Hollywood is American imperialism

Paying to see American Hollywood movies does more to support American imperialism than R o j a v a posting on the internet.


America attacks, invades and interferes in other countries to protect CORPORATE INTERESTS like Marvel's.

I wonder if they released the new Avengers movie in the DPRK?

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While I appreciate you spoiling cape shit movies wtf are you saying? That the us invades countries to make them watch black panther? I thought you were going to state an interesting view about how Hollywood works with the military to promote interventionism. No downvote because you still spoiled end game and thats worth something.

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iron man kills thanos at the end

if this makes you upset or you even remotely care kill yourself right now you reactionary

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The last movie I paid to see was the Blade Runner and the next one will be Dune when it comes out in November 2020.

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whats with all the dune fanatics recently?

The original Dune was pretty good

very low bar

The US invades other countries to expand its market, protect the interests of corporations and create favorable conditions for American businesses. This has been going on since the 1910s when Teddy Roosevelt sent the US Army to Guatemala at the request of United Fruit Company (read about the "Banana Wars").

American cultural dominance is part of this expansion. How many people outside of the US grew up with American TV shows and movies. Watching what is essentially propaganda for the 'American way of life' changes how people think as well as view the world. For example, "American culture" despite it being foreign to other 'Western' nations isn't seen as a threat to the host culture but is seen as compatible because American influence has been so strong and ever-present. I have as little in common with some retarded ball of lard that is the American as with a desert-dwelling bedouin.

Right. It is a means for imperialism, not an ends. Hollywood is not that big of an industry compared to foods, oil, and banking. Furthermore invasion hurt our global image which hurts our exportation of culture. Hollywood generally thrives off of open trade of anything. Retail benefits the most from the wars as maintaining the hegemony of the greenback allows us to import goods cheaply. So really you are doing more harm by shopping for groceries and consumer goods in that sense.

That why I torrent.

would Red Heat be approved by a Zig Forums government?

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Sidenote: why are foreigners(limey usually) so pathetic?

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Wouldn't supporting r o j a v a, if anything, weaken US imperialism because the more support they have from elsewhere the less reliant they are on US support?

And yeah, pedowood does a shitload of propaganda for the military, often cutting deals with the pentagon and shit so that they can "accurately represent" the US government. So giving them money is going to help them with that project. It's actually a little funny though because Marvel Studios wanted to cut a deal with the pentagon like this for one of the movies (I forget if it was Avengers or Captain Amerikkka), but the MIC told them no because SHIELD wasn't a flattering enough portrayal of military agencies.

I guess it gets aproved for this scene : youtube.com/watch?v=p0R96K3ZF8M

America needs to include everything in its worship of material, capital and wealth. The American dream is literally owning a private villa while giving the finger to paying taxes, helping community or even building anything resembling a society. It's soulless materialism with no concern for different perspectives or ways of life. It's collectivism is expressed by propaganda to enslave the population to this worship of material.

I can't recall the last time I paid money to see an American made movie. I must've been under 16 years old.

then why did you watch the movie, i don't give a fuck about spoilers but you faggots act like liberal moviegoers thinking that shit is important, it's just that you're in the other end being edgy about le spoiler. Kys

Indeed, perhaps an imperialism even more specific than American…

A thread died for this


No, this is just what Porkies all over the world like to do. Regardless of ethnicity.

Why is materialism being considered bad on a fucking MARXIST board of all places?

Most great powers care little about opposing cultures. Of all the great powers throughout history minus the USSR, America is probably the most cosmopolitan of them all.

Because “collectivism” is somehow evil or bad It isn’t

It’s a fucking movie, it isn’t important, and dosn’t deserve it’s own thread. This is a non-issue.

Can't we just hate the avengers because it's shitty?

Because people make the personal political

He fights zizek at :55

wow, america literally does what it fear mongers migrants might do



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