Why won't liberals accept that somebody is a fascist when they very clearly are...

Why won't liberals accept that somebody is a fascist when they very clearly are? I spoke to one about Charlottesville and he wouldn't admit that the demonstrators were fash simply because they don't themselves identify that way. Why are they like this?

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Liberals and anarchists both like to call anyone they don't like fascist

Liberals are idealists and so what a person does or physically is has nothing to do with what they are seen as.

Because liberals are bluepilled cuck sheep.
“The liberal bourgeoisie in general, and the liberal-bourgeois intelligentsia in particular, cannot but strive for liberty and legality, since without these the domination of the bourgeoisie is incomplete, is neither undivided nor guaranteed. But the bourgeoisie is more afraid of the movement of the masses than of reaction. Hence the striking, incredible weakness of the liberals in politics, their absolute impotence. Hence the endless series of equivocations, falsehoods, hypocrisies and cowardly evasions in the entire policy of the liberals, who have to play at democracy to win the support of the masses but at the same time are deeply anti-democratic, deeply hostile to the movement of the masses, to their initiative, their way of “storming heaven”, as Marx once described one of the mass movements in Europe in the last century.”
– V.I. Lenin, “Two Utopias”

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Okay but I'm talking about their tendency to just take blatant fascists at their word just because they say they're not fascists.

They too also take blatant men at their word when they say they're women :^)

LOL dude epic ownage!

Is there a solid definition of fascist? like Pinochet being all for globalization and not only throwing leftists but also nationalists that didn't want the country to whore itself from helicopters, is probably not what most people think a fascist is.

Whey do their flags look like they've just been unboxed?

Makes me think…

Probably because they bought them for the rally

Also reminds me of Marx's writings on the U.S. Civil War. The Confederates had all these poor filibustering white-power cutthroats sitting around with nothing to do except hunting down escaping slaves and were itching to go to war, and they did succeed in overrunning the border states – the war plan was then to direct the bulk of the Confederate regulars in a knockout blow toward D.C. but that didn't work when the North finally got its act together. But for awhile Marx was writing letters to Engels complaining about all the bourgeois "humbug" in the North and all its vacillating as these rednecks were rampaging around Kentucky and causing all kinds of headaches. Like, c'mon people, there's a slaveocracy to crush!

And they were also hoping that some of their communist buddies like Willich, when they joined up, would generate some revolutionary vigor for the Union – although that might have been more reflective of Marx's own self-regard for his fellow Germans.

Various academics have tried to do this but come up short in my view. Fascism as a "movement" is inherently contradictory and tends to catch fire really rapidly and then burn itself out very fast. But I basically buy the Trotskyist argument that fascism is just capitalism resorting to terror and warfare in a crash attempt to preserve capitalism when it's in crisis. The Nazi economy, despite its pretensions to "socialism," was really large-scale privatization and debt-fueled spending on weapons which would've blown up in 1938 were it not for the gobbling up of Czechoslovakia (supported by the capitalist powers) and then the war in 1939 which kicked the can down the road for a few more years through looting and the importation of millions of slaves into Germany to work in munitions factories, freeing up enough manpower to be sent to the Eastern Front where they were slaughtered by Soviet artillery.

In the United $nakkke$ of Amerikkka it doesn't really function without state sponsorship and assistance: just look at how much trouble these Zig Forums kids have had finding their own ass with their own two hands ever since Steve Bannon was sacked from the White House a few days after Charlottesville. In Portland, a more Pinochet-oriented fascist gang which has been causing problems for two years were literally being driven into town in the back of squad cars and coordinating with the local cops. This caused a bit of scandal when the cop liaison was advising members of the gang on how to avoid arrest for an active warrant after they jumped a random civilian (he pressed charges).

The real hard-line fascists in the U.S. for most of the past few decades were in any case "anti-communist" emigres from countries overrun by the Red Army in 1945. They were propped up as the voice of "free Europe" with sponsorship from the intelligence services, and then operationalized by the Republican Party during the Nixon administration into "ethnic outreach" committees. Essentially the GOP outsourced its efforts in Romanian expats through ex-Iron Guard people, same with Hungarians through exiled Arrow Cross goons. All of those guys are really old or dead now, and the new generation that's come in to handle the Nazi turd wrangling are pretty bad at their jobs in comparison.

(Photo: CIA director, Reagan V.P. and U.S. president George H.W. Bush with Yaroslav Stetsko: the no. 2 leader of the OUN – Ukrainian fascist organization – in World War II. Stetsko took control of the OUN in exile after KGB agents poisoned its leader, Stepan Bandera, with cyanide in Munich in 1959.)

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The same people that complain "leftists" call everyone they don't like Nazis are the exact same people who think Hillary Clinton and George Soros are communists

Because Americans are stupid. As a nation, they are really really stupid. Hitler was a socialist because it is the 'national socialist' party. American government spreads freedom and democracy around the world because they say they do. Americans thinks their country is the best just because their media and government keeps saying they are. Dictatorship of the proletariat means dictatorship because it says dictatorship. A nation of morons.

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Also on "what fascism is," this neo-Nazi from the United States doesn't really know either. It doesn't have a coherent ideology, it's just a vague sentiment that is easily co-opted. This was in a thread detailing infighting over the past year between "WigNats" and "AmNats."

To translate: "wigger nationalists" and "American nationalists." The idea being the former are skinhead thugs with Adolf Hitler t-shirts and the latter try to look respectable, wearing suits and so on. It's mostly an internal class division – they don't really grasp this – with the petit-bourg drifting toward the AmNats (the petit bourg if anything try to emulate the haute bourg) and the lumpens prefer the WigNats.

The AmNats don't like the WigNats because they don't like the image; it's too gauche and repels people. The WigNats don't like the AmNats because they believe the latter just wants to steer people into voting for the Republican Party.

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I guess it's a similar confusion that caused the soy meme

That's because none of them have the balls to just come out and say what they are: Nazis. Richard Spencer tried the whole "woah I'm not a Nazi, I don't hate other races" act and it got him WN 3.0 and in this very mess.

Fascism is a specific ideology, it's not anti-black racism, which is what you are upset about.

At 52:10

That doesn't make any sense, because in every iteration the capitalists have sided with the marxists. The UK sent far more aid to the Spanish anarchists than the falangists . You also see the case of Chamberlain agitating for war against the Third Reich, but not the USSR. This despite the fact that all of the annexation were of previous German territory with majority ethnic German population of the areas living there. Chamberlain was anti-war in the same way trump is, not at all, bigger war mongers are simply trying to pressure the nation into war.

Fascism in the US has never had state sponsorship. This in stark contrast to marxists groups who have had their violence sanctioned and receive aid through legal help from the ACLU, protection from the police, the FBI etc.

Look at the contrast between the treatment of the Proud Boys and ANTIFA. Several members of the former have had their bank accounts seized for defending themselves, and many jailed. ANTIFA members work for Google, are allowed to assault people by the police, tale fo example the professor who got doxed by pol, he should be in jail for assault and battery charges for smashing someone on the head with a bike lock. Instead all charges were dropped.

You are simply the tool of the bourgeoisie, you narratives and political actions centralize power and wealth into the hands of fewer people.

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You know idiots in Germany say the same thing? American's aren't uniquely idiots, we're just the culturally dominant ones.

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Britain and France literally wanted Hitler to advanced towards the USSR you retard.

Antifa isn't an acronym and doesn't really have members. Also they have jobs because they don't promote genocide and racism.

Yes I agree, neo-nazi groups in the US do get protection from the police, just like the shit that went down in Portland where Patriot Prayer was backed by the cops for their little brawling shit.
Bullshit, just a excuse to invade those countries when they obviously refuse the ultimatums, just like when Austro-Hungary invaded Serbia in WW1.
You faggots really love backing down to "M-muh Nazi Germany wanted peace, but those damned locals didn't just move out of RIGHTFUL GERMAN LAND"
And you call Jews sniveling and rat-like

ok first of all please if you are a fascist, stream your flags
However fascists use different words so it sounds like it isn't radical

I like how you completely ignored the fact that Germany, in regards to all of those annexations and more, got off with the equivalent of a handslap until Poland. Even things that completely broke the rulings and treaties made by the League of Nations were forgiven. Not only that but even after the conflict began Britain refused to open up a western front until AFTER the USSR had turned the tide in the East and millions had been lost. You also completely glossed over how the Nazi's received a shit ton of financial support from outside capitalist interests, capitalist interests which were forgiven and reimbursed after the war for their assistance by the US and others, and that fascists the world over received assistance from the US and NATO for decades after during the cold war. This is opposed to the USSR who received relatively little assistance and was embargoed to hell and back again for merely coming into existence, and communists decades after who had to fight against western backed fascists.

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What? Do you realize UK and France put an embargo on Spain during the war?

Because idpol Libs literally call anyone who isn't on board with whatever dumbass idea they are pushing at the time a fascist. Its lost any meaning in the popular vernacular beyond being "something that I dont like." Its like how Bernie will say hes a socialist and in the same breath talk about how we need to help small businesses.

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Because liberals are stupid and will be shot too.

Because words are supposed to have meaning. The alt right Richard Spencer and all that are fascists and nazis but Trumptards and conservatives aren't fascists and nazis. It's like Teapartyers calling Obama a communist it's just fucking dumb

Maybe bc they think that the Charlottesville protesters are just disgruntled white guys going through a phase. Most people think that. Me, I think that alot these protesters had fascist ruminations since youth, reading history books with such zeal and rooting for the villians. Alot of these guys have fascination with war and conflict. They want civilization to fall so they can see how many people die bloodily. They think that peacetime breeds de-generacy and contempt bc "peace is boring."
Lets not forget about their contempt for women. Their misogyny transcends counter-sentiment for feminism. PC culture merely is an excuse to spill. They want to women to be eternal children, to suffer and obey infintiely like a dog and never question hubby's foul moods, and be denied work bc "muh liberation" and "muh lack of motherly touch for muh kids"