Leftist hunger games

I was requested to thread dedicated to this so here it is: Leftist Hunger Games. The pic are the current teams. If you want any changes just ask, you got 10 minutes left before I start it. I'll update it every ten minutes. Also there was something wrong with my system that I couldn't upload any pictures so you'll have to live with this, sorry.

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i bet on lenin, if he wins everyone must accept marxist-leninism as the most successful way of running a country

inb4 stirner gets stabbed in the back by spooks

I was asked to put Peterson in so Zizek could debate him.

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soviet wolf

russian bear would be neat too

Whoever wins is officially GOAT and becomes this board's chief ideological teacher.

Stalin is the bear

Wolff is the wolf.

Alright, times up. I'm officially starting the game.

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2 AND 6
2 AND 6
2 AND 6

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The beginning.

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lenin just found his own victory the dialectics are in motion

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Day 1.

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how will we ever recover

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Here is mine, I'll edit the nicknames a bit

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Hi, if your a Filthy Commie… Please kill yourself at once. Bye.


(me) also bye

Engels no…
I'm genuinely upset over this.

Status update.

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at least we have marx and zizek

First round.

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Night 1

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Day 1

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Just not Muke's day, is it.

So far

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Day 2.

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Night 1

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Is this meant to be symbolic or a metaphor or something?

Night 2.

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Why even go on anymore?

This is too much for me.


Drown in money amirite.

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i find it funny Dore seems like the most pathetic and suicidal of all of them considering he's the most passionate in real life, at least alive today, Marx was turbo-autistically passionate for the cause.

Day 2

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yes, this will surely spark the revolution comrades

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Arena event

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no fun gang

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Day 3.

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Arena event.

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uneventful night

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Day 3

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Literally saw one regarding a possible Nazi masturbation fantasy in the US four weeks ago. This is tame in comparison.

Night 3

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why are you guys making such a big fucking deal this is a shitpost thread

Night 3.

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Day 4

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Night 6

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Day 4.

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Day 5

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Night 4.

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Night 5 Wanted Cockshott alive.

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Day 6
I'm rooting for Hoxha now

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Day 5.

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Area event, spoke too soon

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Rooting for Kropotkin now

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Quads confirm.

Why the fuck?

I agree.

Night 6 I think this is it.

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All of day 6.
I should be in bed so I'm going to hurry this along.

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Day 7.

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Just in case you missed the deaths

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Night 7.
Trotsky is dead; Makhno is our God now.

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yay, now the board shall uphold the thought of comrade Makhno

i don't know what his thought is

Anarcho communism

Makhno didn't even get a kill.
Uphold Anarcho-Pacifism

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It's official. We're anarchists.

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friendship at last

Anyway that was fun, we should do this again. But I'm going to bed, Goodnight everybody. Long live Anarchy.

He wanted the kill for himself.