Bush era vs muh sjws

Bush era conservatives saw anti war voices and intellectuals (chomsky etc) not as principled opposition but "Traitors".

For those of you who lived in burgerland during that time (post 9-11) you know what im talking about. If you spoke one word of opposition to the iraq/afghanistan wars some asshole would get up in your face and tell you, you were a traitor who hates the troops, hates the country, and is an ungrateful little shit who doesnt appreciate the sacrifice they are making for our FREEDUM. This was not played as the team america/america fuck yeah joke it is today, they literally and unironically meant it and fox news was considered a neutral new source (unironically) by most people.

This is where the new atheist movement came from as well, as a reaction of young, mostly white, guys rebelling against their conservative families pushing George w Bush era evangelical Christianity on them. Ironically many in this group would later go onto become conservative/altright.

I always laughed when people complained about MUH SJWS as though people getting outraged and emotional even to the point of destroying someones career is somehow a new or exclusively left wing phenomenon.

People forget that Bill Maher for example (not defending or agreeing with his politics which were right-libertarian at the time and centrist/liberal now) was fired from his show. - literally deplatformed because of his 9/11 comments. Where were the freedom of speech complainers then? What about the dixie chicks who because they spoke out against iraq and afghanistan wars, literally had conservatives BULLDOZING their CD's by the hundred and had their careers/reputations ruined from which they have never recovered. Where were these muh freeze peach guys then? In fact most of censorship has in the past has been from social conservatives (both republicans and democrats) against content they thought was going too far (i.e. family guy in the 2000s, Marilyn Manson in the 90s, Tipper Gore, etc.).

To claim or say that only the left can get mad/emotional and organize a deplatforming of people is ahistorical and basically acting like politics didn't exist before 2014, yet these people go around acting like everything was just hunky dori and wonderful, when out of nowhere, some hysterical liberals got mad about fake injustice for no reason whatsoever beginning with gamergate and proceed to try and deplatform people…

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it's the jews and ZOG Occupied Government stupid

jews control the media and waged war against Saddam for the benefit of israel you chucklefuck

p.s. bill Maher is also a hardcore Zionist kike

It took one of the largest terrorist attacks ever committed to get to that point

Hitler would've invaded Iraq for oil if he could. The problem is capitalism.

invading Iraq for the it's oil wealth for the good of the Reich is good
invading Iraq for the good of the Zionists is bad

You're literally a neocon

neoconservatives are jewish and fight for jewish interests.

when da jooz do it its bad but when we do it its good

nice special pleading there

You have no ethical disagreements with Israeli policy. You just wish the "Reich" could get away with what Israel's gotten away with. Just admit that you're a wanna be Israeli.

Israel is a far-right racist apartheid regime which upholds the supremacy of the Ashkenazis. You want a far-right racist apartheid regime which upholds the supremacy of hhhhwites.

Israel is an imperialist state which fucks over other countries for its own interests. You want an imperialist state which fucks over other countries for its own interests.

Leftists hate Israel. Nutsacs ENVY Israel

yes. what's your point?

My point is that your sub-80 Autism Level prevents you from realizing you are ideologically identical to the Zionist neocons you claim to oppose

I'm not ideologically identical. I'm not Jewish they are jewish.

are you dumb?

Just stop responding to the bait, it's obvious he's a local retard and not a Zig Forumsyp

There's no special pleading here. I wouldn't want that my government spends 100% of its annual budget on foreign aid to Belgium, but if we'd get billions and billions in foreign aid from Belgium for no reason, then of course we would accept it.

Yes, and the disagreement isn't one of ideology, but simply that they are my enemy.

OP wasnt even about fash who unironically dont believe in freedom of speech its about muh centrist classical liberal autists like sargon of asscancer who go on and on about THE LEFT IS SUPPRESSING FREEZE PEACH while ignoring every other right wing suppression of free speech in the past and acting like history literally started with gamergate

Shut up CIA. go back to defending niggers

Israel is my enemy also. The difference is that you have the same ideology as Israel does.

Ethnicity =/= ideology.

I feel like if he was trolling, he would at least try to be funny

we have the same ideology inasmuch as we have the same ideology as animals because we eat food and excrete fecal matter

ethnocentricity isn't an ideology it's just the way of the world eat or be eaten you dumb Christcuck

Except it isnt. I'm an amerimutt part asian mongrel and i have no strong sense of identity. I have literally never felt affinity to an ethnic group in my life

checkmate nazi

You have the same ideology inasmuch as you both support racism, imperialism, and capitalism.

Leftists oppose racism, imperialism, and capitalism.

Literally 100% of right-wingers outside of NEET/incel hangouts like Zig Forums love Israel and would die for Israeli interests.


lmao this, just be white fucking idiot


This is Zig Forums in 2019

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Analbanians killing dozens of white serbs wasn't racism?


The New Atheist movement was contradictory because it was fiercely anti-Muslim and largely supported the wars. This kind of allowed them to dodge accusations of being prejudiced against Christians under a general "anti-theism," but shored up imperialism nonetheless. I think it was largely a petit-bourg, middle-class movement that rejected the Bible-thumping social values of the Bush administration but supported imperialism for class reasons.

how the fuck does that work, how am i supposed to just BE WHITE lol.

The core of the neocons in the U.S. were almost all Jewish but the Israeli government thought they were stupid, knowing that taking out Saddam would lead to a pro-Iran government there that would be worse for Israeli interests; which is exactly what happened.

Not to mention the vast majority of the 'jooish lobby' Zig Forums loves to kvetch about are actually christcuck evangelical christians who want israel to exist and take over so jesus can come back for the end of the world and kill them all. Literally most jews are athiests half of whom are anti israel or dont give a shit and most of the zionist lobby are white redneck evangelical boomers

Im glad I didn't experience early 2000s American politics

Whatever genuine anti-Zionism existed on Zig Forums pre-2016 was neutralized by the influx of boomers after Trump's election

Good post. The Iraq invasion led to the Shia crescent (Iran to Syria) that Israel is so terrified of

I don't understand the point of this thread. Two wrongs don't make a right. Both conservative censors and SJW censors are wrong.

do you actually visit Zig Forums or do you just repost the same stale reddit memes about it

Zig Forums is nowhere near as extreme as it used to be but still to this day there isn't a scintilla of zionism on it, neither on half or full Zig Forums

I mean if you were just some schmuck nothing really changed except there would be soldiers with rifles in airports – unusual in the U.S. but more common in Europe. During the big mobilization for Iraq a train passed through my town loaded up with tanks and so on. The news felt like Starship Troopers. Like "America Under Attack!" and then they'd cut to the front lines with Geraldo.

There were some cultural shifts that weren't obvious to me at the time but are in retrospect. Rock radio and MTV music videos was still kind of thing since there was no streaming and only nerds did mp3 file-sharing. Very quickly all that angsty nu-metal stuff was binned and the white population was bombarded by vaguely-Christian inspirational buttrock like Creed and Nickelback.

I was kinda checked out of politics though. My most formative political experience was the 2004 election when the Republicans leaned really hard into homophobia and fearmongering about gays. But ironically enough that generated a backlash that would lead to pretty wide cultural acceptance within a few years and same-sex marriage legalized nationwide. It's almost like it's dialectical that way.

Hurricane Katrina was really bad, too. That really shocked people.

That's one of the odd things. There's a kind of emerging post-Zionist Judaism in the Diaspora and post-Jewish Zionism emerging simultaneously. I hate to give credit to a fascist but Richard Spencer vaguely started to approach the idea of Israel and a white nationalist U.S. being compatible but obviously this was rejected by the rank and file boneheads since it's incompatible with a belief in a world Jewish conspiracy which they require to sustain their own politics.

It's not so new, though. Israel supported Apartheid South Africa and assisted their nuclear weapons program, while the ruling National Party was a pro-Hitler party in World War II.

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People who silenced people for speaking up about wars are free speech warriors today, tomorrow they'll support mass censorship of left wing voices.

Who wants to bet she doesn't know what the fuck that means

What in the fuck….

You're right
Zig Forums is just full of unironic schizos

Basically the Human Instrumentality Project from Neon Genesis Evangelion as foreign policy. It's true though, the Christian drive-towards-death is incredibly powerful. A different kind of accelerationism. Finding the exit.

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Then how come your Aussie hero Brendon never said anything about Israel?

Bump for interest

hah I watched the first episode of that today. that kid reminds me that those are the people that believe in kekistan or whatever

I am not American and I was only a kid back then, but I feel like the political climate was somehow healthier back then.
Far-right populism wasn't so prevalent, there were a lot of protests against the Iraq war and people were satirizing the "mass destruction weapons" casus belli of the Bush administration. Anti-racism was more among the lines of "we are all part of the same race, the human race", which was naive but more enticing than the current "fuck white people lol" trend. The 1999 Seattle WTO protests were fresh in people's minds, and there was a lot of discussion about "alter-globalization" around the West. The left was more relevant in plublic discourse, even though it was mainly a soft/socdem left, but it was hip to be an anti-gov leftist punk back then.
Then Obama arrived and we got Occupy, which was invigorating but sadly failed to make any sort of gain, and the (left) discourse then devolved into essentialist idpol for the decade to come. People are starting to get tired of it now, but I believe American politics were probably more obnoxious in the last 5 years than two years after 9/11, from a left standpoint.

this 1000x