I Would Like to be a Leftist Again

I would like to believe that a progressive utopian esque future could be brought about, where racism isn't a serious issue, where people for the most part got along, and where each tomorrow is better than yesterday. But I can't reconcile these fantasies with reality.

Growing up I was never racist, all of my friends were non-white, but over the last few years all of them have begun to view everything through a racial lens, everything is about how whites are the problem, how white men need to be removed from positions of power and influence. The thing is, I am white, and I've always been nice to these people, I've always been there when they needed me, and yet now they view me in a negative light simply because of the color of my skin.

At the same time that all of this happening, as I slowly drifted away from longterm friends, I began to become more isolated. I'm a NEET now, and I haven't seen anyone aside from my parents for months. While I find the majority of posters on Zig Forums to be distasteful, a lot of their information is objectively true. Despite having 30% Jewish DNA, I find myself sympathizing with the Nazis. I've been a vegan for the last 7 years, and was a vegetarian before that, so when I found out about all of the animal welfare laws that were passed in Nazi Germany, I opened up to learning more about them.

I suppose I'm rambling now, but I don't know what else to say, I'm depressed and while I despise conservatives, I find myself incredibly drawn to Not Socialism as it aligns with my world views. I don't want to genocide anyone, I don't hate black people, or Hispanics, or any other race, I simply no longer have any faith in multiculturalism working.

I try to browse this board every so often, but nothing on here is ever appealing to me. Is there anyone else like me out there?

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Irrelevant, because the end point of your ideology is precisely that.
Ideology doesn't care what any one individual who believes in it wants, making it largely an unconscious process how things unfold. I'm sure the early capitalist/merchant class personally didn't want where we are now, either, but hey man lo and behold.

This is what I mean when I say I never see anything appealing on this board. It's like you don't even want to win people over to your side. Like this board is just a larp or something, and none of you actually care about changing the world.

Okay, great. But what I'm trying to explain is why I'm currently struggling with my beliefs. I know I'm not special, so I'm sure other people have wandered into the realm of Zig Forums for similar reasons. And if you guys can't offer a more appealing system, well, then what are you doing?

Civization moves forward because people expose the abuses that came before. If you’ve seriously been around racists, do the thing I was fucking unable to do: expose actual racists. I was thrown to wolves and found only goats. Buy your way back in by joining the disloyalty against the past.

By the way, the experience of being damned and discovering the witch pot is full of bleating hearts is something money can’t buy. I can’t say I have no egrets but it has been fun.

Of course, OP says
so obviously they’re just one of the weakass slavestock people whose endless kvetching would just get them killed in far right spaces. Liars defend false pride continuing without real pride enough to turn on anyone.

Actual leftists are strong enough to work with truth.

You need to give me a reason to want to join your side. As I see it right now, the only two forces which matter are the far-right and the far-left, as they are the only ones with any revolutionary potential, but the far-left is massively unappealing. From the aesthetics to the propaganda, everything I see from this board is ugly. Show me why my assumptions about Zig Forums are incorrect.

I don’t want someone whose integrity is as weak as you’ve swiftly established yours to be.

I've read primary sources that show how many members of the Nazi party were into animal welfare. From Hitler to Hess to people like Savitri Devi, and all sorts inbetween. How is that stuff not truthful?

Also, your post comes off as incredibly schizophenic


Are you Zig Forums pretending to be Zig Forums right now to make me lose interest in this? I genuinely can't tell. That's another huge problem I have with this board, everything could easily be ironic, and there's no way to ever know.

The thing is, you're just an autistic shitposter, and this is not unlike the usual Zig Forumsyp spam.
Is it only the animal thing that draws you to it though?
This is pretty common among Zig Forumsyps, they're mostly self hating mongrels as well.

Ah yes, of course, what do you even count as far right, because Zig Forumsyps are certainly not it. And if you talk about the usual skinhead/neo-nazi gangs, then you live on the internet. The former are just basement autists, while the later are usually drug dealers (mind you, they sometimes "forbid" drugs among their own members) and establishment thugs that go around and wreck gatherings.

Tbh this. Everyone i've ever met who was a "former leftist" was never a leftist in the first place. They're all liberal larpers who thought that protesting on a college campus for transgender bathrooms was leftism. Sorry, sweety, but leftists care about wealth and power, not vaginas and skin color :^)

Forgot to take off shitpost flag.

I hate these fucking threads, even if you were serious i don't even know where to start in that wall of ignorance you just posted.

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No, it's also the environmentalism, the hatred of capitalism, the life worship, the optimistic and progressive world view, and the aesthetics and propaganda. Pic related for example comes off as very beautiful to me. Some Communist propaganda comes close, but it's never quite as good.

Okay, I was a generic American liberal, not a Leftist. The basic point still stands, though. I'm essentially saying I'm open to hearing out your best pitches, without any cynicism. I want to be converted.

I never said that. If I thought Communism was that, why would I even bother posting here?

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You do know nazis weren't socialist, right? purging leftist elements and persecuting unions was only the tip of what Hitler did to fully separate the nazis from any similarities with the nazis.

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shit i meant socialists lol

lmfao - pic related
Fascism/Nazism is a death cult. Ever heard of the slogan "Long live death"?
What's optimistic and progressive about viewing human history as races fighting to the death over land and resources?
You never mentioned class at all in your OP

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Not really? economic problems is almost the only thing we talk about here, this board has a hateboner against anything idpol related. Liberals are not leftist.

Really? What's more "optimistic and progressive" - the German race enslaving everyone else, or workers of all countries uniting to remove capitalist parasites and build a free and peaceful world, with a dignified life for all?

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I know, and I get what you're saying. But to the average person, myself included, economics is boring. Economics has no real emotional pull over my political beliefs, obviously it matters, but money is not something that inspires me, so I don't really care.

This is just blatantly false, I've spent the last two years reading Nazi propaganda, it's all about the beauty of nature and worshiping life, pic related. The symbol on the wall behind the family is literally a life rune, you can't just lie about the opposition and expect people to believe it.

That's not the optimistic part, that's the harsh reality. The optimistic element is that every race can create a positive nation to live in separate from eachother and we will no longer have to war with one another.

I'm not one of you, I didn't say anything about class because it's not something that I really think about. I do however recognize that a lower class white person has more in common with a lower class black person than they do with white people who are part of the 1%, just because I'm not specifically talking about leftist concepts doesn't mean I'm not open to them.

Where do you even get this shit from? The image you posted for example has people carrying a giant banner with a guy's face on it, making Stalin bigger than all of the people below him, that's not inspiring.

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not likely to happen given current trends

fantasies are intellectual laziness (anyone can think up of a utopia), but confronting and trying to shape real world which you are born into in whatever way you can requires thought and work

that's just part of the liberal trash that is modern anglo-american culture. instead of confronting real problems, you divide people up by races and scapegoat. learn other languages and check out cultures that aren't contaminated by hollywood and western values.

but they use these facts to push their own warped narrative.

go be a jucheist or something. or go join the chavistas, they're catholic and hate jizzrael. there are plenty of socialists in this world (outside of the west) who have regressive views on matters not involving economics

multiculturalism has little to nothing to do with leftism. the soviet union, soviet bloc, maoist china and dprk outlawed religions and other various superstitions. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_atheism

Then you literally are the first person to have absolutely no use here, even lower than shitposters, you are literally refusing to discuss basic economics.
"Still others think that war should be organised by a "superior race," say, the German "race," against an "inferior race," primarily against the Slavs; that only such a war can provide a way out of the situation, for it is the mission of the "superior race" to render the "inferior race" fruitful and to rule over it. Let us assume that this queer theory, which is as far removed from science as the sky from the earth, let us assume that this queer theory is put into practice. What may be the result of that? It is well known that ancient Rome looked upon the ancestors of the present-day Germans and French in the same way as the representatives of the "superior race" now look upon the Slav races. It is well known that ancient Rome treated them as an "inferior race," as "barbarians," destined to live in eternal subordination to the "superior race," to "great Rome", and, between ourselves be it said, ancient Rome had some grounds for this, which cannot be said of the representatives of the "superior race" of today. (Thunderous applause.) But what was the upshot of this? The upshot was that the non-Romans, i.e., all the "barbarians," united against the common enemy and brought Rome down with a crash. The question arises: What guarantee is there that the claims of the representatives of the "superior race" of today will not lead to the same lamentable results? What guarantee is there that the fascist literary politicians in Berlin will be more fortunate than the old and experienced conquerors in Rome? Would it not be more correct to assume that the opposite will be the case?"

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This is the first post that has actually intrigued me. What's a good video or documentary in which I can learn about "juscheism" or the "chavistas"?

Or book

Your post is incomprehensible. You don't even say what you're quoting. Thanks for posting another picture of Stalin. Do you understand that when almost all the propaganda is worshiping figure like Stalin or Lenin, it comes off like a cult? I'm not interest in Christianity, I'm not interested in Islam, I don't want to worship a messiah, I want to be part of a system that improve the world, not lick someone's boots.

I take it you never read Mein Kampf or literally any other work of Nazi ideology?

You can be a leftist and still not want mass immigration, and still not want transgenderism, and still not want capitalist decadence (d*generacy)
Private businesses promise immigrants jobs before they enter your country, rich people vote for more importation because "we don't want to do those jobs", and meanwhile local workers who demand a living wage get fucked because the company can fire them and pay a mexican for 3 dollars an hour.
There's a progressive solution to most of the problems nazis complain about, a leftist solution.
There isn't any really good argument against being gay, but there is one against pride parades. What about transgenderism? Why not view it the same way as anorexia? That's progressive. Transsexuals are gays who were misled by big pharma into buying tittyskittles and paying for doctor-assisted mutilation. What about circumcision? It's a barbaric practice, but it's religious discrimination to ban it. Why not apply the age of consent to circumcision? Anybody that doesn't like it is a pedophile. What about usury? What about landlords? Fuck landlords, and fuck private banks. Nationalize everything. What about businesses selling national resources to other countries without governmental consent? Why allow it? Hitler's economy was doomed to fail because he believed companies had the right to proclaim national resources and industry were "their property". How can a company own a majority of the land in a country, and then say that the land no longer belongs to the national government? How can any natoonalist support this? How can any nationalist support poor, starving, homeless white children in their own country? By helping the poor, you're helping the "volk". By lifting the poor out of perpetual poverty, you are helping the nation. What about the minority question? Well, they have a right to their own community, and so do you. What's a nice way of reducing the amount of shared populations? Don't want mexicans in your community? How about this: destroy the consumer car culture enveloping a majority of the world. Why should everyone own a vehicle? Most don't need it, especially if they live near their workplace. Why not give people free bicycles, but only give vehicles to people whose jobs require driving? Wow, suddenly travel has been reduced, so your population is less homogenous, and regions are more racially pure. Want women to be stay-at-home mothers? 9 month maternity leave and a universal standard of living - why give them an incentive to get a job, when their instinct tells them to stay at home? Why force women to waste their lives on careers that don't even make them happy and leave them childless upon death? Want less transgenders? Get rid of the stigma against men wearing dresses. Suddenly, people don't associate dresses with women, and you don't have to be a girl to wear girls' clothes. Why not enforce roman law on gender? Fuck it.
Here's the thing; as a socialist, social issues don't make up your ideology. You can be a communist but despise people who have 1500 romantic partners.
There's a socialist solution to every one of your problems, and the best ones don't even involve genocide - just playing it smart.

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I don't get you fam

Show me the bit in Mein Kampf where Hitler starts talking about enslaving other races.

Some books that might clarify various forms of nationalism and local rule in contrast to Hitlerism:
Karl Marx - Das Kapital Volume 1 (Marxism):
Karl Marx - Das Kapital Volume 2 (Marxism):
Karl Marx - Das Kapital Volume 3 (Marxism):
Paul Cockshott - Towards a New Socialism (CyberSocialism):
Read this if you still like Hitler and want an introduction to Socialism
Otto Str*sser - Germany Tomorrow (Str*sserism):
Muammar Qaddafi - The Green Book (Jamahiriya):
Daniel De Leon and the Foundations of American Socialism (Guild Socialism):
Abdullah Ocalan - Democratic Confederalism (Democratic Confederalism):
Murray Bookchin - The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism (Democratic Confederalism):
Kim Il-Sung's Various Writings (Juche):
Joseph Stalin - the Foundations of Leninism (Marxism-Leninism):
George Douglas Howard Cole - Guild Socialism Re-stated (Guild Socialism):
Kim Il-Sung - Revolution and Socialist Construction in Korea: The Selected Works of Kim Il-Sung (Juche):
Gamal Abdel Nasser - The Philosophy of the Revolution, Book One (Ba'athism):
Peter Kropotkin - The Conquest of Bread (Anarchism):

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Why do you care so much about what Hitler wrote? sounds like a cult of personality to me fam, what matters is what the nazis actually did.

That's an interesting video, is it part of a larger documentary?

Thank you, I'm going to read through most of these.

It's a speech by a detroit unionist denouncing racism as a form of division because it allows those in power to divide and conquer the popular masses.

Because I know people lie. It's the same reason I'm coming to you, instead of making a thread like this on Zig Forums, I'm not interested in what people's enemies say about them, I'm interested in what people say about themselves.

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Leftism is not about how you would like things to be, it is about how they will inevitably be if you believe in the authenticity of historical materialism. The left is like alchemy. The alchemists tried to study nature, and saw in it processes, they then further tried to speed those processes along. In the short term this gives us things like 'the right humidity and temperature can make organic matter break down faster', and so the alchemist uses this to accomplish his goals of decomposing or preserving longer things. Marxism is the analysis of history and society through the lens of dialectical materialism. It says that conflicts between groups of people is the main mechanism of societal change, and that these conflicts arise almost entirely from people trying to act in their own interests within the material conditions these people live in. There is no moral driver to marxism, as even the individual is just a subject himself in the ongoing history, and so his actions too for a more stable and prosperous society can be self-serving in the long run. there is no need to think about how things should be in a perfect world. The world isn't perfect, its sloppy and will always have less than ideal conditions, but the trend towards the changing of conditions will generally hold true.

I agree with everything he's saying, but it doesn't seem to have any correlation to what most black people believe today.

Do you seriously think the Nazis "worshiped" the lives of non-"Aryans"?
Except that has nothing to do with Hitler or Nazism. Hitler openly advocated conquering and enslaving Eastern Europe, replacing the native population with German colonists. He did not consider the Poles or Czechs to have any right to a "positive nation to live in separate from eachother".

That's because you're not very intelligent

Hitler quotes from Bormann, Martin, comp. Hitler's Table Talk. 2nd ed. New York City: Enigma Books, 2000. p. 1.

Around the city, to a depth of thirty to forty kilometres, we shall have a belt of handsome villages connected by the best roads. What exists beyond that will be another world, in which we mean to let the Russians live as they like. It is merely necessary that we should rule them. In the event of a revolution, we shall only have to drop a few bombs on their cities, and the affair will be liquidated. Once a year we shall lead a troop of Kirghizes through the capital of the Reich, in order to strike their imaginations with the size of our monuments. What India was for England, the territories of Russia will be for us. If only I could make the German people understand what this space means for our future! Colonies are a precarious possession, but this ground is safely ours. Europe is not a geographic entity, it's a racial entity.

Hitler did not view Slavic people as having a right to their own land or countries. He viewed them as subhumans who must be conquered, enslaved, and ultimately eradicated to make way for German colonization. Hitler was writing about this back in the '20s in Mein Kampf:


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Regardless of what Hitler said, actions don't lie. His utopian, "class-united" Germany, even with the support of Britain and France (who wanted the nazis to crush the soviets) the German economy under Nazi rule failed.

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That's because you're not educated enough to know that racial slavery was at the core of Nazi ideology, and not smart enough to realize that from the context of the post
fucking lmfao

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You're trying to misrepresent him wanting to take over certain parts of Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe into him wanting to enslave or kill all Slavs. I know you're full of shit here, so don't even try. The other posters in this thread are much better than you so I'm looking at the content they're posting. I'm gonna go do some actual reading starting with Das Kapital and I'll be back later after I have done so.

Lol, you've really won me over. You should be glad your comrades aren't as insufferable as you are.

Do you see me promoting those posters with Hitler as good propaganda? They weren't.

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"It must become clear to everybody in Germany, even to the last milkmaid, that Polishness is equal to sub-humanity. Poles, Jews and Gypsies are on the same inferior level. This must be clearly outlined […] until every citizen of Germany has it encoded in his subconsciousness that every Pole, whether a worker or intellectual, should be treated like vermin"

Directive No. 1306 by Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda from October 24th 1939.

What a shit thread OP, what happened to lurking more and asking proper questions?

Are you a r*dditor by any chance?

Being deeply triggering and problematic-male is not the same as being anti-racist. Being a capitalist is anti-nationalist.

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"The Subhuman" - Nazi propaganda pamphlet advocating the genocide of "inferior" races


Just as the night rises against the day, the light and dark are in eternal conflict. So too, is the subhuman the greatest enemy of the dominant species on earth, mankind. The subhuman is a biological creature, crafted by nature, which has hands, legs, eyes and mouth, even the semblance of a brain. Nevertheless, this terrible creature is only a partial human being.

Although it has features similar to a human, the subhuman is lower on the spiritual and psychological scale than any animal. Inside of this creature lies wild and unrestrained passions: an incessant need to destroy, filled with the most primitive desires, chaos and coldhearted villainy.

A subhuman and nothing more!

This poorly kept land which hides fertile soil could be a paradise for man, a potential "California of Europe" alive with fields and fruit, but instead it lies neglected and wasted, lost to the abyss of cultural nihilism.

This land cries out against the subhuman and his wasteful ways! This fertile black earth watered by burning tears, is only barely separated from the rest of Europe. However its Eastern European masters have not risen above their primitive ways.

On their small ugly steppe horses, the subhuman hordes appearing as if they were part of the animal, growing out of its fur, descended onto Europe with their inhuman cry!

Repeatedly these wild barbarians with sharpened spears, cursing and foaming at the mouth came to bring destruction to the cultured west.

Mulattos and Finn-Asian barbarians, Gipsy’s and black skin savages all make up this modern underworld of subhuman’s that is always headed by the appearance of the eternal Jew.

The desire of the subhuman is for the German peasant, and all the people of the Europe to be destroyed and completely eradicated from the face of the earth.

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Just dropping various redpills now.

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The fall of rome was the greatest liberalization of an economy in ancient history.

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The congress for cultural freedom was cultural capitalism in action, and adorno did nothing wrong.

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That's all i got. Hope you learned something.

You want to know why telling the truth is such a mandatory rule one of leftism? It’s because leftists should be committed to making use of everyone who gets left. All the people who the corrupt purifiers throw out of their garden are the army of the left. Honesty is what makes that work.

Every condition, every skill, every deficit, every advantage: if all the cards are on the table freely, anything can be worked with. All harms can be mitigated and all gains can be magnified. All the creator’s raw materials form the weapons and armor of the left, but only if they’re honest. For those who conceal grave secrets and work in darkness drag back progress and magnify the chaos of the cast-outs beyond usability.

Leftists protect the right of privacy so that what is voluntarily brought to them may be certainly voluntary, and one of my long-time stances as a leftist has been my refusal to use tactics of fear. Coercion does not work! So it is that none fear me, and I cede not to the tyranny of violence, neither to bow before it nor to wield it.

What resources people bring to me are given voluntarily. What I know of people is what I have learned through open channels. Thst is what it means to be lightside.

This got me rather curious about Saddam, seeing as he was the last "dictator" the US overthrew.

I'm not too keen about him fucking the Kurds but what's other user's take on the guy?

This is some seriously spooky shit.

No, that's the post supporting the roof, you can see there's two more of them left and right of it. Have you never seen a country house built before 1950?

The dark side to the fascist "gardening state" is that the gardening also applies to human beings. The nation is an "organic" whole. It's all about pulling out the weeds and hacking away to make something aesthetically beautiful. Hence the systematic murder of large numbers of people who don't fit: the disabled, non-whites, Jews, etc. It's an ideology suited for vegetables.

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Pic related

My only advice would be: Don't come to the internet and ESPECIALLY not to a fucking imageboard if you want to become genuinely enthusiastic about changing the world. Join an actual socialist party, or if you aren't convinced enough, at least go to their meetings/events so you can have a real life debate.
I know this is ironic coming from someone posting here (which I still do too often), but this place will never get you anywhere in the same way real life activism and political engagement can achieve. It will 1) help you compensate for the depressing effects of NEETdom and 2) help you develop a coherent political position. You don't need to become an active member immediately if this scares you. Many people there will want to guide you and at least have meaningful debates. This place on the other hand, is filled with shitposters, edgelords, former (or not-so-former) fascists and people without much in the way of practical political experience. It will only make you more cynical.

These are completely absurd reasons to be drawn to a hateful ideology which has historically only served to maintain the status quo and place society's burden on the backs of the most marginalized. Honestly, based on all the other things you say, I believe you are better than this. Again get involved with a real life political group.

Multi cultural is is possible. I have a lot of friends from other countries (not white ones) and they are based as fuck. The issue is that cultures need to be compatible. You can't put a lion and a gazelle in a cage together, but you can put a gazelle and an elephant. In your situation it sounds like you have some lions. They have been socialized to view racism against whites as a virtue. There is some truth to the idea that you need to have non whites in positions of power, but thats because a diversity of experience is beneficial and is only correlated with "diversity" of skin pigmentation. Basically I'm saying you need new friends, because the ones you had are spooked as fuck. I'm not saying culture differences don't ever cause conflict, but reasonable empathetic people can reach understandings and compromise.

Also Nazism isn't a good solution it is just a meme. It only seems like there were some good ideas because it's the most visible contrast to modern liberalism. There are many better contrasts to liberalism that didn't commit genocide of millions of innocent people and a few not so innocent ones as well and concentrate wealth in the hands of a few ruling elites all while starting the most deadly conflict of all time which led to the complete annihilation of its own country.

You're not gonna be converted in one swoop. Find whatever it that attracts you to Zig Forums's ideology and challenge yourself to see if it is true.

Yet the imageboard holds educational and political potential. Un français ici qui veut faire une imageboard de gauche avec moi ?

Educational potential: maybe, yet not as much as studying Marxist texts and discussing them together in meatspace.
Political potential: no

Popular education is the best form of political action

Just delete the thread.

I can relate to this - I'm white, but have been living in immense poverty since I was a teenager - I've had the worst living conditions of most anyone I've ever met (1 bedroom apartment, living with a family of anywhere between 5 and 7 – all of whom were catastrophically ignorant and anti-intellectual, also rather abusive parents). I am not privileged because of my skin color or gender, in fact, I'm noticing it's quite the opposite. I did what everybody told me to do, get a quantitative degree and a fantastic job will follow. Well, here I am, degree in hand, and nobody is lining up to give me a job, conversely, I hear stories of young women, who I know are much less intelligent and accomplished than myself, whose projects are infantile if not non-existent, get interview offers from top technology companies.

Also the case for "minorities." Most of my friends were different races, and the topic of race was never an issue for me, my first girlfriend was Arab, the second was Brazilian and the next was Indian, then white.

More and more, people of color seem to be becoming hostile to white proletarian brothers (and to an extent their sisters) - it's obvious why their anger is directed towards that lot instead of the rich, because we're the only ones in proximity, and because the prevailing media narratives that mostly blacks and women buy into.

I'm not a Nazi though, I'm a socialist, the reaction to racism is not racism, our response should be logically derived, we should recognize the media and narrative manipulation and the left needs to fight once more for common sense values (e.g, centrality of the family unit, the rejection of the proposition of race, anti-homosexual and LGBTBBQ, anti-slut/prostitution sentiment, and all of the other degenerate nonsense which turns normal people like you and me away, etc…)

I'm a socialist with what are now considered "conservative" values, really the source of this propaganda is the lumpen proletariat masquerading as leftists (a great majority of people on this board fit that category).

I work a low end IT job that doesn't pay a living wage. I had an intern, she wasn't dumb bust she was less experienced and knew less about technology than me. She got a cybersecurity job in a couple of months while I have been trying to escape my slave wages for over a year. Maybe tech places are hiring more females because of "progressive" points? I even had a job I applied to years ago that was sued for descriminating against men, fwiw it wasn't IT.

Reminder that Fascism is just accelerated hedonism. The fascist view of indulging in "life" is no different than the modern liberal view of indulging in "life", save for aesthetic appearance. It contains within it the same message of "living it", of becoming immersed in a pleasure-seeking and licentious lifestyle that one is meant to find both liberating and morally righteous. The only difference is that fascism sees an "other", a specific person or group preventing them from indulging in their desired lifestyle, someone who is ruining their idealist view of "life" and "nature", and so develops a means of removing them. Neither of these things have a concrete or materialist view of reality, and neither of these construct a model which is permanent. They are completely inconsequential.

He was the most "right-wing" of the ba'athist leaders. His loss wasn't nearly as terrible as the loss of nasser and qaddafi, but it was still pretty shit because after he was removed iraq became another puppet for imperialism and the ba'athists became anti-iran. It wasn't that bad for him to try to take kuwait, because kuwait really has no historical reason to exist anyways, as it was a british settlement of a local population, but his invasion of iran was what solidified his loss. His treatment of the kurds and shia muslims as well as his terrible methods of torture led to his massive loss in popularity, so his replacement was inevitable.
His crime against the US wasn't war crimes or kurd genocide, though. It was the nationalization of the oil industry and the rapid expansion of the iraqi economy that led to him becoming a target of imperialism.

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Certainly, it's all because of this miserable identity politics - but you should also employ a materialist analysis here. It used to be the case that an IT professional made well above a living wage, even an upper middle class wage. Tech companies know there are too many of us, so they're trying to encourage that slumbering sect of the population to enter the field and get a degree - their goal is to double the work force, thereby increasing the reserve army of labor, driving wages down.

Sorry to hear about your troubles comrade, being a man today is hell, no wages, no respect, and cartoonish villainization.

Just come to >>>/fascist/ , OP. We’re free of 99% of Zig Forumsshit

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I would post there but there's no nazbol flag and nazbol is banned for muh cultural post-modernist neo-marxism.

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Reminder the BO of that board got Marxpilled

Step 1) go here

Step 2) read this (reposted from a similar thread)
I'm a white guy who grew up with an all white family and I don't hate white people but the "w.hite genocide" thing is a total fabrication. When I first started coming here we used to have a thread about it every once and a while and the general consensus is 1) that it's a myth and 2) if it is real it's something that would be halted by abolishing capitalism so that should take priority over any social engineering or whatever.

Usually it isn't discussed much these days and most of us aren't interested in it but since I know Zig Forums is genuinely concerned about it and you appear to be in good faith I'll give you some things to check out. Also I'm very sorry but it's going to have to be a 2 part post but I swear i tried to keep it brief

1)I hate to direct you to a liberal right off the bat because you'll probably think I'm trying to promote him but I genuinely don't know of any actual Communists (except for BadMouse but his video has more to do with the Globalism side of "w.hite genocide" rather than hard statistics and demographic data so I'm saving his video for later when i get to that point) who have done a good analysis of the claims regarding w.hite genocide and all the other libs I've seen who tried are just really really smug and annoying about it including Hbomberguy who is a faggot and a grifter who is first against the wall when the revolution happens imo.

The guy's voice is a bit grating so if you don't want to actually watch the video I recommend just reading the sources he provided in the description box to support his arguments.


2)There's a book out now that suggests the world population might actually drop to zero or near zero by 2100 or something like that. And they mean everywhere too not just in the West. Their claim comes from data across several studies that shows birthrates are declining everywhere, even in brown countries, albeit more slowly due to the increase in economic development (I can understand Zig Forums not considering this since a lot of them seem to think the majority of Africans still live in mudhuts and that all of Africa looks like the slum in that video of people literally eating dirt)


Now to be fair I haven't read the book and have just read a few interviews these guys did and idk what impact if any their research has had in the greater field but from the articles I've read their data and sources seem solid

3) the general trend for the last 30 years has been to manage immigration and immigrants rather than a blanket invitation for them to come to western countries and do whatever the hell they want (although I will concede that many pc liberal pieces of shit do literally say this and I hate it because it turns a fuckload of people away from Leftism). Basically what I mean by manage is, let enough immigrants in so that they are a cheap source of labor that can be used to drive down the wages of domestic laborers but not so much that it breaks this system or causes too much resentment among the domestic laboring population and causes the ruling class to have to shut down their operation. I'll post some sources on this if you really want me to but it's pretty easy to read about with some simple googling.

Basically just look at how Barack Obama deported more immigrants then any modern president including everyone from the first Bush up to the second Bush combined. Look at how Angela Merkel pivoted on the "flood" of Somalian immigrants recently and now is slowing and eventually will cut off the flow. To be fair on the Merkel point I've heard the argument that this was a concession to the Right that wouldn't have happened if there hadn't been a strong anti-immigrant movement in the first place but if you look at the state of Germany's real economy you begin to see that it moreso has to do with having achieved the sufficient number of laborers needed to prop up Germany's current economic model (I admittedly am not an expert on Germany's economy so if some smarter comrades itt could help me out on this point it would be greatly appreciated)

Continued and concluded in next post

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4) Think for a moment about the argument liberals always make in favor of immigration. How many times have you heard some variant of; "Immigrants come here and do the hard and dirty jobs nobody else will do and also pay into the welfare system!" Basically they are saying that with immigrants doing all the hard work and paying into the system without reaping the benefits due to their status as illegals or in a legal gray zone not only does the Liberal Elite now not have hordes of organized workers who they can't deport at a moments notice if they get angry about having to do hard work without a raise in wages, they can keep up appearances of caring about the working class do to being able to give people their pensions and so on without having to create more jobs for domestic laborers due to said immigrants.

This suggests that the Liberal Elites in the Ruling Class are more concerned with promoting immigration and accompanying it with virtue signalling about blanket acceptance of immigrants no matter how much their culture clashes with that of the domestic population not to erase and replace white people but rather as part of a larger economic process to keep neoliberal globalization trucking without having to actually increase welfare spending and also without (they think) creating the conditions for worker revolt. If the domestic laborers do start to revolt you can deepen divisions easily between the working class by turning immigration into a Culture Wars issue and then when someone like Trump comes along you get to have a big chunk of the working class and middle class calm down because he appears to be fixing a problem that was never a problem and in fact an easy fix for a ruthlessly hypocritical economic system for the Elite

5) Final point: the welfare that many complain immigrants are stealing is largely gone at this point. The most basic programs are left untouched so that what us happening in France right now doesn't become a global movement but much of what even immigrants perceive as being a robust nanny state has been either completely abolished or privatized in the current capitalist era of neoliberal globalization. Read Zizek's piece about this here he articulates it way better than I can


Also watch BadMouse's video about how the rhetoric of the left leaning Anti-Globalization Movement has been evolved by the Right into the creeping threat of "Globalism" I think you'll enjoy it


Sorry this went on so long but you seem to be an open minded and good faith Nazi and I really appreciate you asking for a true Left appeal on these subjects. I wanted to give you something in depth and introduce you to some of the avenues I took to despook myself of some of this shit and I hope that if you don't completely give up your Nazism you at least become NAZBOL GANG