Do you agree with this picture leftypol?

do you agree with this picture leftypol?
how accurate is it?
leftypol is always right

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not really.

The standard of living in Africa is much higher post colonialism than it was prior

Mostly true.

Only in certain countries that had good socialist government like Algeria and Libya.

Gee, IDK. The anglos took 45 trillion form India in 100 years - the economic surplus of each year was taken from the land and into Britain. And Africa was robbed more thoroughly than India.
South America as well. Markets in the modern sense and modern capitalism couldn't develop if not for the excesive surplus from colonies.

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Libya was never socialist and North Africa has always been better than subsaharan africa because they're more arab than african

there is a lot of models of how that happens today.
one of them is when the west sells weapons to gangs in exchange for cheap raw materials who the monopolized, that's also done by factories with green lights from western states.
other model is with the IMF and "'aids" which results in the IMF and the countries giving loans getting a lot of control because countries can't pay back their debt.
you also have all those modern problems like drugs that grow even larger with poverty.
and we have only scratched the surface of the problems in africa there is a LOT more

tbh that argument is retarded because modernization will come to a society of a decent size no matter what. look at all those countries who didn't get colonized. look at how Japanese society got modernized. no HIV was made and no genocide happened no resources got stolen, no conflicts got made.

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North Africa has always been better than sub saharan africa even before the scramble for Africa

yeah and?

Nice argument.

Gaddafi was Islamic socialist and under his governorship Libya had economic structure very similar to USSR. North Africa was better of because of georgraphy+winning independence early +socialism(ish).


Libya was socdem

that's due to islamic caliphates in northern africa and pre islamic Phoenicia that built colonies bringing that area closer to modernization.
also you have a lot of other factors to account for like geography and baathism which played a very huge rule in getting rid of colonial influence. in other ways it was leftism that helped that area
you have the soviet and Chinese support for that area, etc
btw most of those north african and even middle eastern countries are now on par with the worst african countries thanks to the west giving them freedom and democracy.

Also their low Autism Level brings it down

let's ignore all the arguments against mainstream concept of race and Autism Level test credibility and assume its correct
1. majority of those are estimations made by lynn
2. even lynn acknowledges the highly significant effects of education, nutrition, society, tradition, environment on Autism Level scores. that become even more significant after a few generations
he also has a theory about the dysgeneic effect of having a lot of children on lower Autism Level scores
3. mugabe excluded whites of collectivization at first because he was afraid that they would leave with all of their capital creating an economical crisis but a lot of them left nonetheless later he wanted to transform it peacefully nut that didn't work and in the last he urged African to take land by force creating agricultural damage leaving the country with a food deficit. that was the only way to get rid of whites monopoly on land.

When you crash your economy to own the whites
Mugabe is low lQ

why was this anchored?

lQ stats were posted and mods don't like seeing evidence for black inferiority

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the whites monopoly on land was damaging progress and the country over a long period while the force taking of land created an economical problem that's short and temporary. today they have recovered from the food crisis and the economy is growing.
mugabe wasn't a perfect man but don't forget that he won against the whites who had more advantages than him

give a shred of evidence

lol is this supposed to be a comeback?

Mugabe probably did more harm to the average african than any whites every good

Mugabe probably did more harm to the average african than any whites every good

Change is not easy for a nation that has had it's culture destroyed by whites who hogged on its resources instead of staying in Europe. Did you seriously expect the country to become some wakandan fantasy overnight?