Dating someone of an opposite political ideology

dating someone of an opposite political ideology.

Democratic socialist male+Catholic traditionalist weeb female with lots of fascist views.

We don't have "different ideologies", we don't "hold different views", we are from diametrically opposed ideologies and worldviews.

She's loving, she's caring, and she's amazing to me, she adores me, on the personal plane the worst thing ever happens is that I'm quite sexual and she's a virgin-until-marriage kind of Christian.

But on occasion, when she defends or I remember she is an apologist of ethnostates like Rhodesia or Israel, Franco, Holocaust revisionism or far-right terrorism by Venezuelan guarimberos it hurts I feel I can't take it anymore.

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Why are you with her? She seems like a brainlet, honestly.

convert her with your dick

Fuck the spooks out of her ass lad, you know it's the only way.

Holy fuck get the fuck away from her asap. A complete psycho Nazi who won't even put out.. Why!?


You mean social democrat

If she really does both, point out these contradictions to her.

tear that ass up till it's a creative nothing

Face fuck the fascism out of her

Op probably wasn’t getting laid before her or after her considering the description… Need I say more? Jerking it to goatse sounds like a better option at this point. I would only fuck a nazi if she looked and put out like pamela anderson pre tommy lee’s python.

fuck her while reading the communist manifesto.

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How old is this bitch, because it reads like she's in her Edgy McHedgehog phase

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these are not opposites. enjoy your cohesive relationship you piece of shit.

Won't work. The differences will lead to friction.

I say if you really love her (can't really relate, never felt like that with anyone), then make it work, and have discussions with her. She would likely not deny facts straight given by you, and if she doesn't and leaves you that's ok.

okay in all seriousness, you should try to use horseshoe theory to immediately covert her to communism.

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every… single… time

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It doesn't help that burger politics and political definitions are beyond saving.

In burgerland, demsoc is socdem. And no one outside of burgerland call themselves demsoc.

if someone says they're demsoc, you can be 100% sure they're either from burgerland or are just shitlibs who want to save capitalism.

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Muh shrinking middle class ;'(

Yeah that shit is so bizarre to me. In my country most weebs are quite leftwing (and female weebs tend to be more common amongst the middle class) but I have no clue why american weebs are so reactionary.

Why do you even care about womens views?
It is completely pointless for women to have ideological leanings

Because all americans are reactionary maybe?

There’s Zig Forums for all your pent up freudian hatred. Go take your pseudoscience and murderous mom fucking fantasies there

What is the difference?

He's right. Get a beej out of her or whatever she let's you do, and then leave her ass. Your time is more valuable than a dumb Nazi cunts. Who knows she may wise up and come back to you later.

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im dating an arab hating israeli

got her to vote meretz tho


There are honestly more reactionary "gamers" than there are reactionary weebs in my experience.


you're liberalpol

yeah, weebs tend to be trans or trans friendly anyway

>>>Zig Forums

you'll never get one without paying for her.

How old is she? Maybe she's just an edgy teen. If she's over 20 then she's just retarded and you should move on.

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How did you even land yourself in a shitty comic?

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Socdem: Capitalist reformist
Demsoc: Anti-capitalist who doesn't buy into anarchy or ML (may be more pro reform than pro revolution but it's not required)

the thing is these women are so trad that they listen and do whatever the patriarch tells her to do. you can brute force her into leftism.

Not sure if overt oppression or good praxis.

Do it anyway.

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In my knowledge of various traditionalist reactionary christian women like Girl Defined who try to teach people about being tradwifes online despite that being totally anti-biblical and contradictory, that shit won't work.

i dont think its oppressive. some people have to be led into leftism, others are just naturally leftists.

While I agree in principle, I can quite easily see anyone of any ideological stripe saying the exact same thing in reversed circumstances.

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I see what you're saying but ultimately that's what politics is. You want your ideas to succeed and your enemies' to fail. Though, I agree forcing a tradwife into leftism is oppressive it's probably for the greater good.

Tradwomen are fucking batshit crazy, either fuck her silly or leave. There's one girl out there who goes so far as to say women shouldn't even swear because it's "unlady-like" or whatever she thinks it is in that spook-mottled brain of hers.

Unironically send to Siberia or keep as rape slave.

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The only good waifu is a revolutionary waifu.

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This is what happens when you don't uphold Revolutionary Celibacy

Fair enough. I think we're on the same page here. 'Oppressing' people, even your own tradwife, is generally bad - but if it leads to a less oppressive world overall, it can be justified.

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it's like what zizek says. it is a violent act to force someone to wear the sunglasses of revealing ideology.

Unironically go kys op yalready know the drill

i personaly would just dump her

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So you want a guy. 99% of women are more or less incapable of forming their own opinions and will blindly follow the status quo ideology of the day. That is why most women today are interested in two things when it comes to politics; faggot rights and global warming,

At uni I meet this really hot/qti commie girl, she was into me but as a NutSac I just can't find myself dating a commie.

Indeed, send those wenches back to the kitchens to make us some sandwiches. Only we men have risen up and demonstrated our unwillingness to bow to the capitalist order.

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Being reactionary is American baseline

Unfortunately thirst posting is a given on a chan

Clearly this applies to men too. 99% are liberals or fascists.

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Worst care scenario: great ready to align and/or tolerate her politics because relationships will change you. Good luck keeping your clarity if you decide to stay with her. tbh I think you should go hardline ML as a counter though but that ain't your thing.

ok we can work with tha-

oh shit

Then whats libsoc?