Sargon’s UKIP candidacy

Have you guys been following Sargon’s train wreck of a political candidacy? This shit is fucking hilarious.

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Hope the whole of the UK sinks into the ocean tbqh

LOL. This is what it looks like when internet people like carl get out into the real world and have to engage with real people. You have to understand even though the meme internet/chans/youtube/reddit may be massive right wing circlejerk where the biggest question is whether or not one is a cuck for not discussing the JQ, in the real world where everyone else lives, where the culture wars of sjw vs anti sjw have largely just gone over peoples heads.

All they know is some douche is running for office and is saying weird and offensive shit.

Its fucking cringe to see internet autistic memelords try to do real life shit…


A classic case of extremely online-induced brain poisoning


when the daily fail can dunk on you, it's time to pack it in.

Until someone sites where he said this, they are probably lying.

While Carl of Swindon is a gateway for the alt-right, I doubt he himself actually hates brown people.

It's interesting that you're all chortling about the Daily Mail piece. The papers have been pulling the exact same shit with Corbyn over this "antisemitism" bullshit.

Given that electing Carl to the EU parliament grants him the comparatively harmless position of rubber stamping documents drawn up by the EU Commission (which, frankly, is looking increasingly like Europe's version of ALEC), I'm considering voting for UKIP in the EU elections simply because the press to dictating policy and candidates via overt smear tactics is a far bigger problem.

Inb4 Remoaner liberals swarm in and claim Porky's iron and steel club is the best thing since sliced bread.

To all of you who think that the right wing's internet control is dangerous need to understand that most people's exposure of the internet is apolitical facebook posts

"The right wing's internet control" is not necessarily "dangerous" but contaminating. Everywhere you go on youtube comments, twitter, reddit, online multiplayer video game chats you see first-world english-speaking white males, the unoriginal sheep that they are, repeating phrases like "cuck", "jew" and "SJW" as the only insults and points of discussion they can come up with because that's all they're exposed to. Trash-talk is as old as the internet, but at least people had to be more original or varying since they picked insults up from more sources (often outside of the internet, back when movies and TV shows weren't as politically correct), now it's all just the same words that originate from Zig Forums. Although I suppose that is a consequence of the internet's corporate consolidation over the past decade, 4chan becoming mainstream after the 2008 Anonymous scientology "raids", and less people (young males in particular) watching TV and movies (which is understandable since there's nothing good on these mediums anymore aside from once-in-a-blue-moon gems like Blade Runner 2049).

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Oh dear lawd, you pretentious psued faggot.

if you don't vote labour you're dead to me

pure ideology

Holy shit. I thought this was an internet joke all this time.

It was good, though. Fuck your bad opinion

stick to capeshit

Obviously vote Labour for general elections. But for European elections, any vote that isn’t for the Conservatives is a good vote. Regardless if it’s UKIP, Brexit, or Labour. Embarrassing May in the European elections is more important than giving Labour seats.

Lol, you pair of pretentious onanists. Blade Runner 2049 was a pile of dull, overlong bollocks with mediocre cinematography made for psued I dickheads like you two who like to wank themselves raw about how cultured and superior they are.

Go watch some decent sci-fi, like Prospect.

t. can't appreciate atmosphere or ambiguity re: consciousness and personhood

i will watch it, you best not be joking.

Carl is like 1/4th black supposedly.

Ambiguity is lack of clarity chosen by hacks so they can shield themselves from criticism. Just one step below "just make your own story" sandbox video games.

Fucking look at the muggs.

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I really dont wanna be 'that' guy but how are any of these people qualified to represent thousands of others? Most of them don't look old enough to have an economics or law degree.

also lmao at the one black bloke put there for forced diversity


Gonna cry?

I'm not. Viewed it before the latest refried capeshit offering. Brought home just how dreadful Marvel's output is at the moment.

Tbf I doubt many of them apart from C*unt Danukla are running to be MEPs. But honestly, these lot look like the kind of Young Tory that didn't join because they're daddy is the constituency Chair.

What if I enjoyed 2049 and Prospect, though?

nah there are three types of people who vote brexit party:

May will be embarassed no matter what. (Unless we've got anyone on Zig Forums who's such a supreme larper they'd vote tory.)

That just means you have low standards and are an easily pleased simpleton. :P

I don't see the hypocrisy. If anything I personally find it ironic that a man who used Daily Mail articles to smear Corbyn, whose fans thought that the 'SJW MSM" will be the one after his ass, only to have the Daily Mail doing the heavy lifting to be ironic schadenfreude

Ah here come here "Do something stupid to own the libs epic style!". Even if UKIP makes a huge comeback, the smear tactics won't let up. FFS they still havent stopped smearing Labour. What will stop the smearing and dictation of policies relies on different measure and reform to the journalism itself than a vote.

Shouldn't you be posting on one of the film subreddits or something?

Not exactly surprising you'd state this.

I completely agree that it's hilarious the Mail has shat on him from a great height, given it's known propensity for printing lies for Carl to spread.

The usage of smear tactics depends on an expectation of efficacy, you silly sausage. That's why the press keep smearing Corbyn, they still have an expectation that smearing will work.
Furthermore, please explain how electing a fat retard to an essentially symbolic position in a political body that the UK is supposed to be leaving ASAP has any consequences whatsoever if you're going to start spouting that "own the libs" meme.

Electing cryptofascists who want to rape little boys to own the libz

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Because the consequences will be a massive boost in funding for UKIP, allowing them to spread further.

Michel Foucault is back from the dead and has joined UKIP?

You mean exactly what *didn't* happen when Nuttall and Farage were in the EU parliament?

Not an argument, feel free to point it out or shut the fuck up.

It is precisely that it has no consequences that is why I am calling it a fucking meme move to do. Is there actual praxis involved (How does it fix journalism?) or are you finding an excuse to shitpost IRL coz the liberals trigger you?

Are you joking? How do you think UKIP got the money for their explosive 2015 performance at the GE?

haha guys i hate capitalism and love marxism (especially cultural marxism) but wouldn't it be funny to vote ukip haha just to get sargon of akkad elected haha just for jokes i mean he's classical liberal anyway that's not that bad haha he's still left wing

p.s. stop saying he said the nonce thing that was a smear by the daily mail and jess philips he never did it haha just saying haha better to be honest haha but really stop

really makes you think

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If Carl becomes a MEP he will have less time too make shity YouTube videos. This is why you should vote UKIP.

If you can't even be bothered to read my posts, there's no point having this conversation

There's this bloke called Arron Banks. You might want to google him.

And they got loads in subsidies from the European Parliament, due to their previously small income. One bloke cannot bankroll a GE election campaign, european gibs can however. You'd be giving Sargon loads of funding for the sake of owning da libs.

Mate, you're being daft. Banks is worth £100 - £250 million. I remember the news stories about the accusation of Farage and chums embezzling their EU subsidies for party political activity and it was, iirc, a few tens of thousands of pounds. It's big money if you think of it in terms of beer and cigarettes but as far at the funds involved in running large organizations and funds that many of these rich donors to right-wing parties have access to, it's fucking chump change.

Good point. Very good, actually.
Although he wouldn't ever stop bragging about nor ever end using the posting as some sort of position of authority from which to reinforce his lolcowing.

1) Banks was giving nowhere near a large % of his net worth. UKIP received £1.2m Euros a year alone for merely existing with a European political party. Add to that the individual salaries, grants, and expenses for individual MEPs: plus the access to non monetary resources like data and there is a lot to be gotten out of it. By electing Carlgon you would be giving UKIP continued access to that.
Ofc I am sure that's what you want, form your post you seem to be an edgy teen that can see the forest for the trees.

LOL what a faggit

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No, electing Carlgon would NOT continue access to that. The fact Farage got caught misusing the funds means they're banhammered from accessing the pot as has been widely reported. But considering you're resorting to throwing insults… huh.

That's not how the EU parl works,, but whatever mate. Keep at it you lib triggerer you.
Also lamo imagine getting buttblasted about insults on a fucking chan. Is this your first time?

FT says you're a liar, m8.

This has to be a prank or a joke. The Anglos can't be so stupid to elect that autistic faggot. If it is real, I can only hope that he brings down the entire country.


he’s getting elected to a rubber stamp

he could be elected to a parish council in wales and it would still be an indictment of our green and decaying land

Nah cllrs and especially parish cllr roles are fucking magnets for weirdos.

sargon is a reasonably unique kind of terrible
councils, parish councils and the european parliament are the unofficial replacement for care in the community, they're not places for tedious youtube twats to be given another topic to spew shit videos about.

No he’s not, he’s not nearly as bad as your average Boomer.

I think it's hilarious how much the right-wing tabloids are going after him. Even if he still said the stuff he's accused of saying, it's still absurd. Like that episode of The Simpsons where the news is hitting Homer for being a "grossly overweight pervert."


It’s because Sargon will make the entire right-wing look like loons. this is why we should vote for him to be a MEP

FT drop the paywall if the referrer is google.


He's stuck up for Jezza tho

Bitch, he was laughing at Jezza's supposed incoming loss in 2017 even wayyyyyyyyyyyyy after the waves of the infamous Labour surge with the usual smears. And after the election he was complaining about Theresa May 24/7 in the aftermath