South Africa

Why do i have the feeling that the international porky/far-right is preparing the ground in south africa through astroturfing in case EFF or other leftist party takes over?

I mean, i was searching stuff about south africa but all the videos i see are the typical white murder/farmer. and the videos that are unrelated to all of that (travel and shit) are filled with comments like "you should ask the white farmers" "i'm a afrikáner and the situtation is terrible for us!" and so on.

I have no idea how are the racial relations in south africa or if there is discrimination against blacks or whites. All i'm saying is, that all the "astroturfing" and victimization of the bourgeois class we've seen in social media about Venezuela, i'm seeing it being built again but in the case of South Africa.

Am i just being crazy?

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Are the EFF /ourguys/?

Pretty much. Theyre not perfect and Malema is suspect but theyre generally good.

It is completely hot air. It is terrifying how effective this misinformation campaign has been. Murder of white farmers has decreased in the past ten years but these people will post pics of anyway who's been injured and claim it was black thugs committing and every boomer and Zig Forums retard will believe it. Not to mention the dishonest translations of EFF speeches in the actual media. A while back Malema gave a speech in Xhosa that was to the effect of "we will take the land back and the whites will have to work like everybody else, for everybody else" and it was translated into "Malema says whites to serve blacks under EFF".

And yes the anuddah shoah misinfo campaign is absolutely astroturfing

Anything in particular?

Ayyy gottem dude

oh no doubt. they've been obsessing over south africa for a while now. pic related is i believe when it was at an apex. then for whatever reason they started to focus more on venezuela

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General corruption and opportunism, and they definitely play up the "whitey stole our land" as a way to get support which is understandable and not untrue but the concern is for if the Party itself fills up with people who think the actual plan is just transfer bourgeois land ownership to black Africans which would end up in a horrible nepotistic mess of giving shit to Zulu royalty with no intention to farm it let alone farm it as efficiently as a corporation with shareholders and then you get famine and Zimbabwe on steroids. And that's assuming it's not worse because of imperialist sabotage which would of course be a factor.

Oh and Malema in particular goes around to rallies wearing Gucci shit and in luxury cars which is concerning

Um, sweetie, Gucci is communist

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Malema is Deng and Xi Gang

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So basically Socialism with (Chinese inspired) South African characteristics

China doesn't use debt to exploit other countries.

(pic of a fascist meme depicting their thoughts on the situation pretty accurately, not posting it unironically… just making sure)

I agree, it's completely blown out of proportion, but that doesn't mean there's still terrible race relations in that country. I know my word means nothing in terms of evidence, but I have a friend who used to live in South Africa. If you didn't live in one of the big cities or near it, it was a shithole. She never really told me if her family lived in fear, but she essentially said they didn't want to raise a white daughter there. She wasn't allowed to walk to school or go anywhere alone at all. A white woman in public in a small town in the middle of Africa is a recipe for disaster. I would never raise a daughter there, personally.

The fascists, though, are gonna look at that and go "omg the non-white invader!1 we must preserve our race!" and shit like that. When black people have to exist around white people, fascists will be on top of that situation like white on rice. Let's say that South Africa is a legitimate case of white people being a powerless minority and living in fear… that's part in parcel of being a minority in Africa, isn't it? And isn't a tolerant leftist government better than a fascist one? Not to them, apparently.

The NZ shooter, in his manifesto, mentioned South Africa quite a few times. It's white supremacist's prime example of whites being overthrown, whites causing less crime than blacks despite being the minority (comparing it to the US, where minorities cause the majority of crime), and blacks taking control of the government and being complete embarrassments. This is the #1 country that white supremacists want to "avenge." Hopefully nothing violent happens.

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is malema sankara 2.0 or another "revolutionary" idealist-tard

Oh yeah of course relations are genuinely terrible, and I dont doubt that it's scary to be white in South Africa. Ironically I feel like their situation there as a minority is probably best historically comparable to Jews in that they're generally a rich and insular minority. The Tutsis in Rwanda are also a decent example of the people who enjoy more material social privilege becoming the targets of legitimate discrimination. What's important tho is that the white colonial bourgeoisie in South Africa do have an absurd amount of power in the country, 8% of the population and over 70% of the land owned by them (also makes it clear how absurd the comparison to blacks in America is), so we are talking about an unfortunate situation where it is very understandable why people associate whites immediately with the bourgeoisie.


A case in point is Angola which defaulted on a Chinese loan of $25 billion which was backed by Angolan oil. The Chinese then asked to be paid back in crude oil and this has seen majority of the Angolan oil being shipped to China to service the debt and has left very little oil for the Angolan government to sell and support its people.
Angola as a country has in recent history been ravaged by war till 2002 and has little alternatives in supporting its economy besides oil. Their government aimed at diversifying their economy and since most of their oil goes to China to service a debt they had no choice but to go back to china for loans to diversify their economy and accumulated another debt of $4.4 billion which has now trapped the Angolan government and its people in the Chinese debt trap. They literally cannot afford to pay their way out of the Chinese debt.



China is always an exception because they have a red flag

This but unironically.

Look at this thing; fucking kino.

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oh yes my favorite prive- i mean people's republic of china the fighters for human freedom.
see they have a hammer and sickle

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we've all noticed this op

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damn this dude really knows his shit, really hope his party takes power

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EFF would be extremely based if they avoided race rhetoric and fixate on them being rich and wealthy instead tbh

Colour me shocked.

The hilarious thing about this is that the Scottish Lords (as in fucking Monarchy) are doing exactly the same thing as what EFF is doing but you don't hear about DEM SCOTTISH COMMUNISTS.

U wot?

lol what? since when are scottish monarchists Sankara-Fanonists?

I don't believe he said that in the image.

Also I know multiple white women from South Africa and something tells me that they're not afraid of black men.

In fact all my South African white friends say they can't stand white people in Australia and seem to exclusively have black friends.

was Bukharin the original Deng/Xi gang?

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This is pretty much the same thing but you don't hear anything about it.

user I know more than you will think about it, but you realise it isn't the Scottish Lords right? It is mostly the SNP in Holyrood.


If you think the EFF are targeting the plutocrats in South Africa, you are delusional. Their member also and the blacks they rile up also go into white squatter camps and brutally murder families. Those pictures you see of dead, massacred white bodies aren't only on the farms. It's from houses, apartments and squatter camps too. The fact that leftists refuse to acknowledge this despite all the videos evidence and pictures they are sent daily, is jaw dropping

evidence post sources post dead whites on the floor

is it really jaw dropping though? leftism is simply about justifying violence against white people these days, they don't even hide it any more. if you're white and a leftist in the current year you might as well shit yourself

i think you are confusing justifying the idea of violence against whites with anti-imperialism which people who refer to themselves as "white" do oftenly these day, kick the whites out and such

anti IMPERIALISM is racial revenge against whites and imperialism for people of the color

no whites are harmed during anti-imperialist revolutions, they are literally kicked out all the way back to their countries, literally

I have been following this shit for years and have never seen any evidence of this, only completely fabricated jpegs totally decontextualizing murders as political action at best and often literal screencaps from horror movies/crimes in other countries. I haven't even seen evidence of white squatter camps in South Africa, one clear slanted documentary with some homeless people but accounts of the "camps" have all turned out to be fucking campsites.

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whats his name again?

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Julian "Dengoid Cuck" Malema.
Inb4 triggered dengoids

I like how every time a white South African whines about their "plight" it always turns out that they are a porky landowner or some other type of human filth. I'm not surprised the global (American) far right has jumped on this though. They are extremely idpozzed and are historically obsessed with the doings of black people.

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As a white South African I must tell you that if you feel any of you feel oppressed as a white male now. It a thousand times worse here there is even a system in place called BEE by which white males are the last to be chosen for jobs all the media is own by blacks and at least one or two Jews

Here is footage of the eff protesting outside our schools say all white men must be killed

You can only sponsor university entrance for niggers, shitskins, and some how even kike children but no Afrikaans or English children

Good. Move back to where your family came from if you're afraid. You might have been welcomed if your people didn't live off of the slave labor and ownership of others like a degenerate parasite.

Also as a white south Africafag AMA if you want

The EFF truely are genocideing us whites and Europe and America will rather let in shitskins or French niggers than let us whites take refuge there

Move back to Europe?

why don't you just kill yourself and become a martyr for the "white race"

SHOCKING: Another poor farmer/agribusiness owner/millionaire kills himself over expropriations. When will the deeply triggering and problematic violence stop???

You deserve worse tbh cumskin


No one likes landlords. Kill yourself.

Considering the rhetoric you have over other non-south African blacks and middle eastern, I sympathize with EFF more tbh

Can't wait until the EFF takes your land, honkie.

Can you provide me with a single credible piece of evidence that genocide is occurring? Murders are not necessarily genocide as sad as they may be, and everything I've seen agrees that white victims of murder in SA have decreased in the past 20 years, besides Afriforum, who seems to be basing their denial of it on "cant trust the police and government theyre trying to keep a boer down", despite the AgriSA statistics being derived from public records of reported crime and murder, reported by the farmers themselves. And these murder rates INCLUDE BLACK FARMERS.

Considering that the white 8% of the population still owns over 70% of the land, these attacks are much more a case of lumpen and peasants lashing out against a landed bourgeoisie. They take on an unfortunate character of racial resentment that the EFF should root out, since replacing the current ownership with black ownership inexperienced in big agro management would almost definitely be disastrous.

I dont think Boers should be driven out of South Africa at all, I even think autonomous regions would be a good thing if Boers wanted them. But white South Africans playing the victim sperging out to this extent because you're catching a marginal amount of the generalized violence in the country is pathetic.

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Zig Forums is a Pan-Africanist board

I can't wait for the right/far-right in the west to use this as an opportunity to justify their shitty and already established beliefs to vote for porky or to demonize social movements that try to undo porky policies that result in more inequality.

I can't wait for classical liberals/dumbtubers to jump the train, ignore all contexts and help spread the far-right propaganda for a couple of bucks and suscribers and somehow weaponize it to attack social movements they've always hated like BLM.

I can't wait for liberals to use it as an example of "extremes are bad" "center is the answer" while having 0 knowledge of the situation the same way they did with venezuela.

I can't wait for the media to use it as an smokebomb to hide corruption and porky policies from right-wing parties in america/europe the same way they did with news from Venezuela.

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I doubt that is correct, but so what? The numbers are still extremely high, and the number of white farmers is decreasing. I'm sure it will decrease even faster with expropriation.

We can look at countries with better statistics that are possibly less biased to see which groups commit large amounts of crime. Since the political left makes every type of excuse and mental gymnastic for the incontrovertible level of high black crime in the United States, what credibility can we expect on this front?

Now, here are some real stats based on population numbers.

Those numbers might be questioned, but they are actually using the proper per capita methodology.

To give an idea of how high a murder rate of 156 per 100k is, the most violent city in the world is Los Cabos Mexico. That has a homicide rate of 111.33. The most violent city in the United States is St Louis, and that has a homicide rate of 65.83

Genocide is a loaded term, and best avoided. It's more honest to simply look at what is being done.

25 years after the end of apartheid, you are saying that blacks aren't capable of running large farms because they lack the experience? I bet you wouldn't allow those types of excuses in a white country where The Revolution happened.

What is pathetic is excusing the level of violence in South Africa because you are mentally hostage to an ideology.

Do we have a list of proper socialist countries on the rise besides Turkey? I wonder what our world will look like in 20 years…

how the fuck would you know