Leaving the alt-right movement

No bullshit over the last couple months I've been thinking about my involvement in the alt-right movement and I want to get out. I didn't join any organizations but I was an online shitlord and at one time called myself a white nationalist.

I realized how fucked up it all was, and after the Christchurch massacre I felt sick to my stomach for a week. I also just can't stand the negativity of those people anymore and want to move on with my life.

What can I do to redeem myself? I'm considering phoning ExitUSA which is an organization for helping white supremacists but I'm not sure if its designed for online shit lords like me who don't have nazi tattoos and real world connections with white supremacy. I swear to god I'm serious 100% repentant and want to fix my ways.

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If your behaviour was limited to being edgy online i don't think you should feel that guilty, be glad you got out of there before you made life decisions. Why did you come here, specifically, i know you are no longer a white supremacist, but where do your views currently lay on economically?

Don't beat yourself up over ideology. Don't be so quick to pledge allegiance to anyone. Sleep for twelve hours and stop going to 4chan.
It's simple, isn't it? Like I have always said to nobody besides myself, "Uneasy peace is aided by deep sleep".

I think at this point 20-30% of our users are former Zig Forumsyps. Hang around for a while.

Pull the other leg mate, nobody believes this kike-posting.
Nobody who calls themselves a white nationalist and is informed on all the ways whites have been attacked, vilified, raped, beaten, tortured and mutilated, is going to care that some muzzies got killed, I'm barely alt-lite and even I reacted with "FINALLY one of ours got a bit of revenge, FINALLY, there's a body count above zero in the non-white column" even if those particular muzzies didn't deserve it, there has to be reciprocation, whites aren't going to just take the abuse forever.

Replace white in this paragraph with any identity you want.

(me still) i'm super gay by the way

Imagine thinking this after your government waged like 10 wars in muslim countries in 5 years.

you are so fucking stupid

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lel laying it on a bit too thick with the AstroTurf there moishe

all i can say is that keep in mind leftist thought is a material philosophy, it's very different from the idealist right wing thought. i don't mean to sway you away, it's very different is all. i'd recommend some works that focus on Historical Materialism. there is a reading list, and you could always ask >>>/marx/ for some questions.
also be careful of false-flagers from Zig Forums, they got nothing better to do then nazipost so to eventually hijack a thread.

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only psychos and literal retards will stick with your death cult in the end. youre dumb if you think constantly murdering people wins you supporters. no, every time you bleed supporters. and guess who absorbs them?

Post more communist cats.

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white revolution is not a dinner party

yeah, it's more like a human centipede

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I'll participate in the one big vore union

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white revolution is a cookout

Being the enslaved golem of Israel, clearing out the Muslims for them and bring them here to the west, that's meant to be trade off that lets us watch as they rape children in England, since the fucking 80's!? and think to ourselves "yeah we deserve this"?

This the deeply triggering and problematicst cuck filled section of 8ch I've ever seen.

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Trips of truth.

what does this post even mean

Sounds good to me

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imagine being this fucking embarrassingly retarded

who believes this outside of your fucking paint-huffing delusions? were you a crack baby or something?

bart simpson?

Congrats, you learned that politics is a brain dead activity full of divisiveness and violence. Do yourself a favour and don't become a radical of the other side.

Maybe try dedicating your life to doing something useful, rather than indulging in the Satanic skullfuck of politics.

Subscribe to Contrapoints. Watch her entire catalog of videos 4 or 5 times. Come back, admit you're a piece of shit colonizer and tell us how you'll atone for your sins. Alternatively if you're in the united states house a few revolutionaries in your house or aliens.

Yeah man just like, learn to weave baskets or something, don't bother with all that politicsy stuff, who cares if the rulling class murders and enslaves us lmao just try to like, be a good person and like, sing some songs about jesus and stuff.

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this. I watched three contrapositive videos and I'm now completely deradicalzed. I take my estrogen hormones, donate all of my money to splc, and am raising three African orphans as a transmom.

Thank you for deradicalizing me contrapositives

Fuck off nazi faggots.

So the right?

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Your tactics aren't working mossad

No, not really. The only Jewish financier I know of involved in the Russian revolution would be Schiff, and Schiff only backed the provisional government. He had nothing to do with the Bolsheviks.

I didn't say jews control your side you dumb nazi.

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Zionists were involved though

Are you mentally ill?

Also, not right-winger, just stating how both of you guys are kiked

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Sucking ones nuts does not necessarily mean permanent control. One could make the assumption that he is referring to how many right-wing governments professed open support for Israel.

Conservatives have been funding Israel as their vanguard for imperialism in the middle east, that does not imply jews/zionists control conservatives, you god damn fucking retard.

Right-wingers do it for free.

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I'm sure FOX news is a very non-jew worthy source

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Yes, it seems they lack the jewish love for money, no wonder they found them so eagerly.

Do you actually think that the right means republican and left means democrat?

Well, he didn't say that the Jews control the right. Just that the right suck their nuts.
Yes, I too remember all of those Marxist-Leninist and national liberation movements backed by Israel.

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If I did, I'd be a mindless drone, mate. Honestly, we're kinda flipped in the eyes of other countries.

You are a mindless drone if you think communists and zionists have anything in common.

Incredible how blind one can be

Can you post some contradicting evidence for the goyim to see and ignore other than "there were jewish communists"?

Here's my evidence

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They don't. They are literally in conflict with each other ideologically. Zionism holds that the Jewish people have an ethno-religous right to form a strictly Jewish homeland in the State of Palestine. Marxist-Leninism (and Marxism in general) rejects both the idea of ethnostates and their anti-materialist justifications. Marxists as early as Lenin opposed Zionism, and as well as nearly every other major Marxist theorist.

Yo, this is a revelation, please go on.


Sorry I thought it was obvious I was false flagging here.

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that red skeleton looks cool

Anti-Bolshevik propaganda in general is pretty metal.

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From what I've read on my own, it appeared that at first Communists were quite friendly with jews, thinking they were to set up a Socialist state. However, they got out-kikes as the state ended up not being socialist, and jew resentment grew.

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Thanks for summing up leftypol in one statement. You seem angered by the way, stay off the internet, that'll help ya.

Don't your findings support his claims though?

The USSR thought they could use Israel against their primary enemy for a while but as soon as Israel started working with the capitalist states, the alliance fell apart. How does that support your claim at all?

Yeah. If it's the truth, it's the truth, I'm going to try and fight it.

Jews control both sides.
Jews had control, until the public eyes was shown the truth
The CPUSA, while having some worldwide connections back in the day, seems to be a bit too jews friendly.

I'm not going to try and fight it.

From your own article:
Good job controlling both sides lmao.
They supported fucking Hillary Clinton, it's been FBI spying on FBI since McCarthy.

You have literally zero arguments.

Just refer here. 8ch.net/marx/res/7600.html#7600
Communism can't be "Jewish" anyway since that would mean that pre-civilizational societies are all "Jewish".

Honesty question: why are you all getting so engaged with a troll to this extent? Just post the standard rebuffs to any real questions and ignore the rest.

Explained here

oh it goes much further than that, do you remember the bible? jews wrote that. They've been pulling the strings for thousands of years. I'm like neo matrix but instead of killing my dog they took my foreskin.

What's the problem with engaging with nazis? It's not like I have anything better to spend my time on.

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responding to a troll but whatever
Leftypol has more in common with the 'alt right' than it does with anti-racist liberals
You spent a couple months in a fucking discord server stop acting like you're some sort of former ebil nazchtzee. You're merely a trend hopper who never actually had a real worldview
Lmao orgs like this and 'hope after hate' spend thousands of dollars doxing and harassing teenagers for being edgy online.

He was never a 'nazi' even if he's not outright trolling
Pol has been getting an influx of these "former x" threads and they're just a really stale form of neolib propagandizing

So what's a real nazi then?
Or people are realizing that it's a fucking retarded cult and want out?

What, like "I used to be a leftist but now I'm a fascist"?

There are tons of threads in both directions and it's disorienting how it came out of nowhere. It's very strange.

Bruh some dude being on an edgelord teenager right wing discord gamer circle is far from a 'cult'
You're sounding like a twitter harpie rn

You're right, more gulags instead, because killing people in revolutions = progress

I just want to grill for God's sake!

This guy has the right idea, minus the 12 hours sleep part.

12 hours is a bit overkill but I agree with the test of what you said

What the fuck is this thread?

10000 trillion billion dead in gulags XD checkmade gommies

Detox. I went through something similar in high school; I had been posting on 4chan since 6th grade so, as you can imagine, my worldview was pretty warped. I posted on Zig Forums, parroted white supremacist dog whistles, made jokes about the Holocausr, etc. It wasn't until around Junior year (around the time of Trump's election) that I began to really understand how flawed my viewpoint was.
I began exposing myself to more left-wing material: Marx, Kropotkin, Vox videos, CNN, basically any any all of the content and ideas I had eschewed from the real of serious discussion back when I got all my opinions from the alt-right approved canon. All of that information helped me figure out my stance on the world, but for me the most impactful and important part to reintegrating into society was direct dialog with the people around me.
Listening to my friends who were trans, black, foreign-born, disabled, etc. really helped me visualize, contextualize, and understand the issues I had been consuming all this content on at a direct humanitarian angle. I was able to see past ideology and understand, fundamentally, where they were coming from as human beings.
So, OP, my advice would be, first, to detox. Get the fuck off of Zig Forums, those Discord servers, Nazi Twitter, or wherever it is that helped your alt-right beliefs propogate. Second, you need to hear firsthand about the experiences of the people affected by your ideology, or by the system as a whole.
Last, I'd be remiss in neglecting the economic factor on Zig Forums of all places. If you need a target for blind rage that's deserving, let it be the corporations, CEOs, and corrupt officials that keep this capitalist machine alive and turn us against each other in the first place. After you've recovered and come to terms with who you were and what you did, aim your anger and vengeance at the forces that drove you to do it in the first place that weren't your own
Godspeed, user.

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Yeh it’s more like boy scouts for people who weren’t quite fucked in the head enough to become a school shooter so they live vicariously like a little bitch. Oh muh ancesotrs did some stuff so I am cool too

This is a false flag

Probably once the realized Trump was the bigggest kike ever

back to Zig Forums retardo

Just lol

makes perfect sense. racism is what's for sheeple.

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It's amazing that you faggots still believe you are some kind of new counter culture and how everyone is out to get you.

and that's a strawman hattrick!

Speaking of a warped mindset

Really user

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Never said I fully supported all the ideas I gave credence to. My point is, trying to transition toward left-wing thought required a broad assessment. In other words, I couldn't really appreciate what the commies were trying to offer without first understanding more mainstream liberal viewpoints.
I still watch Vox videos though, their liberal biases are obxious but a lot of their content is very well-researched and I'd much rather see YT push their stuff over Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, and JBP ad infinitum.

Maybe get offline for a bit you spastic.

Hontrapoints made me realize that autistic upper middle class white guys larping as women are the most oppressed minority on the planet

Is this a parody post? The dude blamed Spyro the Dragon for radicalizing him, he claimed to be a hwwite nat but never mentioned the jews, and told people to subscribe to PewdiePie.

Lol cuck

hurr durr christchurch shoota wuz a left eco-socialist he sed so in his manyfestoo

At least you recognize that there is a problem with capitalism and that the problem has to do with the wealth hoarders. Now you just have to acknowledge that it's not one race of people behind it all, but capitalists.

the guy was fucking insane, nothing he wrote should be taken seriously

classic leftypol. posters here love taking baits, its kind of debate training
also as poltard are very retarded, the ownage of these trolls is pretty fun and might convince any neutral bystanders.