Bezos Divorce Finalized

Mackenzie Bezos to get 25% of their Amazon holdings, equivalent to 35 billion dollars.

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what she gon do with all dat dick money yo?

translation: Jeff Bezos invents a cover for liquidating 25% of Amazon's assets that wont scare investors as badly

300 Autism Level porky play

and then people don't understand what's wrong with capitalism

90 countries have smaller GDPs

GDP is the value of goods and services per annum, total wealth would be a better comparison

What’s the point of it? I know SpaceX is a giant marketing ploy for Musk’s cars, but Amazon hardly needs new marketing. And I doubt for a second Bezos would do something for purely charitable reasons.

Plastic Surgery and the creation of a roboman to dicker her 24/7

I keep seeing posts like yours on this board. I'm beginning to think this board might have a lot of communists on it.

I still don't know what alive girl is supposed to mean

Let's automate these lawyers away! There is a mathematical procedure called Adjusted Winner where two individuals evaluate assets by allocating points and the assets are split up in a way that both get at least half of that in terms of their own evaluation, and it looks for the highest score above 50 % that is equal for both. (It's also possible to make a variation for splitting up in different ratios than 50-50.) (needs javascript)

That's right, stocks and flows aren't the same.

Orbital Amazon-branded slums to house spaceproles who work in asteroid mining, I guess.

what would you guys do with 35 billion dollars?

become what the right thinks soros is obviously

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this is so fucked up. when are people going to start murdering billionaires and re-distributing their wealth

Since her personal net worth is going up 35 billion dollars it's an apt comparison.

Assuming the highest paid "true labour",aka not using capital or law to exploit ppl, is being a specialized doctor and getting paid 7 figures a year, she just got 350 times what those doctors would make in 100 years of work.
Bring that up anytime someone tells you to just get an education.
Even if you would work for 100 years after you acquired that education you would still earn 350 times less than a woman that just lucked out and took the right dick for 26 years.

All of this so he can have a middle aged 6/10 latina that leaks all his shit and makes fun of him behind his back.

eh, good enough for my dick

I'd easily take a plain loyal wife over a fuckhole of any rating. Especially if the fuckhole is going to cost me billions.

Bezos is a sobering, disgusting, humiliating example of the weakness of our sex.

Haven't you got some trailer trash neo-nazi to harass out of a wagecuck job?

Revolution tomorrow.

have sex with a really hot girl

White nationalists would literally stand in between us and the billionaires. We have to eliminate them eventually. Why not now?

Be the dictator of the proletariat, of course. I could do it with far less.

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This woman suffered enough under the patriarchal rule of her husband to be justifiably awarded 35bill$ for recompense! Instead of criticizing her success you should acknowledge her torturous path thru patriarchy!


Who was the Richest? Cleopatra? Eleanor of Aquitaine? Theodora?

Create a fund that buys out companies and residential buildings to hand to their workers/tenants at rates that at least maintain the size of the fund to inflation. Liquidate the amazon stock as much as possible over time so the fund can be as big as possible. Either keep a couple mil to live off of on the market or employ myself at the fund. I’m not going to be highballing it, but I ain’t about no moralistic self-denial. I’m going on regular vacations and not worrying about my bills anymore. If the revolution ever happens in my lifetime I’d give it all up that day, but even if it doesn’t the fund would be a non-profit and if it ever achieved its goal of turning every business and residential property into a co-op it would instantly be dissolved and the money would go to something else. I don’t know what, a gift to every business and property that had been bought out over those years so they can recoup some of the cost of the loans that had to be made to sustain the fund’s mission.

I'd make posadism real

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Porky-descendant (wife no.582) is the winner!!

Buy an army. Use it to conquer a small state.

Literally and unironically my own mother's take on the matter.

Honestly, I doubt Bezos exactly lived a life of hardship in the first place. Ultimately, the evidence that you "deserve" vast amounts of money is that you have vast amounts of money.

Yeah man. I'd like tattoo my name on at least 100 bitches with that kind of money.

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I’d create a communist version of the Cato instute who’s goal is through their published work to normalize our ideas among the general population, like the libertarians have done in America. Than after buying myself a McMansion, I’d spend the rest on investments into sustainable energy.