Faggot Nigger Kike Retard Spic Chink… should comrades avoid using these words or is absolute free speech something that is championed by Marx and co? I saw Dasha and Anna are supporters of using the word "retard," should we be as well?

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Retard doesn't even seem like a slur anymore. No, i don't think we should do anything about slurs

Nigger is a racist slur, retard is an ableist slur, faggot is a homophobic slur.

yeah, but eh idk mane

words are words, that's it

Thank you for your useful contribution. I am glad to know that had you been a German citizens in the 30s you would have had no problem with Hitler's rhetoric.

I don't see why you can't avoid using slurs while also be for free speech. If you talk like a 14 year old Zig Forumsyp, I'm going to call you a retard. Has nothing to do with "free speech".

If they are not mutually exclusive then why are you treating them as such? Your post is illogical.

I think it is fine if you are goofing with friends in private or shitposting on an imageboard. In public it is really rude and is a quick ticket to getting your ass kicked.

Don't be an autistic faggot and call some black guy a nigger for laughs.

Explain how I'm treating them as mutually exclusive, because this makes no sense to me.

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In public if you talk about violent revolution and wish death upon public officials it is a quick ticket to getting a visit from the FBI. What is your point?

According to you if someone makes well-thought out points and includes a slur this automatically invalidates the points since you are now talking "like a 14 year old Zig Forumsyp," therefore it's clear you do not treat it as free speech.

What the fuck is your problem?

My point is don't be an autistic faggot.

Fuck off retard.

I can see why Dasha and Anna trash people like you.

What the fuck are you talking about? are you defending slurs or shitting on us for not being hard about sluts? fuck off with your e-celeb bullshit.

See the OP for what I am talking about. I am trying to understand how Marxists should square slurs with free speech and I am getting morons responding to me with snark. This is why Dasha and Anna write off their critics because this seems to be all their critics can reply with.

Marxism doesn't adress every single question regarding life, slurs aren't part of daily marxist theory. As for free speech, i don't think anyone here really has a problem with slurs.

Who the hell are Dasha and Anna

I'm not saying you shouldn't ever use slurs, but there is a time and place for them. If you are too autistic to understand that then you should probably stay away from the naughty words.

I think moderation is key, but yeah we should try not to tell slurs honestly. How hard is it to speak without cursing every second? This is childish.

Tell that to >>2882262 and .
I have otherwise, that slurs reinforce hierarchies and reactionary rhetoric. I am asking how to reconcile this with free speech, or if Marx even championed absolute free speech.

What is the time and place? Inside with your friends? Is there also a time and place for calling for violent revolution?

Yeah, well, honestly, no one gives a shit about your non-opinion. I am interested in the why or why not, and what moderation means to you and what leftist thinkers have said about language and how it should be used.

Word policing is a liberal tactic. The Proletariat is as vulgar as he needs to be.

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Point me to it.

I don't give a shit about the words them selves, I care about the context behind their use. Call your friend who trips over his shoe laces a retard all you want, call the downs kid trying to do his job a retard and that's a ass beating.

Calling your friends that trips over his shoelaces a retard normalizes the slur, does it not? Would you call your friend that skimped out on a bet a kike? What about if he stole a pack of gum, would you call him a nigger? No one in this thread has provided any criteria or framework for the use/non-use of slurs as of yet and this saddens me greatly.

Bitch, he had people backing his dumbassery

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the most important question of the 21th century

Missing the point. The point was that context matters. No one here gives shit about calling your friend a retard. However, if you go in front of a random person in regular daily life and begin calling them a retard 100 times over, you shouldn't be surprised when they get annoyed or angry.
Already have
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Because no one gives a shit because we're mostly materialists with a focus on economics. We don't care for your stupid fucking language games. The most people have mentioned is that when you go around cussing at someone you don't know, you shouldn't be surprised when they take it a certain way.

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The quality of discourse here is incredible

t. redditor

The quality of comebacks here is incredible

t. gotta go back

Imma quote Huet Newton. Power behind the word matters. You calling for death of communists are your problem. You having the power do so is my problem.

There's a difference between rejecting idpol and being a fucking moron. And "free speech"? The peak of liberalism, fuck off.

Congrats on making the shittiest tread this board. I didn't think it was possible to outdo gems like "what will x be like under communism" or the trans thread or leftytrash but you've done it.

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doens't belong.

Having Jewish blood doesn't make you inherently greedy. The stereotype of the stingy or exploitative Jew comes from Jewish cultural ambition and association with the financial industry. Communism would abolish this.

"What particular social element has to be overcome in order to abolish Judaism? For the present-day Jew’s capacity for emancipation is the relation of Judaism to the emancipation of the modern world. This relation necessarily results from the special position of Judaism in the contemporary enslaved world.

Let us consider the actual, worldly Jew – not the Sabbath Jew, as Bauer does, but the everyday Jew.

Let us not look for the secret of the Jew in his religion, but let us look for the secret of his religion in the real Jew.

What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.

Very well then! Emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Judaism, would be the self-emancipation of our time.

An organization of society which would abolish the preconditions for huckstering, and therefore the possibility of huckstering, would make the Jew impossible. His religious consciousness would be dissipated like a thin haze in the real, vital air of society. On the other hand, if the Jew recognizes that this practical nature of his is futile and works to abolish it, he extricates himself from his previous development and works for human emancipation as such and turns against the supreme practical expression of human self-estrangement.

We recognize in Judaism, therefore, a general anti-social element of the present time, an element which through historical development – to which in this harmful respect the Jews have zealously contributed – has been brought to its present high level, at which it must necessarily begin to disintegrate."

Having African blood doesn't make you a thief. High rates of property crime among American blacks are primarily due to the racial wealth gap and segregation concentrating poverty and all its ill effects. Communism would fix this.

Having Downs Syndrome or other genetic problems that cause cognitive impairment really does mean you will have less cognitive capacity and will have problems carrying out basic tasks. Communism largely doesn't address this. Eugenics is needed to fix this.

Racial and ethnic stereotypes are harmful because they divide the working class and essentialize and reify cultural tendencies that aren't really rooted in biology.

Describing stupid behavior as "retarded", "moronic", or "imbecilic" makes sense because people with cognitive impairment will act in stupid ways. Trying to be "nice" by adopting euphemisms just causes those euphemisms to become stigmatized too. Kids are already calling each other "special" or "sped" (for special education) as an insult because the word "retard" is banned.

There should be no limit on free speech. However, that doesn't mean you should have no respect other human beings.

If i remember correctly, the die Freien which Marx was a huge participant, him and his comrades used to jestisingly mock one another, now, the matter of slurs directed at minority groups is another Pandora box to open. Just like a few of the level-headed individual comrades, In moderation. Me and close friends exchange jabs frequently but there's always a line that shouldn't be crossed, although we step over the line pretty much everyday.

stop being childish

i dont use nigger, kike, spic, chink, but use a lot of faggot and retard
faggot aint linked to homosexuality for me though, more a catch all baseline insult for disagreement on imageboard.