda🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and label-phobia, maybe not wanting to be associated with middle class hipsters and idpol faggots that the media shills

Centriah here I can't believe I'm agreeing with a post here but it's true.
As for leftist shit becoming more open I couldn't give a fuck since you lot never want to engage or banter at all hence why I left/got banned from all and any left leaning groups irl or online and gravitated towards (right wing) even though I have philosophically more in common with lefties overall I find you all insufferable and up your own ass

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advocating and causing a shooting of 50 people (by propaganda hidden behind "jokes") and having your platform taken by fbi and your name being put on a watchlist is sure good and very funny banter haha XD.
this removes all the legitimacy of an ideology or a movement especially when its on the internet where people are rarely held accountable and everyone would disown his entire ideology and beliefs if a feddie showed up. best irl action it can get is a small 200 demonstration or at best some edgy kid (or manchild) shooting someone giving his group more public empathy.

Don't remember the last time a leftist shot up Goldman Sachs. Some messages are clearly getting to some people and making an impact.

some guy shot some Golden Dawn nationalists once, it was all recorded on camera and i think they never caught the guy.

Majority here aren't Americans.

Ecks dee


Literally the entirety of the 60s to the 80s was filled with the "New Left" doing exactly what your saying (Weather Underground, IPLO, RAF,etc.) The New Left engaged in bombings and shootings because they grew disaffected with the current strategy of the current established left of slowly building up class consciousness within the working class, instead opting for large scale attacks intended to "wake up" the people suddenly after which they would choose a side in the struggle (preferably them because they had shown themselves to be an organized militarized force in an era of economic instability). Instead what occurred was the public turning largely against them and the entire left becoming so fractured and divided that to this day it hasn't recovered. Your making the exact mistakes they did, which is putting the cart before the horse and expecting everyone to follow. It will fail, albeit with a lot of civis dead.

The three largest choices from most to least were:
1. Not voting
2. Voting third party
3. Voting Trump for accelerationist reasons/maybe ending wars
Hillary wasn't even on the list. Some people contemplated putting Jeb as a write in for the laughs though.

Obama voters from 2008 and 2012, were the swing voters that got Trump in. Clearly Obama voters were racist whites all along.

You're just jealous that you don't have any balls.
Your entire gig is a fucking spineless, commie LARP, and you frail, malnourished bitches know it.

Did you really believe we were going to continue to sit back, and watch you degenerate OUR Culture and Heritage? You only held the streets because we allowed it while we studied your pathetic ways.
You worthless shit stains are already extinct, and too ignorant, and arrogant to see it yet.

…tick tock, faggots.

Regardless, pic related is my opinion

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Your going to end up like the New Left and fracture whatever "movement" you have into a million pieces. Don't say I didn't warn you.

You little faggots have no fucking clue how organized we are.
This is America, bitches. My entire family for generations has been prepping, training, arming, and organizing our legit Militias for generations.
We hunt, camp, know primitive skills, first aid, mechanics, etc., all as a matter of simple daily life.
You don't know shit.
And your pathetic, citified, rat maze existence is only going to work to our advantage once we cut you off, and let you fend amongst your subhuman pets for the dwindling scraps in your manmade death bowl.
Good luck!
I know we are looking forward to it.
Besides, the entire world is silently waiting on the Strong White Americans to put this fucking Clown World on straight once again.
Feel free to survive what's coming by denouncing your dipshittery, and getting the fuck out of the way.
I'm here as a favor to you.
I still have a soft spot for my fellow "Americans".
Even if they are fucking brainwashed commie shit stains, and faggot degenerates.

each as impotent as the next

Yet, here you all are talking about us, and everything we do, while we make plans for moving forward, giving no thought to your even existing.

You are nothing but pitiful reactionaries.

lol. great pasta.

What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?

we are PITBULL reactionaries, if you bring your white baby near us we will bite her neck, you have been warned, we will BITE her NECK

I needed that laugh. all you do is bitch and moan about "the left", jews, other races, and other inconsequential bullshit. you morons couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery.

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You little faggots have zero clue how unprepared you are for what you have created for yourselves.

I'm so glad that your massive, capitalistic Lefty tech faggots deleted us from the internet, and gave you this big "safe space" to act a fool.

You have no clue who, what, when, or how we're coming now.
Thank you so much for your cloak of darkness to veil our movements.
Everything you attempt backfires, and works to our advantage.
When will you punks learn?
You don't have the Autism Level, nor constitution and stamina for the war you've started.
Foolish children following psychotic bitches.
Great job.

you should probably read the book you have claimed you read

cool story bro

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crazy wheels gave us this beautiful board, based

What the fuck makes you faggots believe we'd bring our children anywhere near you fuckin' pedophiles.
You can bite a bag of dicks, nigger.

Yes, keep telling yourself whatever it takes to keep your pants dry, Nancy.
You don't know shit about what we do.
You censored the internet, we went underground IRL.
Now what, you fucking worthless jackrabbits?

yeah, this is definitely going in my cringe compilation

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Is this shit supposed to be an actual response?
Like I said, you pathetic children, you're already extinct.
It's time to realize no one is playing games here but you little idiots, and now there is no going back.
I hope you all have accepted reality, and faced to bloodshed.
You foolishly opened the floodgates without any pre thought, and now you're all stuck in the valley downstream.
I hope your brought a towel?

we are your teachers, we are your cops, we are everywhere black man, we are your presidents. your children are ours

Oh no!

Muh feeling.
It's devastated.

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And this will be exactly their problem if it's not already. The right is just as prone to fracturing as the left.

This shit is comedy gold.

None of you silly, pink haired, shit stains can even hold a fucking job.
Stop LARPing as human.
You're not fooling anyone anymore.
You're "edgy" masks, and soft violence failed you. Pitiful parlor tricks of children with no conviction.
You don't even know what you're fighting for.

We fight for our very survival!

And we have Truth on our side.
You're already extinct.

plump white daughters for horny muslim super-soldiers, perfect

I love to imagine this dude frantically replying to every response with as many generic insults as he can thinking he is actually doing anything scary.
Pls say cuck for the class.


i fight for that ghetto booty

I can't tell if this is a retarded boomer, some deep-end 14 year old Zig Forumstard, or someone pretending to be one just for fun.

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this is just pathetic. you're not some mysterious, shadowy illuminati, you're either a troll or some Zig Forumsyp going full edgelord.

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Like those 5'2" goatfuckers that just got BTFOd in one of OUR churches in OUR land?

We're all real fucking afraid of everything you have to offer.
I promise, and I swear.

Die of a heart attack already you senile boomer.

It makes for some great pasta.

do you know how thick your dick must be to go through a goat ass? nigger there's no way the same dick can go through hard steel, just imagine how powerful their bones are, they can lift tanks

Mockery and insult?
A decade of empty mockery and insult.

You poor little things have no fucking clue what you've done to yourselves.
NO ONE is taking any of your shit lightly.
You crossed the line, and don't even seem to have any self awareness of the danger you're now in.


shooting defenseless worshippers, and running away when one of them draws a gun of their own. truly the soldier we should all aspire to.

hey i'm your super nazi friend let's talk about stuff friend

then get out of your basement and 1v1 me IRL you massive faggot, if you can even get yourself out the front door.

Your pathetic little commie LARP woke the REAL men in this Nation, and around the world.

You're fucked, and you know it.
This last show of bravado is simply out of denial, and desperation.
But I think, deep down, you all are coming to the stark realization of the massive mistake you've made.

You can't stop the avalanche now, little snowflakes.
And there's no where left in the world to hide.

i have, multiple times.

you're the gatekeeping purity bullshit the OP is talking about

Well I'm black so, racial diversity we got here

Squatting invaders, rightfully de-kabobbed.
What else ya got?

Whoever you are, never leave this board.

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Okay then boyo what should we be afraid of?
More mass shootings of poor people with no power? While powerful people with undeserved wealth watch as you scream victory and lick boots?

then go ahead and do something other than bluster on an imageboard. enough of these riddles, what exactly are you going to do?

I love watching America die. It's so hilarious to watch this reactionaries go on and on about murdering everyone. If they do actually commit heinous acts of violence then the state will eventually clap back. If they don't they still lose because America is going to lose everything the coming years. The American age is ending. Accept it and die with the country you claim to love so much.

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Not a problem, little one.
Send me an address.
[email protected]

I'm your Huckleberry, bitch.

So tiny. So very small.

Awww, c'mon now, you chumps, let's not spoil the basket of surprises.
Almanac says a long winter is on the horizon.
Your suffering will not be swift.

Actual Internet "tough guy" here. Thought they all died out by now, but I guess Tonka inspired more.

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come at me bro

America is dead. Thank you for that.
And clapping back is EXACTLY what we desire.
You idiots are incapable of seeing the bigger picture. Hell, you great master, the government, is too inept to even know what to do with us. They suffered as much as you for censoring us, and putting into the dark where they can no longer monitor our comings and goings. They forced us to revise old skool, real world tactics that they have apparently forgotten. Ooops.
We will replace this failed experiment with OUR vision.
Accept it, and die with your ideology that you're too ignorant to understand is a dead fucking end here.
This is America bitches.
What the fuck were you thinking?

Actual, real life tough guy, punk.
I know that in order to sleep at night you have to convince yourselves we're all Cheetoh stuffed, Wal-Mart grazers, who can't remember which end of the gun the bullets come out, but I assure you, that's simply untrue.

*wink emoji* fuckers.
You frail, malnourished Soy Soldiers would be wise to start a regiment of push-ups, at the least.

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Or you could make the wiser choice, and give up this bullshit commie nonsense, and actually enjoy what's left of your overly extended childhood.
You're not ready for this life.

We beg for it.

keep up the edgelordery, I haven't laughed this much in a while

>enjoy what's left
I'll try

THIS is why you idiots are already extinct.
You're shit, starting with your reading comprehension.

Low Autism Level, and low T loses wars, faggots.
Stay home. Play vidyas. Masturbate to anime. Repeat.
Appreciate your safe spaces while you still have them.

By all means. Keep laughing, chuckles.
I can smell how nervous you silly shit stains are now that you realize your little commie LARP has real consequences.
You can't put this genie back in the bottle.

Dig a hole, and crawl UNDER it, if you know what's good for you.

The fascists who actually "do stuff" look like this and end up getting boiled in a cauldron. Are literally inconsequential.

Stop, I can only laugh so hard.

do you have anything other than insults and edgy nonsense?

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Forgot pic

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What makes you think you have anything that we already don't know about?
Your fucking playbook is a hundred years old, faggots.
You're lead by trannies, faggots, and irrationally emotional dikes.
The ONLY reason communism ever took hold was because you were able to subvert, and "sneak up" on your unwary, and unarmed victims.

I truly hope you're confident enough in your habitual ideology to attempt your little 'revolution'.

Like I said, This is America, bitches.
What the fuck were you thinking?

Hah! My jewish bolshevik secret group has been conspiring to replace white americans by islamo-mexicans, and it's actually working.

What has your epic right wing secret group done, huh?

This is a warning, dipshit.
Take it or leave it.
Get out of the way, or slide off the stage in your own pulp.

Choose wisely.