Culturalization of the left

It seems that a big chunk of the left, especially the online left is not focussed on politics but on culture. Where people don’t really try to organize any serious political action, instead their is just people trying to promote cultural changes. Wether it’s LGBT activism, or supporting immigration or yelling at suburban kids. It seems like the left is more focused on promoting a counterculture than achieving real life political results. While much of this is idpol, it goes beyond it. Many (those here) seem to not only not care but have given up on any opportunity of political change so all people are doing is trying to promote a countercultural narrative, trying to change mainstream culture. The truth is that this is useless, being a leftist isn’t an identity, it’s just a belief in a material change to the organization of society, and the will to for organizations to make these happen. The left can’t succeed without being a mass movement. And to be a mass movement it can’t have a separate cultural identity from mainstream society.

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Probably has a lot to do with the fact that all economic leftism is ignored by the MSM (in the US at least.) The left only seems dominated by idpolers because those are the only "leftists" that the MSM wants us to hear.

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Yeah but we have to remember that idpol predates contemporary "woke" corporations. White racism is the oldest form of idpol no matter how it is rebranded. Idpol in general has always been much more of a right wing thing.

Well yeah of course. Zig Forums is a great example of liberal idpol.

Nothing it's just a pretty obvious example of how liberals embrace and promote idpol.

My argument isn’t “idpol is bad” my argument is that the left has become focused on countercultural movements instead of the labor movements. Idpol is part of this but it’s only a pierce of the picture.

Zig Forums is liberal as fuck. If you support capitalism you are a lib no matter how racist you are.



If you follow liberal ideology, you’re a liberal. And liberalism is by far the most dominant ideology at least within Western countries. Even those who don’t directly identify as liberals are typically ideologically liberal, an example being Burger conservatives.


Ameriburger education detected

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Read Locke.

mistakes 1700 political economy terminology for today's

Sorry you're just incorrect. The word you're looking for is classical liberal

Shut the fuck up Amerifat.


ITT europoor bitching about semantics

t. Teenager who is mad that he is a libcuck just like all the people the right MSM tells him to hate.

>>>Zig Forums

Damn, Amerifats really are a bunch of morons - yes, yes, I do realize that it isn't their fault for living in the most degenerative, ignorant and backwards industrial nation on the planet. But still, if you spend 15 mins on the internet, you are able to see where you live.

Like when I watch anyone give a lecture on anything to an American audience they really have to spell things out - eg. they have to really tell American students that yes, the US did drop atomic bombs on Japan in 1945 etc.

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It's mostly the USA still at this point, but quite a bit poured over to yurpoor, this is true. And I believe the trend is that Amerifat youth is actually re-discovering Marx, the labor movement that once was etc., while in yurpoor shit is moving towards Idpol extremism that is already dying out in burgerland.

I do think that this trend is much worse in not just America, but the Anglosphere in general.

Maybe they have internal doubts about the ideology and what it will ultimately give back to them. I'm not singling out leftist ideology here, incidentally.

If you lived in the 1960s, would you have more fun on the Hippy Trail with a cute young Boomer gf, or the usual political work like boring protest marches?

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Ideology hasn't changed that much except that liberalism stopped being revolutionary and started becoming the dominant ideological force within Western society.

In fact, the terminology only really "changed" in Burgerland beause Burgers have an incredibly insular political regime that, for a period of time, was able to define words however it wanted to construct whatever narrative benefited it. There are also a lot of Americans now who think that republics are "when a country has a constitution".

This is not true, "leftism only focuses on idpol" is something that either Americans or people not actively participating in political activism believe.
I don't know why we need this thread every day.

I don't think I'd be able to afford a trek across Eurasia under any circumstance.

My dad was living in the south Bronx at that time

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ok semantics don't really matter though

They matter when the particular semantics you’re pushing are a newspeak pushed by the American political establishment to further its ends.


ok but that has nothing to do with the actual argument

this is true in most of the first world

No it isn't as liberal idpolert thatove capitalism cannot even be called 'leftist'

That love capitalism cannot be called leftists.

This just falls into "no true Scotsman" fallacy
Even if you disregard the liberals even first world communists play oppression Olympics see CPUSA or any actual IRL org

Wow. Cpusa sure follows the communist idea and analysis lol.

I bet they cannot wait to expropriate the expropriators and to give the means of production into the hands of the workers.

I am a communist. I believe jews should be gased. Wow look at all the antisemitic communists.

Fucking moron

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do you have an actual argument or are you just shitposting?

Yes. Communism is an ideology with a full set of ideas and tools. Idiots claiming to be communists or leftists, but sre doing stuff thst is anything but leftist, shouldn't be called leftists. You postmodernist scum.

ok you're just shitposting at this point.

there isn't much anti idpol left outside of leftypol in the first world

Pretty much this.

Support for corporations has actually been going up since OWS - it's not that millennials distrust marketing, just that they have never been marketed TO. Not only do marketing departments get to shift the dialog AWAY from themselves, but they get to make themselves look good by doing so. Just by tacking fringe "social issues" that affect them in no way whatsoever onto their products, they've been able to co-opt an entire quadrant of political discourse and use it to sell movie tickets and soda.