Giving colors to old socialists

Giving colors to old socialists
A couple of researchers from the University of California trained a Convolutional Neural Network to predict the colors in black and white images.

research paper


How do I use this?

First of all, this neural net runs on python with opencv and imutils so you'll have to start by installing those libraries first. You can just use pip for that:

pip install opencv-python

pip install imutils

install pip if you don't have it

How do I run the model?

Just type the following in a console, inside the folder containing the .py files:

python \

–prototxt model/colorization_deploy_v2.prototxt \
–model model/colorization_release_v2.caffemodel \

–points model/pts_in_hull.npy \

–image images/your_image.jpg

After that you'll be shown with two windows, one showing the original image and the second showing the colorized image, you just have to press any key to close both windows but remember to right click on the image if you wish to save it.

WARNING: Video files can be very heavy to process

But if you want to give it a go then you should just run:
python \
–prototxt model/colorization_deploy_v2.prototxt \

–model model/colorization_release_v2.caffemodel \
–points model/pts_in_hull.npy \
–input images/your_video.webm
This one should give you a look at the colorized frames, those frames will be stored in a folder called frames and you can join them to make a video with the "" file, just remember to adjust the framerate.

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Holy shit that's actually impressive.

First pic wasn't from it, but I stole the programs from an 8 Zig Forums post, and the effects there have been pretty fucking neat too

So, question, is Stalin considered white?

no idiot

Remember that you can edit this stuff as well


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little known fact: stalin was aryan

This seems like something which could be easily scripted to process batches instead of repeating everything over and over. You might want to ask some computing board or site.


"Whiteness" is an exclusively anglo-american phenomenon but because of their hegemony the concept has bled into other societies aswell.

how the hell did trotsky ever get laid with a face like that?

He looks nicer here.

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thats not trotsky my man, its kalinin. also there's only one known pic of trotsky and stalin together

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Is it though? I don't know much about how and when the term "white" to describe a race/ethnicity was born but I doubt it's an anglo-american invention.

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I can't take claims that Stalin didn't like his cult of personality serious when i see all the pics of him standing next to giant portraits of him, i'm not talking about this picture but there are a lot of photos like that.

where is he standing?

The absolute state of leftypol's reading comprehension. No wonder so many internet leftists fawn over shitty ecelebs or endlessly debate trivial topics. They can't event muster the attention to read through a single sentence.

What's the chill dude on the center and left in the first pic?

or maybe i missed it because it's late night on a friday and im tired as fuck, you whiny cunt. some of us work and shit

Black dude is Maurice Bishop, leader of Grenada's New Jewel Movement.

Just ignore him, and yes i meant other pictures and speeches, here's the one where he declares war on Germany and there's the giant painting on the background

well damn that guy looks almost like him

balloon head, duck face

Center is Maurice Bishop, leader of the New Jewel Movement of Grenada
Left is Daniel Ortega, leader of the Sandinista movement and current president of Nicaragua

He spoke out against it occasionally and criticized it in letters though.

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Similarly, Kim Il Sung also found the excessive praise of himself rather awkward. But it seems that he also gave up at some point and tolerated it.

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Them at the funeral of Felix Dzerzhinsky, head of the Cheka.
Kalinin is also there so you can clearly see the difference

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I don't have it here but search for stalin and trotsky at dzerzhinsky's funeral

Thanks for the picture.

Yes. Lol, the anthropologist who coined the term caucasian literally named it after the people of the caucus region. As a georgian, Stalin is LITERALLY Caucasian.

Also some good work here too tbh. If any britanons have got good historic photos from the Labour movement send them to this lot.

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Even if Stalin personally denounced the personality cult in letters or personal conversations, he absolutely couldn't do the same in public because it is against the principles of democratic centralism. Would this be an alternative explanation to "tolerated it"?

Other than that Stalin is right in . Refutations of the Great Man – The Driving Force of History can be brought up. Writings by Stalin can also be shown.

Requesting pic related

I'll try try, I guess

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Looks like something from the 70s

Requesting this.

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It doesn't seem to work well with some images

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Zig Forumsaka r/cringeanarchy drowned their version of this thread, so here's advice you can fix pics it if you want, idc
-You can crop parts out that don't turn out well and see the effect it has on the pic
-Lassoing is pretty effective
-It seems to like nature apparently

Nah, a blue hue lingered around socialist figures back in the day.

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Requesting Joe Hill

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It really does like nature.

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Stalin's hair is literally the thickest black I've ever seen. Like, this is how edgy goths and Black Metalers color their hair, Stalin had it naturally

James Conolly someone pls

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Thanks best korea

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Thanks for all the colorization, My profile pic is this pic of Erricop Malatesticle so i was wondering if one of you'd mind colorizing it.

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Thank you, based Juche user

Here's another angle. Can someone colorize it?

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Requesting these

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FUCK John McCain

The original results weren't that great so I increased the saturation this time

Your profile picture just gets tinted brown

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Requesting these guys

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Thank you comrade

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you might have to do some additional editing afterwards to get it right.

holy shit that honecker one looks great, like something out of an old VHS.

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Here's an online version you can upload to.

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jesus is it too late to change ideology?

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Did Zapata invent blue jeans?

What a twist!

cursed as fuck

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Some one I did with the online tool of children evacuating in the spanish civil war

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someone do the one of early and late 70s cockshott

He has done that himself.

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How old was he here?

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yo that was fucking epic bro

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