What turned you to leftist politics? Pic related for me...

What turned you to leftist politics? Pic related for me, I thought all leftists were soy boy sjw dyel nerds but nick proves that you can be a leftist and not a cuck

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You are lying, you clearly have a crapitalist anarchist flag on.

i was using it as a meme and forgot to take it off

That's exactly what you would say, you fucking dissenter.

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In all seriousness, what turned me left was watching some breadtube videos, then going to leftist subreddits (which were basically leftist twitter screenshots) and made it here somehow.

I independently discovered the immortal science of dialectical materialism, planned to write a book on it, then I stumbled upon Marx when I was doing some research.

shitposting on here

You changed your politics because of a pretty boy?

I've never really been right-wing. I just eventually found intellectual figures whose ideas and speech resonated within me and broadened/deepened my understanding of politics, history, philosophy and social structures.

Literally who?

My father was a ex SS and hated the marxism, I hate him so… The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

After spending my teenage years on /b/ I got serious trap-fever. I met a girl on Tinder that was a Democrat Cops of America organizer hit it off and after watching some lectures I eventually drank the koolaid - it’s the best of both worlds tbh and the sense of community (drama excluding ) is great

i hate the marxist too, fucking piece of shkt

To be honest I just want people to be nice to each other. In capitalism people are pretty mean but in communism they'll be nicer, or at least they won't be able to be quite as mean given the different ethos. I believed in this for a long time but it took me a while for me to find my way to here.

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father are you?.

son i have finally found the wrong in my ways, now i embrace marxism, but i'm still disappointed on you for choosing juche from all the fucking sides of marxism there are you fucking failure

Are you a cute girl user?

Somewhat opposite tbh. I really don't give a shit how nice people are, and as I've grown more and more leftist so to has my hatred for other leftists. That doesn't mean I'm needlessly sectarian though, but it does mean that my non-sectarian attitude is built on a kind of mutual dislike for other tendencies/leftists.

well that doesn't mean you don't want niceness, you just hate the people stopping the world from niceness from existing

What wonderfult father, I'm happy you finaly found the real path of socialism but I feel sad that you aren't in Juche, considering is a perfect mix both internationalism and nationalism, better than Not Socialism thoughts. Juche don't denied marxism and don't atack it like hittlerfags did it.

I was a lifelong liberal that always held leftist views. I got way into Bernie 2016, like cult like devotion. Once that was over and the lingering sense of disappointment set in I was still a liberal. I followed a bunch of resistance twitter accounts and got into russiagate shit. Whenever one of them would tweet some braindead shit about Bernie I would unfollow them. That evolved into unfollowing them for bad takes in general. I followed anyone I would see who had takes I thought were good. I ended up with barely any accounts from resistance twitter and a bunch of rose emoji/hammer and sickle emoji accounts on my timeline instead. Over the course of the last 2 years I've embraced leftism. It's not easy to undo a lifetime of brainwashing overnight but I made a shitload of progress.

iktfb. i was a 4pol nazi kiddie but luckily i broke out of that shit.

Someone on the internet called me a communist so I googled it


Archive Link: 8ch.net/leftypol/res/2770717.html#q2771011
tl;dr Trade school redpilled me pretty hard. Always hated idpol, which funny enough eventually turned me to this place given that Zig Forumsyps were obnoxious on /tg/ with theirs.

You niggas ready for Ismail from /marx/ origin story?

why is cumtown considered to be a leftist podcast? I enjoy it, but making an occasional jab at shillary or libertarians in between hours of dick/down syndrome jokes doesn't make it really "leftist". people here make it sound like it some serious, informative series of lectures, rather than just "look, here are a handfull of millenial comedians who aren't sjws, but at the same time, aren't reactionary frogposters", which is closer to reality.

It's kind of a meme. They're closely affiliated with Chapo and play it up as a joke.

His story is a lot like mine. Hopefully I don't end up as a dengoid apologist though.

Probably because Nick Mullen owns the Democrat Cops of America.

he wasn't an actual, chad just older

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i was raised by my grandparents who were hardcore stalinists and it rubbed off. now im not so authoritarian but overall my views have been pretty consistent my whole life

I was really inspired by his work as the head of the Democrat Cops of America's retard caucus.

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I mentioned it a few times, but what the hell. 2008 convinced me that our political, economic and justice systems were out of whack, so I adopted what I'd later learn were various socdem positions, although probably more radical than what's normally proposed. Things like a maximum wage, actual jail time for the wealthy perpetrators of financial crimes, greater public funding and whatnot. But, I wasn't just a social democratic liberal, I was an edgy social democratic liberal, and I thought it was important that video games not be censored and that saying "nigger" ironically was top tier humour. So before the alt right coalesced, I found youtubers like Sargon to agree with my sensibilities, it seemed that he and his ilk were not stuffy boring conservatives, but neither were they embarassing liberals, thus I was temporarily convinced of the SJW Menace, greatest threat to our civilization. But I slowly recognized their intellectual dishonesty, their constant apologizing for the right was too much to ignore, and their fearmongering over "socialism" even began poking at my middling soc dem position.

Around the same time, I'd transferred from 4chan to 8ch, because of the ridiculous gamergate bullshit that I'd rather not remember, mostly following /tg/, occasionally shitposting on /b/, and more and more frequently seeing nazi posting which I soon realized was not ironic. Tiring of the nazis, I came to Zig Forums to see if there was anybody at all with a reasonable political opinion. I saw a few pictures of Stalin and walked away. But I'd poke my head in once in a while, because a number of philosophy threads which piqued my interest. Gradually, I'd received an explanation of socialism piecemeal and I started looking into the various left wing tendencies, and found that my understanding had over time developed accurately, comparing my thoughts and understanding with writings by Marx. I've finally begun reading Capital, I only wish I'd started a year earlier.

How can you be leftist since day 1?

I know you're fucking around but I found out about chapo from cumtown and thats why I'm a leftist now.

I got fed up with pol on tech back in the day. Literally, that's it.

Nick Mullen, president of the Democrat Cops of America


Excuse me, it's actually Democratic Cops of America

You pop out of your moms belly and the first question they ask you is "what's your political ideology?" you say "Juche" and subsequently do a breakdance on the operating table.

lol, literately half the responses here is because your faggots.

Yeah so what, unless you're gonna eat my asshole I suggest you mind your own business.

what the fuck does that even mean

Schizo mode is on

Was this for a screencap or something?

i was reactionary as a kid but I couldn’t get along with the internet reactionaries because i was muslim and i couldn’t get along with the muslim reactionaries around me because i realized they were nuts. eventually i read more history and shit,after going through a rand phase, and irl my family was being devastated by healthcare bills and immigration costs leading me to grow disillusioned with capitalism. eventually got into breadtube stuff(esp shaun and contra) and rn im reading more stuff again and its making me more into a leftist.

Go to /marx/ if you want books scanned or ask questions to well-read people friend

I never "turned" left. I've been left all my life and only gotten further, more radical, and more concrete about it as I've gone on.

I was skeptical of the anti-nazi propaganda, and learned about the lying american propagandists. instead of stopping there, being convinced hitler was an ok guy and leaving it at that, as im a skeptic i continued my natural impulses and investigated the anti soviet propaganda, and learned about the lying american propagandists. so i looked at socialists states in history with a skeptical eye, i learned about the assassination of sankara and the CIA trading north koreans rice for electrical wiring and realized they actually prove themselves to be quite successful if you account for the lying american propaganda and imperialist undermining and meddling. I then skeptically listened to some soviet propaganda and my heart swelled with admiration. You can not fake music, i know, as a musician. Music exposes your soul, and the socialists have the best music. They are therefore correct, and socialism is proven to work when not sabotaged. This was all i needed. I then started reading some theory here and there, but really, do you need more than lenin and stalin? Many will say yes, but i am ever skeptical.

I was too stubborn to go along with the reactionary propaganda on 4chan. To me it somehow didn't seem sensible to give up on all the ideals of social justice because Anita Sarkeesian made some vague criticism of video games. Seeing people do exactly that made me realize that right-wing politics is absolutely retarded. It's always based on fear to follow through with what you know to be right.
Meanwhile Zizek made me understand SJWism better than those GamerGate faggots ever did.

So you find commonality with other leftists in the fact that you all hate each other, and that allows you to reach some mutual appreciation. I like that.

I feel somewhat similar to that. I don't really hate other leftists as much as I hate their attitudes. They kinda remind me of Christian preachers arguing that their specific variation of Christianity is THE one and I must read this specific thing or I'm going to be damned. My belief is that when the shit goes down we're all going to need to unite despite whatever differences we have and most of the theory will be meaningless when we're standing side by side with guns in our hands. Debating with you motherfuckers online gets on my nerve sometimes but I know you're all my comrades and when the day comes we're going to be on the same side.

I was born this way. Only later did I find out that what I think most closely resembles leftism.

human nature theory confirmed


I grew up as a mormon, in the book of mormon it says that in the perfect society there were no rich or poor, and held all things in common. That got me interested in communism, and after a long period of being a retarded anarcho-communist, I finally discovered dialectical materialism and embraced marxism-leninism.

I'm not suggesting that there is an immutable human nature, but there are certain instinctive behaviours that make living as part of a social group easier. And humans are social animals.







how will marxist theory take this into consideration

This. I normally wouldn't want to wish pain or suffering upon anybody, but if we don't provide our children with a free society now (or at least a foundation for a revolution for a free society in their lifetime), then we've failed. Personally, I just don't feel comfortable with letting the next generation suffer through what our generation is currently suffering through.

inb4 larp accusations

Seeing some communists with red flags chase some neo Nazis who were harrassing us and other immigrant families, out of a park, as a kid. I was maybe 9. I still remember the red signal rocket going off in the air, almost clear as day all these years later, and 250 people charging in from all sides. Good memory.

Im tired of everything, thats why

Use to be a edgy atheist who would watch 2012-2015 YouTube politics and browsed 2012-2015 4chan Zig Forums and thought all the Nazi propaganda were edgy memes. Until Trumps campaign, were I first began hating these communities. I am a son of immigrants from one of Trumps least favorite countries, so I abandoned Zig Forums and watched less political shit on YouTube. My fucking recommended was so fucked by the anti-feminist shit I use to watch when I was on the dick sucking side of gamer gate, that all it gave me were the likes of Crowder, Sargon, and the rest of those retards. And my dumb-ass would watch them! Luckily I began going on lolcow.farm, where I would just browse the trad thot and shoe0nhead hate threads. Then on lolcow, I came across Contra-points then shaun then H bomber guy, after them I stopped seeing the left as this soy drinking, hate filled group that both the media and YouTube been forcing me to see. After this I went one Zig Forums to check it out. Saw your love for Marx so decided to check him out two and now I'm a communist. I always thought Stalin was a bad-ass and that we should nationalize pharmaceutical to stop those crazy pricing, so i think I always was a Commie just never figured it out.

I don't see a problem. Society can and does change these 'instincts', the last link is how people brought up in religion are less altruistic. It is in dog's nature to be part of a pack or group, and their early life behaviour reflects this. But if you beat a dog, don't make it part of a pack, isolate it, etc. you will get a very different animal than if you had raised it with love in an inclusive group.


My dad's redundancy: saw the failures of the welfare state and made me realised the entire economy needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

I actually thought about the things I learned in economics class and realised that none of it made sense on any level and that all it is is a giant smokescreen to distract from the underlying material reality.

Nick literally only wants $15 minimum wage and free healthcare. He’s barely a social democrat lmao

A first became a leftist when I was around 14. At that time I was a unironic anprim, I believed returning to a hunter gather society was the only way to save humanity. The I began to realize that was retarded. Yesrs later I heard the word "anarcho-communism" and called myself that because it was edgy. Then I started looking into anarchy and began to make sense. I saw that the state was an obstacle in total freedom. Although I always sort of knew that, it never seemed apparent to me until now. I switched between different tendencies but now I'm a proud Egotist Anarchist.

But then people would be cruel to ugly and weird people, no one is born equally in the way they are perceived. So all thots and chads will make the rules without having any contribution to society except being good looking.

Stories like these really give me hope, that more people will turn to the left.

I actually had an interesting course form soclib, to socdem, to Marxist-Benninist mostly due to me realising that what was fucked with this country wasn't that we weren't spending, but that neoliberalism is a fuck.

being around right wingers

Haha, oh wow

lol this. if Zig Forumsyps weren't such annoying cancerous faggots I'd probably be a republican.

Amusing. I went trough the exact same process, more or less.
The deciding threshold was however when my former Obama-disillusioned reformer-regulator self decided to read up on Wikipedia what other alternatives were out there.
Oh, and scraping together dank gommulist memes to larp as a hardcore ☭TANKIE☭ under, as to cause trumpers butthurt by not only attacking their businessman candidate, but by questioning the very institutions that permit someone like him wealth and influence. That must've had some part in it all.

Pictured: the actual mechanisms that turned me left. Something complex, that even I can only guess on and give a mere skin-deep idea of.

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Tankie larping in conservative spaces is one of life's greatest joys. I'd say that's part of the reason I went beyond just succdem shit. I wanted to co-opt their language to piss off the people I hate so much. The more I used it the more I started to believe in it.

That's pretty sick dude, did he give you any nazi shit, like those crazy ss knives?


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I used to consider myself right wing but then took up an interest in philosophy. Noticed a lot of philosophers were socialists so I started reading political philosophy. Realized the right was intellectually defunct and that Marx was right about nearly everything.

If by "be nice" you include "not exploit" then sure.

I was a Leftist for a few years, and I believed in the theories of Socialism, and Mutual Aid, and many of the Economic theories, however then i stumbled upon the Issue of Race, and Autism Level.

You might be able to create the Perfect political and economic theory, and Implement it in both Scandinavia, and Somalia. The policies will do as expected and succeed in Scandinavia, and they will fail miserably in Somalia.

It turns out that not all Policies fit all people the same way. It turns out that people are different, and have different needs, and preferences.

It turns out that People who are well adjusted with moderately high Autism Level are easier to lead than groups of people with very low Autism Level's.

basically this

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I was hanging slightly left at the bottom of the political compass, considering myself soclib (not shitlib though, fuck neoliberalism and burger PC culture). Being born in the USSR, I disliked communists a lot and avoided touching anything Marxist.

Now, I'm in the top 3% income in my current country. I can have any middle-class stuff I want, though I stay low and invest to retire early. But with time I accumulated so much disdain towards the current system: I see miserable homeless people, stressed poor people, my friends struggling with money, myself getting tired and almost burnt out because while my work isn't pointless, a lot of stuff around it is. I traveled and saw even more extreme living conditions.

Finally, I open the news and sometimes I want to cry: what the fuck? Don't we have enough as a civilization?

Imperialism is basically Moloch, capitalism is a direct manifestation of human greed. They should be dismantled. I may hate Stalin, despise Soviet government and not support Lenin's violent methods but the answer is still on the left.

The true socialism indeed hasn't been tried because people applied it onto immature societies. But now we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

im only a socialist cause i want to lick dashas feet

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so fucking thicc hnnnnnngggghhhhh

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its real easy to become socialist if you read vonnegut as a kid

We should totally get her to post her feet like on Twitter or some shit.

fuck, this is me

What is she hiding lads?

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Low self esteem, self hatred, absent father, high oestrogen level, sexual confusion and complete lack of ability to function in normal society is what turned me to leftist politics.
I simply can't fit in anywhere else, and I just want to bathe in constant raw emotion until civilisation is completely destroyed.
Oh, and AIDS.

sorry for the aid

kek, you don't have to be so honest in your shitposts Zig Forumsyp.

only adam knows

fuck did you hear on red scare they are getting married

Christianity, oddly enough. Not a marxist, just here for economic insight. Basic gestalt of my thinking is that politics is evil/doesn't do anything except divide people, and the reality of life is where the money is at. So I'm open to Hegelianism I guess.

Really my interest here is purely authoritarian; namely how to restore sanity to a world of gender nonconformism. I view this as essential to my well-being on a long timescale. Therefore I only hope AOC gets into office on her 30th birthday, because I know that she is idealistic enough to crash the system with no survivors.

I by no means say this lightly, because there would be carnage, and I wouldn't escape scot-free, but I think that economically there would be recovery, and hopefully the mass hysteria induced by oversexualized media would abate so that I could find someone possibly normal.

Soooo, what leftist positions do you actually hold?

Ex fascist here. But I was never a full one. I just wanted to be part of something big because I just felt so small irl. I meber really believed in that much either, was always to critical. Anyways I was researching the Spanish civil war(mostly because of the Falange) and I saw link related about Catalonia. And it was amazing here I saw fascist idea of hierarchy detested to the fullest. It was mind opening, I grew to a bit of a obsession with it and before I knew it I started reading Ancom theory.