Hot take: Homosexuality is a fascist mental illness, women are capitalistic privileged creatures

Homosexuals are fascist corruptions of the human thought process. They have no place in a communist society, and must be reeducated to become healthy members of society.

Most high ranking fascists in Nazi Germany were homosexuals (this is why the based USSR outlawed this fascist mental illness) and rich people throughout history have always been fascist boy lovers. Modern alt rightists are LITERALLY a gaggle of faggots and trannies who fap to traps. Any "leftist" who supports homosexuality or is a homosexual/transfaggot/whatever is a useful idpol pawn of the liberal fascist elite.

Next hot take: Women are capitalistic and privileged creatures who are biologically proven (unlike race realist autism) to be inferior to men. Throughout history, women have always been treated better than men no matter what class they belonged to.

Because women are actually biologically different from men, they do not deserve the same rights as men in a communist society, just as animals would not be treated equally in a communist society.

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yeah right

but different races are biologically different as well

Biologically different does not mean inferior. Thus all the races should be treated equally.

Women, on the other hand, are so different from men that they actually NEED to be treated differently in a communist society or it will collapse due to female autism.

hot take: OP is probably a self hating faggot who can't deal with his lust for cocks like an adult.

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Seething fascist homo detected.

This has gotten worse in recent times, feminism and capitalism go hand in hand.

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You're right that fashies were often faggots, but self hating ones like yourself who had to express their lust for men through military worship and so on instead of having a healthy and restorative boyfuck every once in a while. When it's put to harmless purposes this fascist autism is neutralised.

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something something bait

based retard

Non-hot take: Zig Forums is just a cancer pit for “reform” polyps

Nope i just hate the fascist/capitalist disease known as homosexuality. Got a problem with that?

Dilate /r/socialism

the USSR is not an ideal structure.
Stop worshipping idols, dummie.

Really makes one ponder.

The spectre of homosexuality points to the possible limits of struggle between men as an ordering feature of society, with potentially serious consequences for the creation and maintenance of heternormativity and gender distictions between men and women. But in imperialist and its fascist variant, homosocial solidarity between men could not be allowed to stray towards homosexuality, however the militarization of European society in the imperial period paradoxically gave rise to increased opportunities for male-bonding and comraderie, a pattern exacerbated in fascist societies organized around mobilizing the male population for war.

Communist and liberal opponents of fascism both, therefore, ridiculed the homosocial subculture that emerged in fascism and stood outside the heteronormative framework of bourgeois and proletarian societies. But fascism is not a homosexual ideology conditioned and suppressed by its own self-hatred, but a homophobic refusal to acknowledge the intensity of its homoerotic component.

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You must have a medical degree in blowing air and pulling things out of assholes

When your psychosis is under threat, just autistically screech fuck liberals and post a pic mentioning the clintons

homosexuality is a disease originated from idleness and leisure, which explains why the greek upper classes (who were at the top of a pyramid sustained by slave work) were so inclined to homosexual pursuit. Not only does this also happen in our times, we are also reaching ever new levels of homosexual exacerbation and generalized sexually oriented society, since the middle classes try to emulate the rich (and tbh, middle class today is quite akin to upper classes of antiquity)

I fucking hate the middle class and hope porky wipes out a good deal of them in the next crisis.

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Furthermore, the Third Reich went beyond existing industrial class societies in the extent to which it accelerated the atomization and disruption of family life – giving the state greater control over maternity, encouraging illegitimate children and non-martial sex between (Aryan) partners, and eroding the private realm as a source of resistance to the state, dedicated as it was to waging war.

However, this extreme promotion of sexual reproduction for warmaking purposes precludes homosexuality, and homophobia intensified in the Third Reich – in a more extreme form of the kind that was already growing in the preceding Victorian era, in which homosexuality was repressed in order to buttress the heterosexual family in defense of nationalist and imperialist policies. In fascism, the disavowal of homosexuality reflects a neo-Darwinist attachment to competition based on a refusal to sanction cooperative social relations between men which might contradict a paranoiac urge to dominate. The fact that homosexual expression often takes on stereotypical masculine roles is irrelevant. To blame homosexuals for fascism then is to blame one of its victims for the crime.

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based class warrior fuck the bourgeois "middle" class

My favorite

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Eric Weinstein🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, investment banker

"She loved me as a mother loves a child… and at the same time like a good father in that she introduced me … to the real world, that vast arena I had never been able to enter. … Through her desire for me she also initiated me … into my role as a man, into my masculinity. She loved me as a woman loves a man!"

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Peterson v Zizek really brought out the best of you, huh?

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Well no duh. Feminism wholly embraced capitalism and corporatism. No feminist is a comrade of mine. They are reactionary capitalists and are as much of an obstacle to leftism as right wingers are.

Rest of your post is shit. Homosexuals have existed since the dawn of man.

questions who owns more property men or women.

Answer go fuck yourself

Nice bait,homosexuality has existed since the dawn of man and no species has been found to be purely heterosexual, but nice psyop Zig Forums

how are you doing fellow leftists