Russian plane in Venezuela amid reports of Russian military arrival
Would you watch a remake of the Cold War?

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35 tons of equipment is not much. This is a token force. I'd be more impressed if they bring in air defence equipment.

why russia not just gib maduro nuke

Nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

This. Proper air defense is the only way to keep America out since they are terrified of actually sending ground troops. However I think this was less about actually providing support as it was reminding the US (and its bitches in the region) that Russia has Maduro's back.

The US did it with Turkey under NATO.

They stationed american nukes in turkey, they did not give the t*rks facilities and training to make their own nuclear weapons. Russia could move it's nukes to Venezuela, I'd love to see the bugers shit their pants over that.


that would be the perfect way to know if Putin is actually an undercover communist

the ol' afghanistan switcheroo

Based Putin.

As a burger it would be a treat to see the pundits meltdown on tv over that.

Putin is most definitely an anti-communist. He has multiple times trashed Lenin. I doubt he gives a shit how Venezuela is run so long as Russia is getting returns on investments and their strategic interests are maintained.

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That's almost certainly what this is. The mountains around of Caracas have extremely highly elevation. Shoulder launched MANPADs usually have a effective altitude of around 15,000 feet but there are spots all over those mountains that are 10,000 feet. Combat aircraft usually fly at or below 25,000 feet because above 25k it creates contrails which can be seen from a ridiculous range defeating the purpose of stealth. Those C-130s have a flight ceiling of 32,000 feet and would be sitting ducks trying to make a landing in the capital area even flying as high as they could go.

Russia already did install advanced air defenses in venezuela back in 2013

the only people putin hates more than socialists are americans



Are we doomed?

This is concerning. I thought for sure WWIII would start in MENA. CIA already tried to assassinate Maduro and got caught they really don't care. I could see Trump belligerently airstriking Caracas and hitting Russians. He bombed that airfield in Syria with no regard for no reason.



Trump isnt in power, straight up. Much of the decision making coming out of the white house is from top aides/joint command chiefs. Multiple times reports have come out about how the states is actively disobeying some order and not caring because trump has the memory span of a small child. I distinctly remember that one time someone switched the signing papers on his desk out from under him.

However, his aides are John Bolton and Elliot Abrams. If theres gonna be a war in venezuala to topple maduro itll be the old fashioned proxy, probably fash militants - if so i imagine balsenero would be given some sort of oppurtunity to swoop in.

They wont invade Venezuela militarily. They have no claim and no casus belli. America would take a -3 stability hit. They cant just invade countries willy nilly they need to A. sell the war to the general public which they havent done and B. sell the war to the "international community" they havent done either instead they tried doing a color revolution which failed then when their plan failed they began improvising and did the meme with he burning aid at the border which also failed.

So all their plans failed so far they could theoretically use brute retard power and attack the country militarily but that wouldnt go over well with anyone in the world or in the US. They need to meme the war with Colin Powell Yellow cake type shenanigans ir meme a civil war and side with one faction and so far they cant cant do it. The only thing left is to glorious uprising and do Iran tier sanctions on them but that wont work well either because Blormpf needs the price of oil to stay low sanctioning Venezuela and restricting supply will raise the price

Worry not, as our alien comrades will revive our consciousness into cybernetic post-scarce bodies to experience the glory of fully-automated luxury communism with ganymedean characteristics among the stars.