Anti-white idpol has gone too far

After so many years of blackpilling online I decided to engage with real socialists in real life. All of my years of studying Marx and following the working-class struggle had been working towards this moment. Sure, I am a NEET, but I am a proletarian as well. Here is what happened, and here is why we’re fucked as long as deeply triggering and problematic idpol is allowed to run rampant in socialist circles:

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you have more in common with the aristocracy of old than the proletarians today

I don’t own the means of production, so I am a prole. It’s porky’s fault there’re no good jobs. People like the ones I interacted with are the reason why I will never again mingle with normalfaggotry. The memes are real, if this is the vanguard we’re fucked

neither did a lot of the aristocracy they just had good relations to the people who had resources

but this isn't true.

the west has never answered for it's crimes, any criticism of white society is enough for some kekistani to think he is oppressed. like op.

Go back to Zig Forums with this reactionary bullshit.

It hasn't gone far enough imo



I could have been the next Lenin but I was shunned for making a joke. Why do they do this? Did the capitalists know I was coming and dictate their behavior beforehand?

Maybe mention some other American communists or socialists to start with [spoiler] you Zig Forumsyp false-flagger.


weak man

This is either Zig Forums or the Feds. Sage this shit.

Wow, I was

I can’t bring up American communists because I don’t have a need to mention losers who did nothing but harangue for decades before dying. I walk the path of the great – Stalin among them. Even the lowest NEET can climb to great heights

MLK was killed by the cia for generating proletarian solidarity, he is an important American communist

MLK was peddling deeply triggering and problematic idpol and division. He was backed by the Fed-infriltrated CPUSA

Go off King

Guys, it's almost obviously a joke.

this is something leftypol would say if he were alive today

American communists and socialists were as based as their Russian counterparts you fucking Zig Forumsyp

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Strange, the socialist meetings I've been to were 3 females to every guy and most of the girls were skinny and well designed. I've been to 5 different university socialist meetings in my state area. Honestly, a gr8 place to PUA if I wasn't married. Most of the girls at the conservative meetings on my current campus are actually home schooled Church types, and engaged. I would think you would do significantly better for yourself with girls at a socialist meeting. I wonder what's going there?

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*I wonder what's going on there

the leftist wall-of-text complaints start to make sense now lol

That's the point of the meme though. That leftists are smarter/more thoughtful than liberals.

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Another strange thing is at the socialist meetings in the different universities I've been to I've met plenty of Stalinists. I just thought of that. Not everyone was, but there was less judgement there than on Zig Forums. It sounds like you haven't earnestly been to a socialist meeting or you went to something other than a socialist meeting. Literally every university socialist meeting I've been to had a handful of Stalinists and plenty of sexy girls. Could it have been an anarchist meeting, and you were mistaken?

Implying some smelly NEET with megalomania won’t get #MeToo’d

This story could be true even if it isnt.

Not really, but I can understand why an Zig Forums keyboard activist might think so. American university socialist meetings are filled with babes, and are not hostile to Stalinists. This post sounds like it was written by someone who fell for a 8ch meme.

are the women communists or bernie "socialists" though?

Some are communists and some are anarchists and some are left social Democrats (basically Chavismo but for America) and some are so eclectic you can'tfigure out what's going on and neither can they.

Another one of these threads. No shit that idpol is too far, its been a while. Just wait for it all to collapse


I mean there is always a progressive liberal who shows up, but less than I would think. Bernie supporters aren't inclined to go to socialist meetings apparently. They tend to have their own thing going. Leadership more often scares Bernie supporters away through their endorsements of Leninism (which people equate with 100 gorillion dead). But honestly, there are cute girls in both the Bernie and conservative university organizations as well. The conservative university organizations cute girls are all super Christians though, so ya ain't getting any unless you date them for 3 years attend Church every Sunday with them and put a ring on it. They were practically all engaged at the ones I went to, and were completely autistic about evolution and abortion. The Bernie and Socialist girls were mostly single and looking. There were tons of truly sexy girls, and plenty of them dressed normally (unlike the pink hair meme which yes some have pink hair but certainly not all). They also didn't have huge sexual hangups that required years of dating. If I was going for the girls I would go to Bernie or Socialist university meetings over conservative ones.

lol get a load of this bitch ass nigga

No you don't, and you sound naive.


So it goes for the average Zig Forumsack.

Is this a pasta from somewhere?

Good image. will i get vampire castled if I post it on twitter though?

Lol, anuddah shoah is best advocated for by opposing it loudly.

Lol, anuddah shoah is best advocated for by opposing it loudly.

My lovely slaves do bespoke work.

You people really do want to die that badly, don’t you? God did the opposite of choosing you.

I had a lot of fun making this forum stall out because of the inconvenience represented by my honesty in pointing out that “pro white” sentiment is put forward by dedicated slaves to bigotry. That’s generally true whether or not they put forward their own position or their opponent’s position. Sometimes the only winning move is not to play. I enjoy this, but do you?

Everything changes if people tell the truth, but warriors lie forever.

w h i t
g e n o
c i d e
i s
f o r
b y
o p p o s i n g
i t
l o u d l y
because white people will under that pressure eventually adopt gene treatments that take their pigments away from the human race.

The followers of the fully recursive ethic won’t genocide anyone but themselves!

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