End of Capitalism

How do you prepare for the upcoming end of capitalism? There will be war on the streets, how will you organize and combat fascism and usher in a glorious age of communism?

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cool meaningless graph

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Yikes, you must be

Yeah, i've been waiting for 200 years. It's not going to happen in our lifetime. Mercentalistism was the default economic system from 1450ish to the late 1700's. Capitalism will end by 2100's minimum.

Both of (You) take the palm.

Nah man it'll happen in our lifetime. The world market will never recover from the next major crash, which is supposed to happen in the next 5-10 years.

the sort of stock forecasting you are doing in that image is charlatan garbage.
That's like Jim Kramer tier.

Come on now.

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i welcome the coming era of mass hyper violence and warlordism I have been training for it in anticipation daily, I jog 20 minutes a day and have been working on my katana techniques

it is gonna be hella epic

It's unironically coming this year.

I wished you weren't facetious. Most online nazis will say shit like this then cry themselves to sleep when the local warlord whips them into slavery and starvation.

If you think it is going to be an end to capitalism or a happening/day of the rope which Zig Forumsacks think. You're sadly mistaken. The world will become more global, more brown consumers will flood into western countries and corporations will just become more powerful and richer. In the end, every country will look like Brazil, slums with a bunch of corrupt controlled opposition parties branding commie symbols.

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what makes you think I'm being facetious? I'm dead serious

because katanas don't exist, only fools they existed, they went extinct during the last days of feudal asia, also non asians can't wield katanas

What makes you think it's coming this year? I'm in America and I want to prepare.

There are a lot of signs out there for very high market fragility, ask in the leftypol finance watch thread. But basically the entire market is extremely overvalued, finance is completely out of control, feds are stuck in a double bind and algorithmic/high frequency trading is extremely active in a context of slow/negative growth and demand going lower. Finance is drunk off its own hype and the hangover is coming.
As to the catastrophy resulting from systemic risk materialization, watch this :youtu.be/BpaqC6hKsQo?t=267 then do your research.

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preparing my house to be a varg style ranch

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Welp. Looks like I'm gonna have to grab a box stand on it and radicalize the people waiting the cabbage soup line

As a burger, what do you think the best course of action would be to take for me and my family/friends?

TA is good for predicting the actions of TA fags.