99% of you are imperically wrong, and you just don't seem to give a damn

What I'm claiming really is 100% true about "The Left".
Bing simple, direct, and correct ≠ being simple minded or stupid; quite the opposite.
I'm not hateful, racist, resentful, or manipulative in any way.

Claim 1 -
99% of Leftists look at Society through a lense of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧bigoted indignation🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

Claim 2 -
The overwhelming majority of Leftist propaganda exemplifies one of the smallest minority in the world
as the patriarchal, oppressive, masterminds who are somehow behind the world's largest, most diabolical, conspiracy.

Claim 3 -
Jews are to the Right as rich white males are to the Left.

Purpose of claims 1, 2, and 3:
On the premise that "The Left" is viewing the world through bigoted indignation, all you can do is right wrongs through "justified" use of force. If the purpose of the overwhelming majority of Leftist propaganda is simply to right the wrongs supposedly committed by rich straight white males, then the result of said propaganda is going to be the creation of more stereotypes and racism. It seems as though the only purpose of Leftist propaganda is to play identity politics in order to unite the various "Minorities" and women into a matriarchal majority whose sole purpose is simply to put an end to the megalithic global conspiracy of conspiring rich white males.

How can an honest and sane person honestly believe that either the Jews or rich straight white men are collaborating in some way, conscious or subconscious, to oppress all other ethnicities (roughly 84% of the global population), sexualities, and Women (roughly 50% of the global population.)?

I'm being sincere, polite, and honest.

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Also read Marx you stupid fuck

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Please rewrite this post to be more legible and less weird and I'll read it. In all seriousness though, leftists are not against evil huwite males, but the forces of capitalism.

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Marx was a totally degenerate who raped his maid; all of his children killed themselves.

Marx was laughed out of academia, he never held positions of power, and he was an alcoholic who never earned any money; he was a bourgeoise who didn’t know how to manage finances.

Maybe Op is dyslexic?


Marx is cherished for his breakdown of capitalist mechanics, social relations, historical materialism and unique predictions for the future (all of which have been realized). Notice I did not include his "advice" moving forward.

For that we have people like Lenin or Mao.

lol no
lol no
Was not a bourgeoisie
Not an argument. Marx could have been a homeless dude without a penny or a family, but if his ideas are correct and hold up, then they are correct and hold up. No amount of Ad hom attacks will change that. If personal life was how we based theory, then there would be plenty of scientists and economists we would simply have to throw out wholesale to satisfy such pearl-clutching.

His ideas are not correct…

There is a mathematical illusion that explains the paradox of Marxism.

Suppose you have a tank of gas that is at 100%. If you only burn 50% of the gas at a time, your car will move forever.
Marxism is exactly like that. Marxism constantly burns half of Societies resources in a way that is not renewable.

Proof = Money does not feed anyone. Money only incentivises work or trade.

When the wealthy person hoards money, they have contributed something to society in order to gain that money in the first place…

When the the wealthy person hoards money, the are not taking anything from society after they have contributed something.

Lets say you make shoes for 40 years and save money. You contributed shoes to society without taking anything back in return… The amount of money that you hoard in your bank account is of no consequence to society.

The Marxist decides to take that money out of the shoe maker's bank account and redistributed it to people who have not contributed anything to society; they then take the useless money and trade it for something of of value to society like a house = limber and construction labor.

The people who are contributing to society now all suffer as a consequence of the Marxist thieves who have stolen money from the shoe maker…

Excuse my broken english… I come from a Communist nation.

What the fuck are you even saying?

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Doubt it, but even if that were the case it doesn't even matter. For every one dissatisfied class traitor, there are a hundred of those who are loyal to it or wish for it's return.

Why don’t you move to a Communist nation?

Why do people flee communist nations in troves, but nobody is fleeing Capitalist nations?

Why is it illegal to leave a communist nation, but the capitalist nation allows you to leave when ever the fuck you want to?

Why do capitalist countries gun down their citizens who try to escape to freedom?

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