Do you support lgbt faggotness, multi-gendernesness and political corectness?

do you support lgbt faggotness, multi-gendernesness and political corectness?
if so my friend you are not a communist, you're a retard

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only mentally handicapped people do
modern leftists are trash and marx is probably turning in his grave

Wtf kind of logic is this. Socialism is an economic thing not a social issue thing. You can be socialist and homophobic or socialist and a good person. Get over it I don’t give a shit who people sleep with or identify as when I still have to slave away at my shitty day job for porky

This. OP is a faggot.

If you replace every doorknob in Detroit with knobs of brass, gay acceptance will increase, and there are about five people alive in this decade who will understand what happened.

The crime rate will also drop.

Stfu retard you’re opinion is irrelevant to the modern left

The correlation between protecting people from sickness-type trauma and keeping them from developing psychotic revulsion responses accounts for the social+economic link which makes progressives less prone to murderous purification responses and their associated high corruption levels.

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If it bothers you so much then use that energy by channeling it into something actually productive like telling retail workers about unionizing.

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Holy fucking shit, how old are you you stupid cunt?

And modern left is a joke that nobody takes seriously anymore. It got infultrated by capitalists that promote faggotness and other ridicilous bs for just that reason, and you stupid twat fell for it

Real socialists piss on lgbt

The culture or gays in general?

You seem like a sane guy. Are people here legit retarded or what's the deal? Ehy am I having a feeling everyone here is underage?
Anyways, cheers comrade, I hope there are still marxists out there that didnt fall for """leftist""" progresivness meme

Most gays are overwhelmingly proles, and a fair amount of them are comrades. Sorry but you can't be economistic and achieve social revolution. If actual guerrillas like the New People's Army can fight for gay rights without becoming Clintonites you have no excuse.

What does this mean exactly? I always thought it's an umbrella term that refers to a lot of things. But if being PC to you means not using slurs and shit to refer to certain people, and to their face even. I don't see how the helps leftism in anyway. Explain to me please how that would help?

There is a difference of "fighting for" gay rights in Phillipines and in west where theres a fag agenda going in for decades

Have you been living under a rock or you're just pretendint to be ignorant?
Even marxists of today resent political corectness and this cunt is asking ehat that is

"Fag agenda" undermines patriarchy, which is a good thing if you're an advocate for, you know, social revolution

So everything that undermines patriarchy is good because ummm social revolution? Do you have backing of any legitamate marxist that supports this ridicilous folly?

To add to this, while Marx didnt even bother to talk about faggots Engels wrote openly against them

You faggot loving pathetic libbitches is whats killing commnism, fuck you

I really hope this was done ironically

I don't buy it. I just think a decent marxist wouldn't say disparaging things about or to the same workers they need to assist in abolishing capitalism. We either have two different meanings of the term, or I just don't get it.

Source on Engels being anti gay please would like to research.

Not that user, but political correctness as its colloquially understood. Language policing, moralist call out culture, etc. In that sense, you're going to find very few here defending such things.

All idpol is garbage that ruins everything, including your piece of shit post.

I support gay rights because women are worthless sluts and men are sexy gods! Fuck women and fuck yourself, you pussy-worshipping cuck!

Yes, yes, and no.

No you.

He's right. There's a place for every race. And as you can see there is no white in that flag. There's no room for whiteness in future world

Of course not.