Uber Strike May 8th

Don’t use Uber or Lyft on May 8th. And don’t be a fucking scab either. This strike is really important.

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I heard Lyft is better than Uber because they take less from their drivers' earnings. Is that true?

It’s all shit

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Why? What do you even think this will accomplish?

I take the Bus like a real human bean anyway

It’s a strike, what do you think strikes accomplish?

uhhhh aren't workers supposed to go on strike, not the consumers?

Communism in 2019 folks

How do you realistically stop scabs from undermining strikes on work"places" like Uber?

If anything, a mass strike only benefits the scabs more as they'll get less competition and jumping in to cash-in as a scab is almost effortless.

It’s called a boycott faggot

then call it a boycott instead of a strike you lil cuck

you're just another petit bourgeois piece of shit virching for good boy points people who actually work for a living use mass transit and hop in an Uber once a month tops

i fucking hate white privileged cucks like you much I hope the multiracial subhuman baboon lumpenproletariat eats your organs in a moaist genocidal orgy

People need to use the app to order rides, and when someone offers them a ride, don’t get in the car, but put their name on a “Scab list.” This tactic was used during the early stages of the American War for Independence where those that didn’t boycott British goods had their names put on lists and were socially ostracized.

The worker’s are striking, and people sympathetic to the strike are boycotting the company.

Yes, please "strike". Less competition means more surge pricing which means more Pizza I get to consume for myself and my family. Thank you Zig Forums truely you are my greatest ally.

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Oh, sabotage.

Okay then we're back at square 0. You have them in your meme list, now what?
Do you order them pizza on them at night?

terrible shitpost, fren



If a limousine is a big car and buses are big cars, doesn't taking the bus make you a limousine liberal 🤯

That sort of boycott makes more sense than not interacting with a company during a strike, which is a pretty dumb strategy when you 🤔 about it.

Do use them during the strike. Get the shortest/cheapest routes you can to increase the load on their servers and give 1-star reviews to any scab drivers.

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The stated intent of the strike is to slow down the service. Boycotting is counter to that because it reduces demand.

I trust that you sit at the back

literally nothing

Fuck off normalfag

Still drives down the profit margins though.

10/10 dialectics here

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Also tbh the interesting thing about this is that it is a craft union general strike: which is something that is very 1910s.

Only if they're able to service people and the charges go through. If they fail to pick you up and you cancel (then contest the charges with your card company or bank account) you can fuck with them on a large scale for failing to render service.

Now that their name is on the list when the strike ends no one will use their service.

Stop giving the idiots credit as the defining population here. Push back if you don't like them.

The only way this works is if the majority of uber users were also super class conscious and go out of their way to enforce the boycott. We live in an era where people can't be bothered to stop using google and cab service users must be on the extreme end of comfort-seeking since they're so willing to trade mass transit for convenience.
It might work, but my outlook on this is pretty pessimist.

Not to mention the classcucks who will look for people on the list exclusively to "own le libs".


While you're not wrong, that is far too impractical to do on a large scale. Also I think it would be fraud. Also also a lot of countries don't hold companies accountable for unfulfilled services due to industrial action. Still, a boycott not only hurts Uber in of itself but also hurts the Scabs since they will have far less work.

This is true praxis.

you can also spray paint the cars of scabs or do some other shit

one of my jobs is an uber rider and im striking you mug

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They are both proletariat, one just has higher wages thanks to nepotism and gate keeping

But people without cars reply on uber the most

I’m talking about the drivers

People don't go into Uber because they are happy with shit pay, destroying the value of their care, not having benefits. They do it because the desperately need the cash. So you mean to ruin the lives of the most destitute of the proletariat?

Its a good start but the union organizing this will stab the drivers in the back with a shitty negotiation. The organizers of this strike seem to be from upper middle class, socdem backgrounds much of the same ilk as the treacherous UAW and AFT union heads. Workers need to learn that the unions no longer represent them and that they need to form rank and file committees guided by a marxist vanguard party, work only the SEP is doing.

Well in the UK they are represented by the based IWGB: which is perhaps the most militant TU in the business atm. Last time there was an Uber strike they caused massive traffic disruption by blocking roads and blockaded the Uber Headquaters in the UK with protesters.
And that was just a London-based one and just with Uber. With a general shutdown like the one planned I imagine it's gonna be carnage.
Also lol "they need to do this specific thing which only my org is doing". And here we go again with trots hating trade unions.

scabs are scabs

Fucking trots, every single time.

uber drivers are self employed people who created their own problem by undercutting the well paid jobs of often organized taxi drivers. If you support uber drivers you are pro capitalists

This post is so fucking stupid I honestly don't know where to start showing how utterly dense it is.

It doesn't matter what theatrics they made the workers perform, what matters are the tangible results. The workers gained nothing from the "based IWGB", just like workers all over the world have gained nothing from the unions in the past 30 years. The role of unions is to act as the labor arm of the "left" bourgeois political parites. All you need to do is look at the massive amounts of workers dues that are used to fund the campaigns of the very politicians who enact further repressive measures against the workers.

The Matamoros workers understood this which is why the greatest strikes of the past year have been organic strikes unshackled by the unions. The Yellow Vests for example were organized outside of the union apparatus.


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you think we dont know what the 3rd arrow is for

What's this supposed to mean? Do you not support these workers?

Labor organizing means workers striking en masse, this can be done with or without a union. The majority of Yellow Vest strikers are workers who are setting forth their demands for higher living standards and an end to austerity which cuts across all sorts of trades and factories.

What tangible gains have been won by the IWGB for workers? The very best unions now are so emasculated that all they can do is win court cases which slow down the exploitation of workers. And the point I make is about unions as a whole. Due to the globalization of productive capital, unions, which operate under a nation-state basis of legality can no longer advance the interests of the working class. The best they can do is appeal to nationalism to retain jobs at the expense of a worker's class brothers and sisters overseas.

Workers need to build their own rank and file unions with an international perspective and with the emergence of the Matamoros workers and the French Yellow Vests, we are seeing huge qualitiative steps in that direction. The task now is to organize workers to ally themselves with a vanguard capable of leading in that perspective and as far as I can tell, no one else but the WSWS and the parties it represents are headed towards that direction.

Are you retarted?

What do you think they mean?

More than every trot in the fucking world thought it was the birth of some radical revolution rather than just contextualising it as another wildcat strike. From their airchairs they wished them onwards and at-best posted links incessantly about it. I remember some random f posting a thread on it every single fucking week for the entire thing.
Which is all lovely and nice until you realise that the Yellow Vests aren't performing industrial action. It is not akin to labour organising.
They managed to secure the first collective bargaining agreement for precariat gig economy workers in British history. If that ain't enough for you fuck knows what is.
This actually makes no sense if you had any understanding of marxist trade unionism.
They explicitly do not do this, considering a significant part of their core base is BAME.
And a global simultaneous strike involving rank-and-file craft unions isn't that? Also lol at the Gilets Jaunes having an "international perspective" considering a lot of their ideology is nationalist (not saying that's a bad thing in any way)

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Yes because a radical militant trade union from the UK set-up in 2012, founded as an offshoot of the IWW, obviously wants to be associated with the German Social Democrats of the 1930s. It's not like it has a broad connotation of anti-fascism or anything.
I mean they are obviously just milquetoast social democrats which is why they launched industrial action against the social democratic Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

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as a rule far-leftists should not use the three arrows symbol

Why, to satisfy your autism? Tbh using three arrows is way less retarded than non-agricultural societies using a fucking sickle in their symbology.

I see you are too stupid to argue the facts.

Uber drivers ARE self employed. They provide their own vehicle, set their own hours, decide which clients to accept, and can't be controlled in any way by Uber.

Uber drivers are capitalists who exist only to undercut the employment of taxi drivers.

Pro uber driver = pro capitalism and anti-employee

Considering that A) a lot of regular cabbies own their cab B) set their own hours and C) uber does determine their wage, your argument doesn't make any sense.
Also apart from the weird fetishisation of employment, being self-employed isn't the same as being a capitalist: Marx literally fucking says this.

It's an anti-communist symbol you fucking liberal.

Literally nobody thinks that in the UK, it as no connotation outside of anti-fascism. This may trigger you, but it is the truth.

Non-agricultural societies have the sickle in their flag because the worker's movement is about worldwide solidarity you fucking moron, and that includes foreign peasant economies, so no, the anti-communist three arrows are not a "way less retarded" symbol than the sickle.

Except the sickle was adopted as a specific thing to the Russian communist movement because of its peasant base: your bullshit argumentation about "worldwide solidarity" is so contrived I wonder how far up your arse you had to pull it from.

The "international solidarity" between peasants and workers is the interpretation most people have of the hammer and sickle, and they do not interpret it as a russian-specific symbol, since it is used by pretty much all ML parties in the world.

Even if you take the historical meaning as being the absolute standard, adopting a soviet symbol is more appropriate than a known anti-communist symbol.

It's not a known anti-communist symbol though, literally the only connotation it has in the UK is anti-fascism: being adopted by the Anti-Nazi League, which was a group founded by trotskyite communists. Holy hell how many times do I fucking have to say it you smoothbrain.

Why are people using these businesses at all?

Most people who call themselves trots, aren’t trots though.

same reason people use taxies


I would say a decent amount of the drivers don't even know there's a strike going on.

what did he mean by this

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Wait that was today

For fucks sake I walked home yesterday

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It has the emergency exit
Tfw the niggers got the last laugh anytime the bus crashed


Delightfully devilish, comrade.

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What about alternative apps? Anybody heard of this: libretaxi.org/ github.com/ro31337/libretaxi
I've never used any of these apps. If there is no central authority with paid people monitoring abuse by drivers, customers, and people setting up troll accounts, then how is a version without usage fees going to work? Web of trust?