Global Paramilitary Cooperative Syndicalism

Imagine being this retarded.

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why would soldiers fight for communism

soldiers wish to pillage and rape and steal and fight for booty and loot and divide the world up into fiefdoms where they will slaves and sex slaves

read Conan the barbarian


I'm sad it took me so long to realize how legitimately based the GLA are.

WTF how?

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noooo that's my city

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Indeed, you can't be a good soldier without a fascist mentality.

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The worst thing is that this is indistinguishable ffrom actual Zig Forums talking-points.

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It's supposed to be an unrivalled age of advancement and hope, not the hellworld we live in. He's mistaking it for Kali Yuga.
Oh noooooooooo, he's going to curse a faceless group of people represented by a strawman using dark magic!

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Any non biased books on Hezbollah?

You're probably gonna have to read Hezbollah articles in order to get an unbiased source on them.

Cobra is cool, but there already exists our guys.

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God's plan.

What did he mean by this?

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the absolute state of western liberalism. Im sorry grandfather, but this is why I joined the


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checked and kekked
This is honestly pretty hilarious, but only up until the SAS or Seal Team Six comes around and pushes your shit in. The best way to go about such an endeavor is to not go full-retard MSF/Diamond Dogs, but to build an organization with a wide reach/influence, and the only way to accumulate resources in this way is to trade, which means to become a transnational shipping/transport import/export type of deal i.e. a mercantile Capitalist, which defeats the whole purpose of your cooperative syndicalism.
You would need ships and planes to achieve this, none of which you have, nor would you be able to build yourselves without money. You could also become a earthmoving/construction/mining firm, but that will get you into conflict with the natives you are supposed to ally yourselves with, as you wreck the land in which they live, in your quest for saleable resources/large scale construction projects (this was Osama bin Laden's gig before he went full jihad).
The closest anyone of chan culture has gotten into serious money that could purchase that was either weev or Palmer Luckey, the former who has become a full-retard Nazi who lost his shirt in court and never got TRO LLC off the ground, the latter a bourgeois libertarian Republican who founded Anduril Industries with Peter Thiel's backing, who took and made Project Maven for the Pentagon when Google was pressured by the workers from doing it.
tldr become a defense contractor, shortest path to your plans. Get some contacts with the bourgs and the CIA first, or you won't get anywhere :^)

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Was going to say you are retarded but I understood this and kekd a little, so we must both be retarded

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I actually doubt it'd be spec ops and more likely just getting hit by a cruise missile tbh

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Unless you have a resource extraction/collection/processing, manufacturing and delivery infrastructure in place and operational and under your control, you will have nothing. Marx himself speculated to try and gain, but lost. Our job is literally accumulation until we have enough to take over a given economic area, not unlike Mondragon in Spain.
Once our tech level is high enough, we will be able to weather most potential problems like that.
The real question lies in being able to counteract the big neoliberal media companies full of zionists and neocon/corpdem tv/radio-talk-show chickenhawk grandstanders shaping public opinion against us. If Assange's late arrest is anything to go by, any sort of meaningful publications of leaks is meant to be treated as terrorist or terrorist-enabling activity, and he's barely more than a reporter if that. It's going to be madness now probably.

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I'd like to learn how to defend myself, but it seems like shooting ranges are full of reactionary dbags