German landlords about to be expropriated

I don't know if you heard this, but there has been a grassroot movement in Berlin to expropriate big landlords - not mom-and-pop tier house owners, but landlords which are practically corporations like "Deutsche Wohnen" or "Vonovia". These companies purchased plenty of cheap apartments decades ago and now extorting high rents out of it while the housing situation in Germamy, especially in big cities, has become increasingly intolerable.

Berlin is currently ruled by a coalition of the SPD and DieLinke, so basically a SuccDem coalition with Klaus Lederer in DieLinke being an absolute liberal, but there are elements within the party which want to go further and advocate the expropriation of landlords - some of them, like Lucy Redler, has recently been giving platforms in prime time talkshows where she she argued against liberals for expropriation. The rest of the panel, which included a conservatice politician and the president of the realtor association, where outraged and compered her to the SED.

Yet, with popular support this is actually possible. The German constitution has this article 15:

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since you are able to read the article could you upload the html of the page?

Good luck to you comrades, may cities around the world follow your example.

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Berlin housing activists lead campaign to fight rising rents

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By the way, kinda funny how WaPo can't write a small paragraph without a sting against the "economically depressed communist East" when the GDR had in fact no homelessness and guaranteed housing with merely symbolic rents of 10 bucks or something, while now the capitalist Federal Republic has a massive housing problem with millions of empty apartments and almost a million homeless.

"Democracy Dies in Darkness" and all.

Perhaps Germany would look better after a few Neutron bombs and millions of dead niggers and roaches?

Yeah, its happening in Berlin right now. Really funny that DieLinke are pushing it, since, you know, they privatised schools there and Motorways hahaha.

Well all of the media go crazy, talking about "secod GDR" and "SED", expropriation would we good and we could use for making a point about class struggle, what led to the housing crisis and how this is the fault of private property and capitalism.

The key part is actually
Let's have a look:
>(3) Expropriation shall only be permissible for the public good. It may only be ordered by or pursuant to a law that determines the nature and extent of compensation. Such compensation shall be determined by establishing an equitable balance between the public interest and the interests of those affected. In case of dispute concerning the amount of compensation, recourse may be had to the ordinary courts.

Now tell me who determines that "equitable balance" and who sits in the courthouses. Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen will get billions blown up their asses and the population will pay for it through taxes.

To speak with Lenin

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Billions which would be wasted anyway by the Berlin government on things like the BER airport. The money is there and it can easily be financed without raising taxes and would objectively increase the living situation for workers and slow down gentrification. "Who's gonna pay for it" is a neoliberal talking point.

I'm not even talking about the Grundgesetz being the best constitution ever or that German jurisprudence isn't mostly liberal or conservative, but that in this instance we happen to have a legal entry for expropriation of absolute parasites like Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen which is a platform communists should operate on. It can spark class consciousness.

Together with that Lenin quote and the Weimar poster I smell LARP.


Deine Mutter ist eine Hure und dein Vater ist ein Versager

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This is bullshit. Im not OP btw. But Art 14 GG doesnt apply here. This is Art 15 GG ("Socialisation") which was never used before. This has nothing to do with Art. 14.

t. German law fag

So is the city approving of this recent measure?

i got u fam

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Germany is beyond salvation and needs to be nuked along with the rest of Europe.

It's divided. Most of SPD are against, within the left party it's split, left-liberals against the socialist-leaning wing. But it's currently a Volksbegehren, some kind of referendum, and when this is over we'll have to see what happens.

Seeing White Germans becoming Weimar'd yet again fills me with a dreadful sorrow. A fucking fool who thinks Lenin was a good man and not another Jewish Crook like yourself could never understand. Perhaps it is better if you are destroyed and disposed of like waste at a rubbish facility. I know in my heart that your ancestors would rather see you dead, than enslaved by The EU. Hell, if you're a Lawyer or in Law in Germany…then you are guilty and responsible for the immigrant and refugee crisis. You a traitor to your nation.

You need help. No one would ironically write like that.

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Who the fuck joins Die Linke and be upset when a proposal to nationalize shows up? Fucking liberals man

I think there has been a resurgence of Anti-Aryan/Nativism because at this point in time The EU has not yet learned to be utterly balkanized. I think we are going to be part of the throes of this transformation, which *must* take place. The EU is not going to be the monolithic hegemony of pseudo-marxist Judeo-Masonic death cultists that it was in the last century. Aryans are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge bloodbath for The EU to undergo. It is now going into a deathspiral as The Black Sun nears and Aryans will be resented because of their leading role.

The soil in both America and Europe will be fertilized with the blood of hundreds of millions just as the climate of the Earth shift back to pic related. My death cult is better than your death cult any day.

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Surprisingly based and redpilled coming from Deutschland.

It literally says in Art. 15 that Art. 14 III's rules for compensation apply.

Have some more Weimar posters

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Are right wingers even capable of living in the real world for even a second? I'm convinced these people have some kind of mental illness similar to autism in which they their minds are permanently trapped in some fantasy word and are unable to experience reality

Fantasy world*


If Whites become Marxists and Leftists, then they are now the enemy and must die immediately. No gulags or concentration camps this time, only lots of dead people. This is the world you wanted Zig Forums.

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How fragile your "Aryan" loyalty is
I love how communists aren't even in power anywhere in Europe and we still live your head rent free.

What was the point in posting that Area 88 image? Don't tell me its because of the 88 and the red cross on his head, right?

Aryan is a broad spectrum of culture and ethnics, thus if somebody is an enemy because his ideology undermines the overall capacity for greatness of said ethnics…then his blood must be spilled as a ritualistic sacrifice in wartime or commons. Communists were never in power, but their Marxist masters were and still are as they grow bolder and more brazen by the year. You speak of "living in one's head rent free", but deep down in your corrupted little core you realize that you stole and repurposed such a slight from those who by and large far-right. Once The World is plunged into yet another sacrificial culling and spilling of the warm nutritious blood that feeds the Earth and her many soil-types. I will pray to the God Of Death and hope that I see your slaughter in my mind's eye. If you are White, then it would only be a more sweet taste–for a traitor's exsanguination is several times more exquisite.

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Those two things are nice on their own, but it's more because Shin flies in an old Vought F-8E "Crusader." A foreigner in a foreign land fighting because he has no other choice but to kill all enemy combatants without reason or mercy. It's his signature really, hence The Red Cross.

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How sweet it is when talking about death takes longer than actual death.

Fucking do it. Pull the trigger, krauts. Fucking do it. Take it all.

This gives me a boner.

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Rent free was a thing before the right ever used it. Not that I would care anyway, the right has stolen aesthetics and rhetoric from the left since forever, so I may as well repay the favor.
The USSR has been gone for almost 30 years now and your still spooked by it. Its almost cathartic to me.
You speak like a hedonist. Tbh, I can't wait for what your saying to get started, then we can get started with the necessary work of communism. Rest assured, it will be a clinical violence. People will be spurred to take action, and a singleness of purpose will be restored to the growing movements of West and East.

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Why is the Zig Forumsack so afraid to actually discuss the issue at hand - landlords? They are desperate to derail.

So? "es gilt entsprechend", i.e. legal fiction, not the literal same.

This doesn't mean the compensation of Art. 14 GG is exactly the same as in Art. 15 GG, just that the same principles apply. No court would simply take the Entschädigung in Art 14 and apply it the same way in regards to Art. 15 - that would be retarded. It would of course be recontextualized in regards to Art. 15 using the decisions made in regards to Art. 14 but modifying it enough to reach the goals the original authors of the Grundgesetz had in mind when writing Art 15. Check out the commentary literature if you don't believe me.

And Art. 14 GG does not need market rate compensation. The compensation could theoretically be a lump sum, depending on how severe the need for socialisation is. The court would apply a Verhältnismäßigkeitsprüfung (is the goal legitimate? will measure ABC reach that goal? are there any other measures that would reach that goal just as well with less of an impact on the rights of others? is the measure actually necessary?). So the scenario that these landlords could extort the Berlin government out of millions at market rate or even higher is wrong.

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They did this too when private conversations between white supremacists and cops were found and we made a thread about it, i don't give a shit about whatever schizo posting they post anymore, these guys are definitely here to derail the conversation, paid.

When all fires are desperately put down and our digital bread and circus keeps us, then death seems like frivolity's mistress or something like that.

That is much better. However, I think you are just nostalgic or someone who likes USSR imagery. Marxism is what I speak of because The USA reeks of it both Corporate and Cultural. If Europe, The UK, and Commonwealth countries are going to fight for madness and The Frankfurt School…then I suppose they are the enemy and we will unironically have to kill hundreds of millions of people as predicted. I do appreciate your enthusiasm though.

May Glory be restored to America and may we fight for freedom and become Isolationist once again. Even if it means using those Neutron bombs and…some other things on The Evil European Union and United Kingdom. I would hope that we spare Poland, Czech Rep., Italy, Spain, Norn Iron and Ireland. Sweden must be erased from existence though. RIP Pewdiepie.

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Don't talk to the schizo

You're so stuck up in formalities.
The fact of the matter is the Grundgesetz is a bourgeois constitution protecting bourgeois interest and courts will rule accordingly.

This is basically Cockshott's referendum on socialism, isn't it?

Btw there have been people talking about doing this in London too…

The constitutional court (BVerfG) has already revoked the idea that infringement on how you use property is not to be equated with expropriation in the Nassauskiesungsbeschluss. The article the other Lenin hat linked featured conservative law scholars who all agree that the compensation according to market value as it is usually handled when building highways etc. will not apply to Article 15 GG because otherwise there would be no reason to have a separate one in the first place. Let's just wait and see, this law has never been used before, it's literally completely open to interpretation.

Honestly Berliners are so fucking based.

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No, but it's a test run of that idea on a more limited scale. I know things have looked pretty bleak lately, but this coupled with the Yellow Vests going full anti-capitalist and the coming crash… I don't know, the winds of history are blowing.

Tbh the big thing about this is that it /will/ inspire similar action in other European capitals/major cities. People in London are currently salavating at this concept, and i imaginenif it happens it will make a massive splash accross the British press (it has already had a limited one).
The struggle of the neoliberal world appears to be materialising class struggle into the landlord/tennant relationship: it is the duty of the socialist to present the socialist resolution to this class conflict. It appears the revolution vehicle is now the tennant union, power to the housing coops.


Good to know. But even if the government followed the principle of compensation according to market rate, the compensation pay could get pretty low, since the government's regulations and taxation schemes can strongly influence what the market rate is. A high tax not on buying or selling a given thing, but on holding it in possession, will decrease its market value. A high tax on location quality of land, whether the buildings are fully occupied or not, whether there are even any buildings on it or not, pushes the plot's market value (not that of the buildings on it) towards zero. The selling price of the buildings then will become more like that of many other commodities, being based mostly on their production cost.

This is much more revolutionary than I think most people realize. In the neoliberal world we live in, actual capitalist production and productive investment that drove growth during the 19th and first three quarters of the 20th century is no longer profitable enough. The main profit making mechanism of our era is rent seeking, if rent seeking is curbed the whole capitalist mode of production in the 1st/developed/imperialist world simply cannot reproduce itself. I don't have much in the way of data to prove this if I'm wrong please correct me.

do you have any sources on this?

It would make sense for german capitalists to want people spending less on rent and more on hyper consumerism.
A transition from the traditional property to a more singapore style of public housing will give the average working class person more money to spend on commodities.
Also it would allow the otherwise would be homeless to join the working class and be good consumers as well

Not revolutionary in the slightest

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He probably listened to Zizek once talking about rent because of Google, Facebook etc. and thought that this somehow applies to the whole world economy. But you know, I listen to more Zizek than that dude so I am a better person lol. Also yeah I don't read reading is for gay people XD

Just when I thought it couldn't get much worse for Germany.

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