So i'm dropping some redpills on my boomer dad like the based zoomer that i am and i need some charts and graphs...

So i'm dropping some redpills on my boomer dad like the based zoomer that i am and i need some charts and graphs relatively easy to understand just by being glanced over i.e: the one showing that production and hourly compensation stopped following each other in the 70s. Please send me all you've got

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Other urls found in this thread: and productivity graph&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi6ysLa-tfhAhUD-YUKHZCXDcMQ_AUIDigB&biw=1133&bih=545#imgrc=uZCcySYq3RnfaM:

Please delete someone delete >>2866014 it got doubled for some reason

Is your dad not the type of person that reads?

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how old is your father, padawan?

Not really an actual boomer but close i think he's 63.

He has no problem reading he's just really lazy so unless he actively wants to or he has to read something he'll just glance over.

can't you just introduce him to breadtube? and productivity graph&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi6ysLa-tfhAhUD-YUKHZCXDcMQ_AUIDigB&biw=1133&bih=545#imgrc=uZCcySYq3RnfaM:


Please don't do that, avoid youtube, maybe Richard Wolff talks, but not Breadtube.

it would be funny to see how a boomer reacts to contrapoints

michael hudson and steve keen are the working-class conservative boomer's gateway to post-keynesianism

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so he's an actual boomer

Could try but it's so hard to interest boomers in this stuff since they're on the way out he's already pretty much a leftist but he doesn't care about politics and what's happening to the proletariat(which he's part of) he just acknowledges that it's fucked and go on with his life.

Well now i'm just very sad why does life has to be so short.

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I do not try to "convert" my parents, it's a waste of time. However I am trying to get my sister to stop being such a basic liberal.

I've also put together this video that explains the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, idk if it's what you're after but it explains why capitalism fail even on a purely economical standpoint

Your pop must have been pretty old when you were born if you are Gen Z. My dad is the same age and I'm 33.

Thanks, don't know if he'll watch it but i'll do.

Yeah it's the only thing i'm angry at him for it really sucks a lot but my little cousins have it worse their dad is like 61 but they're 12

my dad believes that change is impossible and that the best one can do is avoid taking part in the system

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Bookmark some of the fucking graphs you read maybe?

He is right. Both religious and secular movements from the left and right try to sucker youths into "changing the world for the better." They do this by guilt-tripping them with the typical "disgruntled old man criticizing new tech" routine:

What leftpol and pol fail to understand is that change (for the better) is impossible. The only real change that's possible is climate change.

Adults only care about work performance. All that preaching about morals and life goals is bullshit. They say that to put kids on a leash. Adults talk about morals and life goals as coffee table chat; mere thought experiments. They cannot be bothered to practice what they preach, that's why they smear the younger generations.

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some of you zoomers are alright

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It may have been fresh like 150 years ago but now it's just epic cringe. I hope nobody concludes a speech with this kind of thing.

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Fingers crossed we're still spry enough to participate in the revolution after global warming wars triggers our chance.

So fucking weird, this thread is copied there with bots pretending to take part in the discussion.