Why Zig Forums Should Care About Idenitity Politics

As much as I love Zig Forums (seriously, this is one of the smartest online communities ever, especially for a board on a shit-posting website), it's seriously counter-productive in how a lot of the people here think that identity-politics doesn't have any relevancy whatsoever.

If you want to build up class-consciousness and solidarity among the working class, you need to pay attention to the individual groups within it.

You need to look at groups such as women, black people, trans people, gay people, the problems and discrimination these groups each individually face, and see how they are at least in part directly tied to the power-structures created under capitalism.

And for god's sake, while capitalism should be our primary concern, not all oppression in the world is because of economic class!!!!!!

These different models of oppression aren't going to just disappear after we have gotten rid of capitalism.
A hardcore racist for example isn't just going to simply stop thinking that black people are violent killers just because he no longer has to worry about paying his bills.

But even if you personally don't care about feminism, lgbtq+ activism, e.c.t at least ask yourself this.
Why would a member of any of these oppressed groups care about taking part in and even dying for a socialist revolution if they're just going to continue to be screwed over by other oppressors, therefore not really having a stake in the revolution?

If you want to build up solidarity with the working class, embrace identity politics.
While the alt-right is focused on pushing so many groups of people out, it shoots itself in the foot as it looses so many potential supporters in order to maintain "racial purity" within itself.
We can pull these excluded groups into our movement, and we will grow massively because of it.

And finally, have you ever thought about how the mass hatred of "SJWs and feminazis" (which on a large scale this stereotype isn't actually present in real people anywhere) could just be something which was made up through the bourgeois cultural-hegemony in order to make activists seem like stupid, crybaby reactionaries?

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You are a fool user, you've clearly never seen the impact of extremist idpol on leftist movements in the real world. I don't think any sensible commentator on here is saying we should be reactionary or conservative but we need to hold class above petty squabbles between workers.

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OP here.
One thing I probably should mention is that NEOLIBERAL IDENTITY POLITICS SUCKS!!!!!!

What often happens is that liberalism will make use of identity politics in order to distract from the oppression of capitalism.
It is often used to make members of the working class fight against each other instead of coming together and cooperating.

Our solution to this should not be to reject identity politics completely, but to do identity politics in a way which actually makes sense.
We use identity politics to unite the working class and build solidarity. Not to divide and confuse it like neoliberals do.

If we ignore identity politics entirely then we are leaving it to be abused by neoliberals, who will use it to hurt us,.

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The first image shows exactly why idpol sucks.

Identity politics are inherently reactionary. Just because you switch out the oppressed straight white males for oppressed gay black females does not make it any less right-wing.

Anyone who incites divisions that are not along class-lines will be sent to gulag for reeducation.

So one instance of a socialist idpol advocate being a hypocritical asshole means we should completely abandon idpol?

What is going on in the image doesn't look like idpol just came in and mutated the board.
It seems like whoever made those responses didn't have his priorities straight for administering a board to begin with.

You must be joking. The alt-right is the welcoming movement, paradoxically (look at how many Zig Forumstards are non-white) and the left is the movement that self-destructively obsesses over purity, thanks to identity politics.

Why should we spend time looking for ever-smaller identity groups to get worked up about when we could be working on class struggle? Bourgeois identitarians already have that stuff covered.

“Not everything is about an economic theory, right?” Clinton said, kicking off a long, interactive riff with the crowd at a union hall this afternoon.

“If we broke up the big banks tomorrow—and I will if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, I will—would that end racism?”

“No!” the audience yelled back.

Clinton continued to list scenarios, asking: “Would that end sexism? Would that end discrimination against the LGBT community? Would that make people feel more welcoming to immigrants overnight?”

go back to reddit i'd say.

fuck idpol i'd say

different ethnicities matter in the context of unifying them and avoiding ethnic conflicts.
women matter in the context that they are half of the population
transgenders don't matter because they are a small and insignificant minority and they want people to live in their delusions and most of them are a product of media consumerism and capitalist alienation.
however idpol today is fucking cancer and it's an attempt to deradicalize the left and to shift the attention from the workers and capitalist problems to some faggots.
also this is unironically one of the best leftist discussion places online because it dismisses idpol

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all this shit would not even be a problem if ppl were leftist out of their own conviction.

a conviction formed by conclusions they drew themselves from reading books.

there is a lot larping tho and thus a lot of idpol, cos reading some tweets and reddit and tumblr is easier than reading books


just read this

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All Non-Whites and White Leftists should be genocided. If this cannot be achieved than the entire world should be nuked until only simple forms of life can exist. Murdering /leftytransexualcuckoldpussyniggers/ is a Divine Right.

Transexuals and Women need to be murdered until only a new generation of decent traditional non-feminist women exist. We must murder these faggots and feminist pieces of shit.


These groups when added up together, the homosexuals, the blacks, the transgenders, make up a large enough group that they're worth paying attention to.

This is one of the best leftists discussion boards, but I keep seeing people online who are put off by this board because it's so irrationally against idpol.

Trans people make up about 1.4% of the US population.
You can't just sweep four-million six-hundred thousand people under the rug.

Hell, with all of the shit trans-people have gone through, it wouldn't be overly difficult to encourage them to organize with us and revolt.

You realize I made a post denouncing neoliberal idopl right?

Idpol is not going to go away. So long as these groups exist and so long as these groups are still being fucked over, it's going to stay here no matter what.

What matters though is should we let the neolibs and the fascists take control of idpol? Or are we going to use it to help us?

You sound like you have a Zig Forums stuck up your ass.

Try starting a revolution while excluding feminism, seriously pissing off 50% of the population. I'm sure that it will encourage everyone cooperate!!!!!!

That's even assuming that you're not a raider from Zig Forums obviously

Jewish women should be gang-raped and set on fire like the weak Anglo-Jew Mischlings in the cucked commonwealth countries. When an ugly piece of shit Jew woman is raped by a dozen men and necklaced, The World rejoices. Murder Jewish Women. Necklace all of them.

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traditional women like strong men not shitposting pol faggots. if you had the world you wanted you'd be getting cucked and stuffed in a trashcan by men like your great grandad

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When women aren't enslaved, they destroy entire societies and shift the blame to anyone else in the local vicinity or elsewhere, redditcuck. Shove a pike up a kike and his whore wife's asshole out through the mouth for YHWH and Moloech you scum.

Yugoslavians get raped to death like leftists all the same. Cultural Marxists are cuckolds like your fat pussy Marx who would get his shit kicked in if he ever fought with his own two hands (he didn't because he's a cuckold like all jewish men). Semites must all be sacrificed to YHWH, ALLAH, and MOLOECH as it is their Divine Doctrine. Kill them all.

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need moar honks

'When added up' they are part of the proletariat. And you didn't address the second part of my point which was that these groups already have tons of liberals pushing their issues. So why should the tiny socialist Left spend its time duplicating the work of liberals when it could be talking about class?

Wrong. 'Transphobia' did not cross anyone's minds until the liberals decided it was the next big thing.


It can't help us. Look at how it actually affects leftist organisation in real life. It's absolutely disastrous for class struggle.

take your meds

I want to see clandestine officer's like yourself be tortured to death. CIA niglets/feminist shits and modern leftists are one in the same. Murder a leftycuck. Nuke Washington DC. Sluggish-Schizophrenia makes a come back thanks to the Marxist subversion of the alphabet nigger agencies. America will be freed from your faggotry once all major cities are carpet bombed by MIRVs above the Hyper-Sonic level.

Leftist on 8ch = Low-Paid CIAnigger

I hate reruns.

He'd be have no power to exercise his beliefs. If he did, he'd be locked up for oppressing a fellow worker, calling for genocide etc.

Like literally who? "Oh yeah we're materialist marxists now but WOAH gay ppl are the devil and ebil probably let's just genocide them XD"

And yet they have all been generated from superstition (or engineered) and used to divide the people and keep them under control.
The capitalist really doesn't give a fuck about your skin or sexual orientation. All they care about is your wallet.

Reactionary beliefs have no place in socialism because they are simply unscientific.
Separating the liberation of sheilas, fags or niggers from communist struggle is fucking stupid.
We already have an ideology that is LGBT+ friendly, anti-racist, feminist and communist. It's called communism.
This oppression you describe dies alongside class society.

Yeah you don't say.

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The work of liberals on idpol sucks. It uses idpol as a distraction from class-politics, rather than a supplement to it.
For example, focusing on increasing the number of female CEOs instead of getting rid of CEOs.

It's been around for a while.
As far as gender-related identity politics is concerned, the scientific consensus has agreed for decades now about the validity of trans-gender people's identities (their's more to biological sex than the chromosomes, which only decide what your bio-sex will be initially be when you are born, which can be changed), that there's more than two genders, e.c.t.

It's only recently when people started associating transgender issues and the multiple genders theory with "triggered SJWs" that people started complaining about it.

If you look at the article one of the other posters made
Can you seriously imagine any of that shit coming out of a socialist-idpol advocates mouth?

If you want to bring about a classless society, you need to address class created through gender, racial, sexual and ethnic divides.

If you, the real lefist, does nothing to address idpol, they will.
And that is how you get shit like this.

I want to see a bloodbath, not faggoting around the net. Libfags might join up with you filthy Marxists, but I guarandamntee we could take all of your heads no matter how much help you radical far-left terrorist scum get.

You don't even know what schizophrenia is by definition fool. Sluggish-Schizophrenia is such a bitchboi rehash tactic that even CHICOMs don't use it that much. Co-opted and pwn'd by CIAniggers is what you have for your movement, dirtbag. Then again, clandestine agencies aligned with the First Wave of Marxists before WWII in America, Britain, and Russia worked together to come up with all the old playbooks, so whatever.

Says the fag who believes people who are paid by George Soros. Death might be the best thing for you tbh.

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Okay, we leftists may not all agree on idpol.

But I think we can all universally agree, fuck this guy.

You do realize that you're on a board where everyone hates you right?
You are voluntarily residing in a section of the internet where everyone hates you.
I just want you to imagine the floods of hatred from this board raining down on you.
You are the lowest, weakest, most stupid thing when you go on this board.
When you post on this boarfile:///home/masochistluv11/Downloads/anarchocomunist.jpgd, you do nothing but make us laugh, and unite us even when we disagree on issues like idpol, just through our universal hatred for you.

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You do realize that you're on a website where everyone hates you right?
You are voluntarily residing in a section of the internet where everyone hates you.
I just want you to imagine the floods of hatred from this website raining down upon you.
You are the literal defined epitome of pathetic faggotry when you go on this website.
When you post on 8ch.net…you do nothing then make us laugh or insight retaliation against your reckless faggotry because you don't belong here. We make regular incursions onto your containment board to mock you. You are the soyboy that we beat the shit out of in HS and go on to own in the workplace or the literal street.

See pussyboi? Your arguments are even weaker than yourself. ANTIFA jaws, cheekbones, and orbitals are rather fragile due to a vegan diet after all. Hahahahaha.

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You CANNOT uphold identity politics and be a Marxist at the same time, for it contradicts the very cornerstone of Marxism.

Of course we should care about it. It's the most deadly, efficient and widely used divide-and-conquer tool of Capitalists against the working class, to prevent them organizing along the line of their true economic interests, and reap at each others' throats for meagre scraps their masters throw them, after all.

How exactly does idpol contradict marxism?

But what needs doing that they aren't doing? They're campaigning against violence to these groups, they're campaigning about discrimination against these groups, they're campaigning against people using the wrong words to describe these groups (and they're always thinking of more that needs doing). Are you suggesting that we need to duplicate all that but with a veneer of class politics?

Idpol is always a distraction from class politics. If you're 'supplementing' class politics with anything else then you're diverting energy from class topics.

user implied that it had existed as long as the group itself had, which is clearly false.

Not my point. I'm saying that socialist orgs are destroyed by infighting over idpol issues, exclusion of potential members and allies due to idpol purity tests, and generally wasting time thinking about irrelevant crap while the planet burns.

Class is not a product of identity divides, that is totally contradictory to socialist thought.

It denies the concept of economic basis and social superstructure. It denies materialism (and dialectics) itself, as it's effectively 'feels' equals 'reals'. I mean, even considering this question is ridiculous.

neoliberals be like it's ok because it is women

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Nobody's saying that. Fuck you and fuck off.

Race and Ethnic are the only things that truly matter in the end you Marxist homosexual. By killing all Non-Whites in Western countries and lynching CivNats, Libfags, Marxist terrorist bitchbois, and Radical Leftists who comprise a lot of the White European population peace will ultimately be achieved.

Go back to reddit or twatter you fucking SJW subhuman.

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Basically yes. It's the best way to build up class conciousness and solidarity with these members of the working class.
We need to take all of our struggles that we face, whether they be struggles because of bigotry-related discrimination or struggles because of economic oppression, and we need to come together to face all of them.

In this case, it's worth the energy.
Their is no reason that you can only focus on either class politics or idpol. Anything which unjustly ties people down, degrades them, prevents them from reaching their full potential as humans is absolutely worth the energy.

As someone who spends a lot of time around socailist-idpol circles, I never see them doing this.
It wouldn't be too hard to imagine liberal-idpols doing this though, but this sort of behavior for the most part doesn't really happen. It's mostly just a steriotype, again.

Correct. Sorry, i shouldn't have used the word class in that instant.
It's was misleading as it implied that I was referring to the Marxist definition of class.
What I really meant, and I should have said, was hierarchy based on gender, racial and sexual divides, for example apartheid and systematic discrimination against women.

No, most of the theory surrounding idpol is based directly off those things
Hegelian dialects for example can be referenced when you look at the civil rights movement vs American segregation, and I haven't seen one idpol university lecture talk online where discussing social superstructure doesn't come into play.

The only thing good about communist countries is that they eventually realize they fucked up and genocide subhuman animals and put faggots like you in the gulag to suffer until your last breath. Hegel hated Non-whites. Jews ruined America just before The Civil War and you are still a BTFO'd bitchboi. The Murder of Marxists is a good book by the way.

Look, I've just caught onto the fact that by constantly responding to you, I'm probably just encouraging you to keep shitposting.

I shall leave you with a music-video including footage of one of your pseudo-intellectual daddies being punched by a supposedly weak, vegan, soyboy antifa member (even Richard Spencer admits that anitfa is winning against the alt-right for the most part. He feels afraid to walk in public now because of our SJW asses. If you ever see him in public, he's always looking around to see if an antifa member will punch him again).

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I love it. The faggotfuck from ANTIFA believes in Hegel, but practices his dialectics by fighting with alt-kike scum like old Spence there. Scum, nobody here believes in alt-kike bullshit or your watered down marxist faggotry. I don't dance around at protests like your fucking shabbos goyim alt-right friends. You are going to die as a traitor to American Nationalism once The USA is plunged into The Second Civil War.

and that is the leftypol spirit. I hope it will be forever

It is because you actually believe this that you will spend your days in a re-education camp post-revolution. You will learn to contribute to society

As this entire thread is a shitshow fighting between each other too determine if the real enemy is capitalism or fascists.

There are very real statistics that are sourced BY Jews that admit that 70% of leaders in European and other white majority nations are Jews. Your enemy is the Jew, they are subverting your entire political ideology. Why would you defend a group that is entirely 100%, undoubtedly Capitalist? They literally invented the modern banking system and make trillions off it. They HATE you and despise every political ideology you stand for. Yet their own politicians are the most attractive to your crowd as it deflects any opposition towards the Zionists. ANY mainstream leftist politician you have available is compromised and IS NOT going to help you. The sooner you realise this and act against them instead of those who you share a common enemy with the better. MOBILISE your antifa crowd towards the Jews, the sooner you do, the sooner you'll be too destroying our current democracy and replacing it with whatever you see appropriate. This is something most on the far left and far right can potentially agree on.

Democracy is OUR threat and a degenerating disease on everything we have built as a culture. OPEN your eyes and SEE who the real enemy is. Its not very hard, its been in front of you the whole time. Learn Zionist surnames and their common shared features and DO not support them in anyway otherwise you will continue to be subverted.

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This is the worst thread ever.

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Wait, have Zig Forumsyps realized how retarded jewish bolshevism is so now they will push even more that all the flaws of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧capitalism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are caused by the "juws"? 👌😂👌🤣👌😂

what about straight white men?

Hahaha, oh wow. That's pretty funny. I'd rather see a full scale nuclear war and the last surviving remnants of humanity dying of starvation and radiation poisoning than see anymore marxist faggotry anywhere. I'd rather see all White Europeans dead than see them become pussified marxist-communist husks. No shit. Better dead than red.

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It's a "three-way fight." Facism acts as a strategy of tension which both pushes liberals into more authoritarian measures which reinforces the objective structural violence of the fascist state. It pushes the left into chasing around fascists which are a threat but also serve as a kind of distraction. Simultaneously, fascists will attempt to build "strategic alliances" with the left, with the idea that the left can make some gains in exchange for turning on vulnerable people and so on.

You don't know what you're talking about. It is very well known that THEY did in fact create the modern banking system and that the most wealthiest people ON THIS VERY PLANET are jewish. You don't even have to be a 'nazi' to know this, it is literally Wikipedia tier information.

Nice IRA guy. Too bad he was a leftist.


you list all the ways in which economic class manifested sexism, racism, etc only to then say not all oppression is because of economic class. You had it right the first time.

Oppression in its entirety will be eliminated. Of course there will still be racists, sexists, and all that. But there will not be a position of power from where to oppress another.

Its important to pay attention to identity politics in the sense that one should not exclude a worker from organizing for being trans or marginal. We have the example by marx of fighting for womens liberation, not idealistically but relating it back to class. So yes all those other struggles should be included. But class is the universal antagonism that shows up within any particular identity.

Name one tranny that ever did anything important for socialism.


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Maybe, I've heard so but I don't really care. Simply getting rid of the jews (of which a majority is working class) won't do anything. But I don't think you care, we both know this is more about the jews for you than capitalism.

Let's see the top three.

Jeff Bezos, not a jew
Bill Gates, not a jew
Warren buffet, not a jew
I'm pretty sure if we got down that list jews would pop up, perhaps they would be a majority, that doesn't change the fact that if you replaced them with white people all the problems would disappear.


Red-White-Yellow armband is most certainly not IRA unless you are colorblind.

You and any 3rd poz Fascists that get in the way will be buried in the same mass grave.
NSDAP is slowly becoming a new type of Hyperborianism. 3rd positionists will either see the light, fold, or be slaughtered with their leftist fag friends.

I think you might be a little slow there kiddo.

Oy vey indeed.

this is statistically not true. very few jews are not bourgeois. even the ones in Israel. Jews are ridiculously overrepresented among the bourgeoisie. 50% of all us billionaires are Jewish. 8 out of 9 Russian oligarchs are jewish. 5 of the richest 8 families in Australia are jewish. and so on.

Literally bill gates parents and grandparents were bankers who were Jewish. Therefore he is jewish. Regardless. I'm talking about the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and other extremely wealthy families. I don't care for their meme worthy Illuminati conspiracy shit although they are jews. Their net Wealth is likely in the trillions.

The Rothschilds alone are worth upwards of 400 billion.

Youtuber An Actual Joke has helped a lot of people get into socialism.

She also provides some pretty good analysis and explanation ranging from Marxism to the alt-right to idpol
That's worth at least come credit
I'm sure that other trans people have, but I'm not an encyclopedia for every trans socialist so I wouldn't know.

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Well where is the proof? I could anyone in their close family who is Jewish. You probably will post a chart that will show some distant relative is Jewish but if we go by that logic I'm pretty sure both you and I have big chance of being "Jewish".

Not really. They may be the wealthiest religious group but the majority aren't that different from other religious groups. Are we going to have a Hindu conspiracy too? They aren't that far off.

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While it will be difficult to oppress minority groups in a classless society in the same way you can now, I doubt it would be impossible to hurt these groups.

People could still form their own lynch mobs and militias if they hated certain groups enough for example.

Although I agree, class should be the universal antagonism which shows up with any particular identity.
And I do believe that the classes under capitalism should be our number one priority, but that also idpol if used correctly will help build up solidarity among all members of the working class, and that idpol will help iron out any other oppressive power structures outside of capitalism and after capitalism has been defeated.

Yes we are
t. Amin gang

A focus on idpol has defanged and deradicalized the radical left. For example, the CPUSA endorsing Hilary Clinton. The only anti-idpol org in the US is the SEP, and their the most radical, and are doing the most work in terms of organizing workers.

If you look at most of the alt-right for example, they've managed to accomplish a lot without the use of much economic power.

They group up and organize in a mostly horizontal, anarchistic sort of manner, most of their propaganda comes from memes and arguments generated in places like Zig Forums, and not big media outlets with loads of money for the most part.

The alt-right could easily do what they're doing right now in a classless society.

What have they accomplished?

Which is why we will need idpol in order to ensure that they won't do this again when the classless society comes about.

What could happen is that if they were successful, it would result in new classes being created along cultural lines.

It could lead to the exclusion of certain groups out of the communist society, or their enslavement to conduct what little manual labor would be left to do under communism.

All US Adults on average: 19% earning more than $100,000.

Not religious, not agnostic and doesn't really care: 19% earning more than $100,000.

Christianity is spread out among different denominations, some quite poor. Jews are singular and have a small amount if any offshoots. Yet they also make up around 6 million of the US population and yet 44% of them are earning $100,000 +, so roughly 2 -3 million are making that amount of money.

On the other side of the coin, Christians make up roughly 240 million people in the US. By the same statistics as the Jews that would mean 100 - 129 million Christians would be earning more than $100,000 dollars.

On the surface this statistic looks fair, although when you put all other factors into account it would be a gross inequality of financial assets and funds. Strange yet how you still quickly denounce all antisemitism yet again, I have proven to you that they are YOUR direct enemy and hate everything you stand for.

This is untrue. Far right actually has political parties in real life that are funded. Some Zig Forumstards making pepe and wojak memes isn't organization and only thing they acomplish is attracting boomers and edgy teens who like to spout "fuck niggers". Online presence sure can help but don't think the right has become more popular because of that.

Well so far, they've managed to revitalize Nazi ideology, white supremacy and fascism in a way where it's much more socially acceptable to advocate for it.
A lot of the young men I know are seriously finding themselves pulled towards it.

They've managed to disguise themselves really well, "going crypto" so to speak, where they pedal their ideology to liberals, centrists and moderates.

For example, they don't call themselves race-realists, but identitarians.

They've organized online into things like doxing communities, mass flagging of youtube videos, e.c.t.

Also, around 50 of the mass-shootings conducted in the US last year were related to white-supremacy.

And how will any of this affect the grand scheme of thing? It won’t, the alt-right won’t stop America from being the Mutt Republic.

Under the current system where the bourgeois-state monopolies on political power, true, the alt-right does need to rely on political parties in order to get actual things done as far as the law and politics in general is concerned.

What political parties tend to do though is that they'll respond in support to things like prejudice and racial tensions in order to strengthen their electoral base, and the alt-right seems to have come together to influence much of that base to turn towards the alt-right.
The political parties see the alt-right getting more popular, and they take advantage of that crowd.

It's seems to be more that the alt-right is influencing the parties from the bottom up, not the parties influencing people to go alt-right from the top-down.

What the alt-right is doing is a perfect precursor to fascism.
If the alt-right keeps influencing people to join them at the rate they're doing it now, all it will really take to bring about full-blown fascism is another economic recession, and then people will get all panicked and reactionary.

And what political group right now is best at taking advantage of the panicked and the reactionary? The alt-right.

And we can see the perfect spring-trap for fascism being built up in the US government right now, with fascist figureheads being brought into it.
So the alt-right will be there when America is at its most vulnerable to becoming fascist.

And so it won't be our socialist revolution taking place on that time of the recession. It will be theirs

No? I am aware that rich jews hold large amounts of wealth. That won't make me put the jew hating glasses on since great deal of them are working class and not in your Jewish illuminati. What the fuck is this kind of logic?

The problem is, OP, that liberals have successfully appropriated idpol-woke-intersectional lingo, and it perfectly fits their message:

In such situation we need to make emphasis on class.

What purity is the left trying to push?

I don't use msn.

I doubt that the CIA would actually want to help antifa.
Anfita is made up of anarchists, they wouldn't want anything to do with the CIA.

But if the CIA actually is helping antifa (I will admit, this is the first time I've heard about this. So either I'm uninformed or you're talking shit), um, shout out to the CIA for knotting that really attractive for us to hang them with.


In order to get by in 'woke' circles you have to:

-Use language in an ultra-PC way
-Subscribe to gender theory
-Feel bad about being white or male
-Toe the party line of whatever micro-sect you are part of

Take a look at leftist subreddits.

Most of that is just bullshit mythos created by people on the right out of paranoia or to deliberately scare people away from idpol.

Being PC really isn't that big of a deal, it's really easy as it just becomes a habit when you do it long enough.
And if you do accidentally slip up on your language, for example using the term transsexual instead of transgender, people will be quick to correct you, but not in an aggressive way.
Just in a friendly sort of way, like "it's okay because you didn't know this, but it's transgender not transexual". "Oh, sorry I didn't know. Thanks for telling me."

Although it's true, people do tend to exploit idpol in the interests of political parties.

Hey out of interests, why are there this many Zig Forums people on this board? There seems to be more than usual today.

Is there a raid going on or something, or are we just attracting people from Zig Forums to discuss things with us somehow (which could potentially be a good thing)?

Like literally USSR from 1934 and up to 1991:


No, I've seen it.

This is cultish behaviour. It is not a good idea to develop your own dialect that outsiders can't speak.

Tbh I think a more appropriate response would be 'fuck off, who cares'. Maybe transgender is more correct but how could anyone possibly be offended by transsexual? It's like how 'of color' is now in vogue in PC circles despite being practically identical to the offensive 'colored'.

I've been posting/lurking here every day since late 2015

The Alt-right and ANTIFA as well as most left and right orgs are in the pocket of Judeo-Masonic freaks. You're posting on Department of Defense Servers as a part of yet another tedious project…or do you just think that these things are wholesome and grow like so many grassroots? Web 2.0 is the second stage of the DARPANET Project that is supposed to control the flow and function of a vast majority of human thought on the Earth. Before you were even born, your role in life was shaped and contoured by the flow of information control; a kind of "hands off" serfdom in a convenient digital format in trial stages.

Well, this is a very extraordinary claim.
It's gonna require some extraordinary evidence for anyone to believe it.

Could you provide some please?

I'm afraid I can't just audit the past 450+ years without help from Masonic Information Archives.
Let's start with the simple easy facts:

1. You are posting on a website that was hijacked from a crippled man by a Freemason name Jim Watkins. This website is hosted on DoD servers somewhere in California.
2. The Internet as you know it was created by the US Government as a DoD/DARPA project: ARPNET/ARPANET/DARPANET etc. that became–The Internet.
3. In 2007 Web 2.0 now colloquially known as "Social Media" was launched as the second phase of the project. The purpose that is now so blindingly clear is to shape and contour information control, provide highly accurate propaganda that is delivered based on the analysis of user-data by A.I., and even brainwash the user with data based on the "break them down build them up" doctrines used on raw recruits as well as suggested commands and even memory and time distortion. There is more, but I don't think you'd really care to hear it.

Jim Watkins didn't just come along at take it from Hotwheels.
Infact, no one took anything from him or forced him to do anything.
N.T. technology offered hotwheels a data-rack to host Zig Forums on due to it's difficulty in finding a good enough hosting service that would be okay with the anonymity of the users on the site.

Jim Watkins just got control of the domain and the servers, but hotwheels is still the chief administrator of the site.

I'd say hotwheels got a pretty good deal overall.
I don't see how this ties into your conspiracy.

Well yeah, the internet started off as a military project. Then it found itself being brought up by governments and private companies for personal and business related use.

If you're trying to imply that the US government being behind the creation of the internet means they have a lot of control over it, they don't.
The internet is basically just a series of protocols and computers connected together and working by said protocols.
It's completely decentralized. Aside from individual servers and under-ground wiring (which can't actually track what you're doing on the internet any more than a flight of stairs can track where you're walking, that's just how it works, too complicated to explain), no one really governs the internet in terms of how it works.

Well you may be correct as far as algorithmically generated propaganda is concerned, but I'd like to see some scientific description for how warping one's perception of time or memory works.

I'd still be in disagreement about saying that it was the Jews fault even still.

Oh, I forgot to mention, about Hotwheels.

Hotwheels still gets to keep 40% of the profits Zig Forums generates, which is amazing considering that he doesn't even need to host anything on his own servers, which would be way too expensive for him.

That was part of the deal for NT hosting Zig Forums on their servers, that they take 60% of the profit.

But you see, people will follow their group, that's why most feminist are women and most white supremacists are white…

The problem is that corporations are using Identity Politics and SJWs to redirect anger and scrutiny away from themselves.

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Also to buy loyalty from "oppressed people." You criticize a company? Well you must be a misogynist because they made a movie starring women!