I just found out that the smartest person alive declared himself socialist...

i just found out that the smartest person alive declared himself socialist, it's common for high Autism Level people to be leftist?
think of Einstein, and also our beloved hero Paul Cockshott that it's a computer scientist.

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Stalin was not smart!

Truth be told I actually don't get why your average person is not a socialist. Speaking for myself I was always somewhat left leaning, first I was a soc-dem who said "communism doesn't work" then "that wasn't real communism", now I'm Luxemburg gang. I think a lot more people would be open to socialism if we explained the problems the socialist states of 20th century had and what we can do to overcome them. What swayed me into socialism is reading about Cockshott which brought me hope that socialism is salvageable and reading about USSR's history which shows that socialism didn't "colapse". Anyways, thanks for reading my blogpost. Cheers!

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And who is that? Sidis died a long time ago and he only was a left-wing radical in his youth as far as I know (btw. I'm a big fan of his proposal to make city streets one-way).

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People just like being cynical. It makes them feel like they're sensible adults. Any dumb gesture about human nature preventing communism is good enough for that.

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Yeah he later advocated "limited government."

At the time he was expressing socialist sentiments circa 1919, socialism was almost mainstream. It was only just starting to come under government fire due to the Socialist Party opposing WWI and many of its members seeking to learn from the Bolsheviks.

There's a large component of the socialist movement that has historically focused on thinking up "rational," "scientific" ways of reordering society. Hence the many plans of utopian socialists like Owen and Fourier, the Webbs writing a 350-page "Constitution for the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain," American novels like "Looking Backward" by Bellamy, etc.

Marxists were more cautious in discussing what society will look like once capitalism is done away with, and unlike other socialists they tended to avoid "blueprints," but nonetheless there were still those willing to comment on how the organization of production, the role of religion, etc. might pan out under socialism, such as:
* marxists.org/archive/bebel/1879/society-future/index.htm
* marxists.org/archive/kautsky/1902/socrev/index.htm (Volume II, "On the Day after the Social Revolution")

So yeah it doesn't surprise me that lots of intellectual (or at least idiosyncratic) types get drawn to socialism of some kind. Plenty of others get drawn to libertarianism (like Sidis himself later did), which has its own arguments and speculations about what "truly" capitalist societies ought to look like.

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Lol. Sidis proposed a regular grid with alternating one-way streets, the extra distance you'd drive is minimal.

leftism is born from analysis and theory. rightism is born from simplicity. far rightism is born from reactionary fallacious rhetorics.

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As a person with autism it is the theory and the dept of leftist analysis and its philosophy that attracted me. The right is for smooth brained buffoons.

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