Hi leftypol, seeking assistance of the role of the Jews in China

Leftypol I seek help in confirming and alternatively refuting the pic related which I have found on Zig Forums.
Hard mode: sources and citations
I just want to understand the situation, clarify and clear the contradictions

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Banned for being reactionary.

There are basically no Jews in China and Jews have had a very minimal role in Chinese history. To suggest otherwise, or even suggest that the Chinese are somehow secretly ruled by is to twist recent Chinese history and modern politics to its breaking point to serve a retarded Nazi narrative.

That is really not helping at all… not a good start to the thread

Literally the only place I can find this is other conspiracy websites like this one lorddreadnought.livejournal.com/37272.html
There is no source for it. The rest of the pic is a bunch of "supposedly"s, conjecture, and assumptions based on proximity. The picture with the journalists is described as "high level" for no sourced reason. Its just another example of making a bunch of flimsy accusations and expecting it to hold because they are all presented together.

Even so, I would like some sources on for and against. I seek help from the more learned in leftypol.

You won't find anything because there isn't anything. As you have already been told Jews play no significant roll in China and very few Jews live there.


you're going to want to be sitting down on a low surface for this:

China is behind the jews

literally nothing in that photo proves jacks shit, all it's assertions are unverified, the few parts that are verified is sht that has nothing to do with the overall claim that somehow jews played a major role in the creation, maintenance, and control of the PRC

fully weaponized autism over at >>/marx/
maybe even make a clone thread and see what pops up.


no its pretty solid evidence

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Creating bullshit infographs is a pretty Zig Forums thing to do.

Even if all that shit was true, which is isn't, the above examples I just posted demonstrate how this format can be incredibly misleading.

There are like 3000 jews in China with a population of a billion.

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yet why are they so involved with chinese government?

They aren't. A few examples of some jews being commited to communism and helping a communist government is not proof of some jewish conspiracy.
If I can find some Americans involved with the chinese government, will that prove Americans control the CPC?
Your logic rests on jews being nefarious beings, and any jew involved with anything must be out to control it or something.

People already responded in this thread that trying to look up anything asserted in the infograph yields nothing.

they are
why are they so over represented in chinese government then?
I never said this stop trying to strawman

You could then ask questions to why Americans are involved with Chinese government and come to conclusions henceforth

However you're just trying to evade the question at this point

more strawman arguments

You're either arguing in bad faith or just ignorant of proper research

Kaifeng have nothing to do with Zig Forums's delusion about jewry. They're ethnically Han chinese and not ashkeNAZI, and based Xi suppresses their mythological opiate anyways.


They're also demographically irrelevant.

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Prove to me that they are.
Because they are communists and want to aid a communist government? Not everyone is brainwashed by ethnicity and nationalism like you, Zig Forums.

see OP's pic

arguing against points I never made

OP's pic does not prove anyone is overrepresented, it shows a few jews being involved with the CPC over the past 70 years.


you answered your own question

this is just shitposting due to a lack of an argument.

bumping because you saged

from 8ch.net/marx/res/7600.html#10163

t. based Ismail

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Jews propagate communism, what is so hard to understand?

How does /marx/ respond to "Marxism is a Jewish conspiracy"

I didn't ask a question.


More proof that Zig Forums is fucking schizophrenic. The fact that a couple Jews are involved in the CCP does nothing to prove the existence of a Jewish conspiracy. Plus, shitty unsourced infographics aren't evidence.

More proof that leftypol is schizophrenic. Any mention of jews MUST be some pol conspiracy

the infographic is just questioning why there are so many jews in the Chinese government and why is criticizing them illegal?
Also the infograph is sources

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Remeber comrade these spergs are so spooked that even one jew is too many

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Thats just one autistic weebshit MAGA tard that has been collecting random photos and slapping made up lies and absurd conjecture next to them, pretending to be ignorant that they are pretty much all wrong. Like labeling the collaboration of a Jew with the nationalist enemies of the CCP as collaboration with the CCP, that minister post Epstein never held, the entire claim that China made an exception for Jews to join the party while they would ban any foreigners when that simply wasnt the case at the time and non-jewish Americans had joined the party already before. Or selling high profile American politicians meeting with Chinese politicians as Jew asserting rule over China.

Throws in a few meaningless or missleading (like putting "observation" of Rittenberg in quotes as if that wasnt just exactly what he did before he returned to America) and out of context quotemines and alterered (like the politburo thing) fake quotes from Wikipedia to make it seem to be backed by at least some sources.

Sneaks in completely baseless flat earth conspiracies like Jews not being allowed to be named or that bullshit about the completely irrelevant banker Robert Lawrence knowing ahead about the next president.

Hes been called out on everything already. Its just a pile of long debunked trash and the OP who keeps insiting it proofs shitall sounds like he is the same faggot who made it.

It was shorter a year ago but that tard has just doubled down on everything he got called out on and added more lies just to specifically contradict the facts he got called out on. Like adding exactly only Epsteins cover story Epstein used to infiltrate and spy on China for the Soviet Union. Or a handful of Jews all of them with irrelevant positions among several million members over decades contradicting the entire overrepresentation narrative and proving the exact opposite, was doubled down by adding that they "actually" belonged to some elite inner circles and special positions. Of course "secretly".

I would to thank the anons for post some kind of evidence for reference even if they were not immediate to my OP, the effort and though is appreciated.

As for those who just could not contain themselves in saging the thread and hypocritically accusing pol of reactionary behaviour while not ascertaining, based on evidence, background of the individuals in question. I find the pandering to China nothing short of the sort of pandering that capitalists and neoliberals have been extending while trying to cover its deeply concerning shortcomings. Like the claims in the South China Sea which violated the EEZ of several countries in the region like fellow Communist Vietnam.

Nevertheless, myself and other comrades have been ardently debating on Zig Forums to clear the name of communism and socialism. The clearing of the name of communism from defamation which has gone many years unchecked has now become synonymous with religious extremists of the bourgeoisie (Zionists and Wall Street Bankers). Myself and other comrades have been borderline verbally abused and I just seek some help as I attend to other issues I know more about than jews in China.

Thanks once again to those that provided sources, hopefully there can be more development in this thread.