Serious discussion on Transgenderism

When Zizek was asked about Peterson once he said he admired his brute intervention on this topic

Brute intervention is a term of art in discourse

Neither Zizek nor Peterson are transphobic, I state this categorically

Criminalizing misgendering has horrific clinical consequences the results of which are now playing out in Britain

I've requested that the topic be banned, if our board owner agrees, then this is the last time to raise this issue please keep that in mind with any responses

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What do you mean clinical? i can expect people to get angry at getting a fine for misgendering someone but how does it affect people clinically? do you mean for the trans or for the ones who get a fine?

Who the fuck cares if a bunch of trannies kill themselves?

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Trannies are not a relevant minority and their issues don't matter in the long run. Theyre barely 1% of the population yet the majority of discussions here are about them


which is why OP is asking BO to ban discussion on trannies

I do, so do Peterson and Zizek
As in it destroys the clinicians ability to do their work effectively
Which increases transphobia which makes treatment harder
What happens if the person fined is the treating clinician?

I don't. Now fuck off.

Ah, i get what you mean now.

What's being criminalized is autists deliberately using the wrong pronouns to harass transgender people. That's not the same as accidentally misgendering someone, or even misgendering them out of religious principle or whatever. That's still allowed. But if you use it as a means to abuse, that'll be considered hateful, which it is.

And what are the fucking "clinical consequences"? Is this the old story of "If I don't get to bully transgender people they won't learn how disgusting they are until it's too late."? It's hard for me to understand how anyone except literal autists can buy that shit. Even if you believe transgender people are mutilating themselves – which they aren't – there are better ways to make that point. We know that bullying only makes people double down on the shit they're bullied for. It doesn't work. You aren't supporting their fantasies, you're just being polite.

What? Can't they communicate that someone is biologically male without using male pronouns? Are clinicians that stupid?

Tell that to dickless Joe over here.
Yall trannies are out of touch lmao

Also trannies are mostly attention seekers. Even if you don't misgender them they'll still find a way to shame you for a meaningless "micro aggression" kek

Under pressure might be a better way of putting it, but yes

Wrong, except in the sense we all are, have you ever seen a transgender person in the flesh, or just in pictures and on youtube

We already have a gender crit/trannie issues thread. Take it over there. I made that thread to specifically not shit up the rest of the board with tranny issues. You are shitting up the rest of the board. Stop.

This topic is boring.

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They self-reference, as a sort of circular logic fallacy:

It's a minor variation of Rand's: identity is existence. Philosophically it's nonsense, because existence does not require identification. So what remains is a sort of linguistic shape without substance.

It's quite possible that algorithms of online media companies, promote self-referential content because it generates clicks and attention, and that this is the main cause for this phenomenon.

If this were an honest attempt at reducing oppression in social interaction, it would focus on behaviours not categorising people. But the point is to have an excuse for which hunting, which is just be a variety reactionary punching down.

I think we should no longer use the self-referential categories, because that just has the effect of beetle-juicing, instead describe the interpersonal.

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In the flesh. We have a tranny in our uni class and shes always complaining about muh micro aggression or muh micro rape if you ever say something that would go against her fantasy world

On social media atleast. Shes kinda autistic irl. But on Facebook Twitter she's just constantly regurgitating idpol bs.

Why does 0.3% of the population control 50% of all the discussions on imageboards?

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Trannies have invaded this board. It's fucking sad

This board used to be filled with stalinists now there's nothing but Twitter idpol rejects

I do.


kill em all

But i'm not using wrong pronouns. I'm calling a man a he and a women a she.
It's the trannies who want to be mislabeled.