Okay so, I want to develop a crack team of online propagandists for things and stuff...

Okay so, I want to develop a crack team of online propagandists for things and stuff. I don't want to go into it too much here, but I've got a few ideas on how we can organise to push the left online.

If I get a few responses on this I will make a discord we can talk in, first off, need establish trust and make sure you aren't raiding polyps, so I want to have one on one conversations and see what I can ascertain.

Some of you may recognise my flag and know I've been talking about this for a little bit.

I'm not looking for a waste of time or some bullshit, I am active IRL in tenants and trade unions, as well as other areas of organisation I won't got into in insecure places.

I truly believe that outside of organisation of working and community spaces, online propaganda is our next strongest tool and one we don't even nearly use to its fullest extent.

It may even be that in this day and age you can do more online than organising people, it may be that the two are mutually self supporting.

I have a pretty detailed programme worked out, the idea, like any Maoist, is to start small and build from there, with every stage reinforcing the last and building to the next. I don't think that straight away we can do big things, but we can build to them.

What I want from you:

1) An ability to confidently argue the case for communism, or the humility to learn how to do so from people that can.

2) A willingness to work with all sects to achieve common goals even if you disagree with them. For what I want to do it is best we have a variety of viewpoints. Working with a group even though you may disagree with certain decisions made by the majority of the rest of the group.

3) A willingness to take part and follow through on what you say you will do. I'm not expecting there to be large amounts of work, actually for a shitposter most of it will be pretty fun, but hangers on and seat warmers are in the words of James Connolly to be avoided. Hobbyists can fuck off.

4) No radlibs.

5) No radlibs.

We will EDUCATE by spreading left win propoganda. AGITATE by doing things and stuff I won't say here and in doing so ORGANISE ourselves into an effective unit.

Note to mods: This is not a raid thread, nothing i intend to do will be connected to leftypol

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*comment if this sounds like you are interested.

Just a STEM student passing by who's a brainlet in communism. I'm interested.

Sure. I'm well versed on the theoretical side of things, have a strong STEM background and speak several languages, I'm deeply familiar with internet culture and had a similar project in mind. I even have my own circle but I'm in.

sound like prime candidates, check back here in a few hours, ill give it time to brew and get a few more people.

I have some resources and connections I can bring to bear but only if you are willing to go the extra mile if you know what I mean.

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I'm interested.

Sorry CIA it will be all none violent and we will not be trafficking any of your cocaine

Thank you comrade

I'm interested, OP. I'll be making a new account for it named Red Scarf and just run Discord's Public Test Build alongside regular Discord so I can be on two accounts at once while on PC, if you do make this.
Since you'll be at the head of the ship presumably, I suggest you do something similar.
I'd like to ask you though, how do you define radlib? Who are you looking to exclude here? Even by strictest definitions it won't apply to me, but I'd like to get an idea of who among the people I know I should eye for bringing on board.

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I'm interested but not sure if I can help. What does it mean to be a seat warmer or a hanger? If you mean armchair I sadly am one but that's because I live in somewhat remote location and there's no party to join. I want to change that next year. Online I can probably help.

While I myself am firmly antiracist , feminist and lgbt friendly and would not want to associate with those who were not, for the purposes of what i want to do in the first instance (but not for the entirety of the project, if all goes well) these will not be primarily what we talk about and will be "centering" other issues. For me Its a simple case of picking your battles.

>Since you'll be at the head of the ship presumably
im gonna be perfectly honest and say yeh, but no. I have a vision for a project, I'm not arrogant enough to assume that i am smarter than other people, but if what you are there for is for something other than that I can't see your use.

On the flip side, discussion is essential and makes for better decision making in almost 100% of cases outside of a time limited situation and obviously its the internet so there is no real way to get anyone to do anything they don't want to, but i do have a vision that i am looking for people to help me with.

online is exactly what I'm looking for. A seatwarmer or hanger on is somebody who does not contribute while being able because they are looking for something personal from the group other than promoting the purposes of the group.

I'm a CS student and would be very interested.
But please don't use discord, I know it's convenient, but a properly encrypted, secure application like Raid or Signal would be safer.

Then I don't see much problems. I think I can help.

Yeah it's probably best not to use discord. I've just made an account there and it wants my phone number which I don't really like.

please email [email protected]

I am aware of the issues with discord BUT 1) from my experience in organising, the hardest part is keeping people engaged, you'd be surprised how many IRL groups willl argue about which apps to use. 2) What we are doing will be in no way illegal, unless you live in a country where you probably couldn't access Zig Forums anyway, 3) discord is very user friendly and people tend to have it on anyway so they will see notifications etc. 4) I have been involved in similar things before and the other apps on offer, riot etc are not user friendly enough. 4) True, i grant you the various intelligence forces could easily datamine you etc but really I have to stress we will not be doing anything illegal. 5) In the very beginning its an easy place to get people on, but if we think later on the platform needs to change I am open to it.

As if anything good can come out of this shithole.

even shit is food to flies and fertilises friendo

If anybody offers this, it's an opportunity to get counter-intelligence, but keep in mind terrorism only benefits the right wing, so don't even think about it. You would seek out to first gather information and then become an informant for regular police, to bust a "crime ring". You want to push it to the direction where a local head of police gets to have a win against ordinary crime not something that is usable for other political purposes. And then you hire a ghost writer to write a book about it, and milk the press for interviews. Because the context of this, basically is shock-doctrine the neo-liberal mechanism to push policy-changes nobody would accept unless they are mentally impaired by a state of shock. If you can make money off defusing this, there will be a thousand imitators that will erode the mechanism. And if others like police heads, publishers, yellow press etc, benefits from this as well, it'll enhance the effect.

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Sounds promising. Thread deserved a bump

I'm interested OP, I've only barely cracked Capital, but I've read other of Marx's work and want to soon get in on some Lenin. I know more than just the jist of Marxism, but I really want to find a way to argue for communism without causing everyone to look at me like a holocaust denier.

mail the mail friend

All hierarchical groups can be infiltrated, create a constitution and decentralize your organization as soon as possible.

How can non hierarchical groups not be infiltrated?

Well decentralised groups are vulnerable to sequential take over of the decentralised elements. Also they are vulnerable to repetitive stimulus mental ideological erosion, which usually leads to dogmatic mental defence strategies, and the formation of informal sudo hierarchies necessary to dispense the dogma. This has been tried a thousand times, It's not very effective, and usually succumbs to anti-crowd strategies.

You definitely want to have hierarchical structures, however you might want to have honey-pots to divert infiltration into dead ends, and also devise strategies to be effective even with infiltrators running interference. It is helpful to avoid friend-foe thinking, because it is very resource intensive to find that out. The better strategy is to pursue evaluations of effective-ineffective categorisations, consider that if you can get a spy to do your bidding to avoid detection, then they can be effective members of your org. Also consider that at this point in time, you need to build organisational structures that reflect preferred behavioural patterns of your members, don't demand discipline and conformity wheen it is avoidable. Also definitely have at least some mass line inspired mechanisms where the low rank members have a mechanism to influence decision makers priorities.

most leftist orgs don't fail because they are destroyed by sinister external forces, most fail because of petty infighting. it is absolutely indispensable to empower the kind of people with the ability to see through the pretext of a conflict and addresses the actual underlying source.

To be fair it might be possible to make successful decentralised structures but you need to come up with proper theory how higher order decisions are made, ore else it's going to be Gurus, which usually suck. Oh also decentralised stuff that is successful runs on euphoric yet clam sensation of flow. Given that you are likely to have a lot of people that are stressed out of their minds you might have to actually have some sort of banal ritual where people perform some metachronal rhythm motions that produce the mental states you need. A laola wave will probably do.


I'm interested, what do I do?

Ah shit didn't notice that post, pinkyswear i read through the thread.
Still, that was a well deserved bump.


well there's a typo it meant to say "euphoric yet CALM sensation of flow."

laola wave is also sometimes called Mexican wave, (pic related)

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i guess that makes more sense! i'm still too much of a r*tard to understand most of what you said though!!!!

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I'm interested. I have some editing skills and I'm a pretty decent writer.

I think we should protest

mail the mail

for anyone else who hasnt recieved an email for the alst couple days ive worked 40 hours in three days so thats why, but i am now replying to emails again.

mailed you, you've piqued my interest

hey it is the maker of this thread if you have been waiting on emails plz check again sorry i have been very busy

How is this any different from saying that democracy can be hijacked by flooding it with outside elements, which is a ridiculously expensive and difficult maneuver

OP you sure Email isn't wrong

Ok, I am interested

Not OP, but the email isn't wrong. Just takes a bit for him to answer.

Would it be possible to connect this project to Marxistpedia in some way?
It's just a suggestion.

OP here, fuck off shill

Not sure if based or not.

this guy is not the op


Hit me big boy

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Check your email buddy

Are you still running this or nah?

checked the email today and yes, slowly, more people we have faster it goes

Just emailed, good 2 kno

you haven't answered me yet. I have send you already the answers on your questions to prove I am not a Zig Forumsyp. Does it mean I am not ok?

I have sent you an email.

soz fam prob just mixed up there was a few emails, will get to these all in the mornnig

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chk mail up boi


i emailed u

Well, change of plans everyone! OP of this thread doesn't have much time now so I decided to take over for the time being. I'll will try to anwser everyone by tommorow since I don't have time right now but I though bumping this thread won't hurt it in any way. Get into the FBI I posted bellow (leftypol has a wordfilter) and I'll try to get a set of question's ready to confirm you are not a Zig Forumsyp. Again the questioning will start tommorow so don't expect anything today. Zig Forumsyps get purged.

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I have no time on my hands or energy to spare but I am curious just what the fuck this even is all about and if it gets beyond the initial phase of temporary enthousiasm.