Mike Gravel

US anons should be pushing Gravel, he is more left than Sanders on almost every issue and is a big anti-imperialist. He is a better alternative than voting for a accelerationist candidate or just not voting at all.

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Revisionist!!! anything that moves over the overton window to the left is liberal!!!
Im just meming some responses before they come in!

Don't forget he's got amazing memes.

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mike gravel would rock betotards and neoliberal democrats at the debate.


Also remember to donate if you can he still needs a few thousands unique donations to be able to qualify for being in the debate.

Gravel is literally the only Dem actually not acting like a Dem. He is based and I think he's hiding his power level.


i dream of gravel paving a way for bernie to revert to his old ways and go full commie and just loudly interrupt others at debates saying that stalin was great to massive applause
too bad life sucks.


you only need to donate $1

He quoted Bakunin on twitter

His Twitter is run by a bunch of teens but either way it's pretty surreal to see stuff like that happen in a US primary

I think he signed off on it himself, i'm not sure though

he did and hes unironically good







Mike Gravel is going to roast people at the debates

do you guys think one of the gravel teens posts here

Almost certainly

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I for one welcome them.

Because it's time for Uncle Joe.

Than once he dies, we got another Joe, this ones a Kennedy. Can't vote left ever, might scare the Americans too much.

Sounds a lot better than Bernie who is either a useful idiot or just a fucking idiot

I remember supporting Gravel in 2008 when I was 12 years old

Gonna donate to him this week

They fucking better

They're chapos. So yes.

His Twitter is run by a bunch of Chapos and it's hilarious when he calls others Mensheviks and makes icepick jokes

There was this crusty Trot at Jimmy Dore who knew Bernie from way back then, and he said he was a milquetoast SocDem even when he hang with Trots.

Why push someone who says he doesn't actually plan on being president?

It's kind of sad that this is a spicy meme.

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to get his policies into the debate

i want him to tell bernie that medicare for all paid for by third world slave labor is fascism and hes a filthy liberal on live TV

To shitpost IRL

I've never seen a candidate in US politics ever be this good on policy substance. He's got no chance at winning and even if he was elected he would be ineffectual but if it were just him running against trump in a general he would probably win.

The real Mike Gravel has said several times that he doesn't think attacking the other candidates personally is constructive and that he wishes the teens running his social media would stop. He wants to be issues-focused.

People who use the term accelerationist in this manner need to be put up against a wall and shot.

The preliminaries are rigged so that only the shittiest neolib or neocon can compete for presidency. Weed out anyone who's not a corporate whore early as possible.

He gets a pass because he's old as fuck.