Why is this always the case?

How come leftist orgs never have working age people who are normal and well adjusted?

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Extremely based.

this is beautiful

If you want to hang around a bunch of bourgie fucks then I'd suggest joining the Democratic Party.

College kids are working age people ya dingus

Spook tbh

The only problem I see with this photo is their fashion sense.

I see nothing wrong here

barking up the wrong tree there laddie. that is they type that needs to be shepherded to a particular political tendency. not the ones you'll find in any political org.

If you don't see how their fashion sense is the least of their problems, I don't know what to tell you.

Literally what in the fuck did he mean by this?

You're talking about the bearded dude wearing a dress?

I have no problem with transsexuals, but the guy in this picture is not even trying to look like a woman.

soviet nostalgia
recently reformed liberals
most easily convinced that leftism is in their interest

OP is just operating on a spooked-out aesthetic level based on class signifiers of professional workers. Social class does not just derive from consumption but other signifiers and mannerisms that are often inscrutable to people not of the same class.

But IWW is pretty smal lthese days. D*SA though seems like a cross-section of working adults in their late twenties, early thirties. Might vary depending on where you are though.

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lmao there's no soviet nostalgia with the IWW

Except the OP didn't say even one thing about aesthetics.

t. OP

This whole "normal" thing is a bunch of ideological bullshit. Do you think Jordan Peterson is normal? He looks normal – but he's fucking madman who only eats meat and is obsessed with Jungian archtypes. There's no normal. It's crazy all the way down.

Remember friends, sage goes in all fields. Don't take this shit b8, Zig Forums doesn't have to work hard to waste our time.


There's more of that post modern bullshit zizek was talking about. If you want to make orgs as repellent as possible to the working class go right ahead, just don't wonder why nobody shows up.

Imagine being this smooth brained.

As long as they look like the local people, what’s wrong with that?

It could be a lot worse.

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Dude the straight up Lion and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz fused together like Gotenks and they want me to join the IWW? Fucking based

Remember when the IWW was relevant?

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Is this real?

Seems to me a first-world phenomena (labor aristocracy…).

In the third-world, communist parties DO have a majority if working age people who are "normal and well-adjusted" (acc. to you).

Transgender people ARE normal but not well-adjusted. They are very oppressed in the society. So it is natural that they are more radical and thus leftist.



I just want to know why they didn't bother to do any re-takes or edits.

How many levels of aspergers are you on?

The absolute state of America

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Why do they all have (and americans in general) a valley girl accent?