It's Okay to Debate Vaccines

>Youtube (owned by Google) demonetized anti-vaccine channels after Buzzfeef contacts advertisers
>Congressman Adam Schiff (California) sent a letter to Jeff Bezos expressing concern over a CNN report showing amazon was showing anti-vaccination books and videos in the search results and also displaying them in sponsored posts. Schiff personally effectively asked Bezos to stop suggesting these titles out of duty to act responsibly.
>Soon after, Amazon took down anti-vaccine documentaries from prime video streaming
>Wikipedia now has a page called vaccine hesitancy

There is now a clear effort between both Corporate and Governmental groups to silence free speech they disagree with and do not want promoted.

>Soon after, Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) also stated in an article that they too will also be cracking down on anti-vaccine content and that they will no longer allow these groups to promote their information through ads or recommendations and will make those topics less prominent in search results.

Doctor Peter Hotez (appeared very recently on the Joe Rogan show only days after these events) is attempting to mobilize against anyone who disagrees with the interests of the people who push the vaccine agenda and said "An American antivaccine movement is building and we need to take steps now to snuff it out." and has been parroting many of the same comments that Bill Gates has made on the topic of vaccinations. Doctor Peter Hotez has also accused Anti-Vaccine Families of being "a hate group that hate our family and hate our children" because he disagrees with their freedom to make their own choices. (interview here)

Here have a tucker interview too.

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If you can just label any group you want as a hate group, and then automatically label anything they say as hate speech, then you can shut down anyone you disagree with.
Sounds familar doesn't it?
If you can just label any group you want as mentally ill, and then automatically label anything they say as crazy talk, then you can shut down anyone you disagree with.

Just like Sluggish Schizophrenia in Communist Soviet Russia. The new "hate" twist is being used because they can't label everyone as mentally ill and it's much easier to just accuse large amounts of people of being full of "hate" whenever they disagree with the globalist agenda because if they look angry, they must have hate inside them right? Lets totally ignore that good people have good reasons to be angry about bad things and that wanting to protect your family has nothing to do with hate.

This is nothing but a disgusting elaborate attempt to shut down the first amendment right of an entire group of people who have the right to talk about these things and have a right to choose what they do or don't put in their body.

Amazon stated that the list isn't curated and simply reflects the books that customers are purchasing. If his book is 20th it is because not as many people are buying it.
This was from a quote made in Nov 2018 on "The jewish world at your fingertips" I'm not even joking.

Here's Peter Hotez talking about "Crafting Your Scientist Brand"

The United Nations is pushing their vaccine agenda as "The Rights of Children" at the same time as they are restricting the rights of parents to choose what is put into their childrens bodies. They don't want a debate over anyone's natural God given rights. In other words, They want to force it on everyone. With Force.
"It is not a choice. It is a requirement as a parent." -Doctor Peter Hotez.

>National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

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there was an user a back while with the Satan flag talking about this, he just said calling someone a vax-denier is a tool used by the government to discredit you, that thread didn't really go anywhere.

i wouldn't doubt there's sketchy shit going on just because of past incidents with tainted serum

Does Zig Forums get many shills too?

anti-vax or pro-vax shills?

It's tough to not consider them all tainted on account of all the heavy metals and aborted fetus tissue they add to it.

That too, but also shills in general.

i mean, if you are talking about promoting politicians there was the yang gang a while ago, that's all i can think of.

(me) i don't know how to tell if someone is a shill

That's surprising if true.

Ask Zig Forums for training or just watch them spot shills even if you don't agree with their ideas.

Oh nooooooo, who's next, flat earthers!?!?!

This is literally schizophrenic tier conspiritard shit that doesn't need to be anywhere near the left, literal classic other of the other nonsense, has nothing to do with Communism or Socialism. And that's irrespective of what my opinions are on the Medical-Industrial complex or even vaccines specifically.

They call literally everyone a shill. They call eachother shills. They are all shills.

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There can't be a left if there are no people left alive to believe in it, so there's that. Being healthy is a top priority in my opinion, wouldn't you think? Debating vaccines is important if we care about our health.

Yes, there are dumbasses who throw the word around, and even shills call nonshills shills too to delegitimize the word and confuse people who don't understand how to spot shills. It's like finding a specific flavor in a fine wine. Which is which? Only the most skilled will be able to tell.

No. Under socialism, vaccines will be mandatory.


But I didn't say that, why are you putting words in my mouth? Unless you're a shill trying to shill me in the butthole you fucking faggot?

Maybe we can have a mandatory vaccine in socialism that is a socialism vaccine?

As a shill, I'm offended by this thread.

Anti-vaxxers get the bullet too

And here you've outed yourself, because only a retard who doesn't have any conception of how capitalism functions as a system would believe in Vaccines being used to kill proles.
This is retarded along so many axis, one being that without workers the mechanism for generating surplus value doesn't exist, so there would be no widespread use of vaccines to do such a thing because making them ill would hamper productivity, and killing them would destroy capitalism.
Secondly, if you're talking about mass mechanisms of Social Control, there is literally no need for some kind of special vaccine which makes a population more malleable, we have regular ideological mechanisms for that, and they exist all across Society, not to mention that if you wanted to talk about modern tech being used to mess around with Biology, you'd be talking about CRISPR and Gene Editing, which is much easier for the Ruling Class to use as to consolidate their position to almost heriditary.
Regardless anyone who isn't a literal schizophrenic would seriously entertain the idea that something as outlandish as say, a technology borne out of MKUltra or whatever would be implemented through Vaccines, it simply doesn't exist.
If we're talking about something like a controlled extinction event for population control out of a neccessity to keep capitalism alive whilst ignoring the environment; not only would this itself again severely weaken Capitalism's ability to satiate it's need for permanent growth and likely usher in Communism if only for the Ruling Class, have you TAKEN A FUCKING LOOK AROUND? The Ruling class doesn't need to put shit in Vaccines to justify the mass killing of hundreds of millions of people; Imperialism itself has already done that for hundreds of years.
Really, what I'm saying here is that there is no rational reason for anyone abiding by the central logic of Capitalism to even entertain such a premise because it's simply not efficient, effective or conducive to the profit motive, not to mention any actual issues with any of the minutae or logistics of such a thing. The only potential economic motive would be for the medical-industrial complex to somehow purposefully be selling the disease & the cure and if you think that is happening, you are massively detached from reality because not only would this be the greatest conspiracy to ever exist, it simply isn't economically rational to do so if you actually take a step back and think.

Essentially what I'm saying is, you people need to fuck off and take your pathology with you. You have no structural or systemic analysis of anything, and what's more you don't even understand what the left is or any of it's theory, you are fucking hysterics in the Lacanian sense, you believe there to be some kind of secret other beyond the regular other and that you're the only ones who know about it and you have a mandate to spread it everywhere. Just go away, no-one wants you here, you're worse than even the most cancerous Intersectionalists, NazBols, Fruit Juice drinkers and whatever other epithets people like Orwell (Ironic right?) warned against ingratiating themselves into the left. You are fucking toxic, and are so harmful that you're wreckers without even knowing it or even being manipulated by others.

Why? How about selling expensive placebo vaccines? It wouldn't be far-fetched in a country like the US.

Also, to comrades here, there is 0 way that this recent uptick in the Anti-Vaxx movement & subsequent media attention caused by the remergence of formerly eradicated diseases (Itself a symptom of a system which is failing) will not be used in order to discredit the Left and garner support ironically for even more severe mechanisms of Social Control that these Anti-Vaxxers purport to be against. It is just like what happened in the late 90's and early 2000s with other Conspiracy Theory nonsense on the left.
If you see one of these fuckers around, tell them to take their meds.

That is a very different thing than "Vaccines" are actively harmful to children and themselves cause the diseases they're supposed to prevent and other various schizophrenic nonsense that comes out of people's mouths. IF you want to talk about aspects of the Pharmaceutical and adjacent industries in America, we could talk about drug treatment for things like Depression and the entirety of the field of Psychology, things that have been discussed productively at length on this board, those are far more tangible issues that don't resort to tinfoil nonsense.

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Nah. It's a gulag tier offence.