Why do gamers tend to be reactionary...

Why do gamers tend to be reactionary? Capitalism has done more damage to video games in the last decade than ess jay dubyas have

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They are the types of dumb losers who are easily radicalized. If you play sports you will have friends of different races. If you play video games you’ll blame Jews for the fact that you’re a virgin.

Because they are lumpens or petit bourg and by definition incapable of being revolutionary. Every working class person I know who plays vidya isn't anything like what people mean when they talk about "gamers" and the term itself is misleading and obsfucates the real issue with these people

Escapism removes you from the real world, and class consciousness can only be realized through living and examining the brutality of capitalist exploitation.

I don't think they are any more likely, the gaming community suffers from the fact that children are mixed in, you don't know who's just a 10 year old smashing his keyboard.

Well capitalism created video games.
And the people to take them out of their gaming bubble identify as leftists


Yes but Capitalists are sneaky and hide the damage they do, they don’t make it public. Radlibs don’t. So while your average Porkyis a 100x worse than your average radlib, because Porky is good at hideing his harm people don’t see it that way. THis applies to more than just video games.

Radlibs are capitalists though.
So they're all the bad of capitalists plus their own radlibism making them worse

Gamers typically hate both. They dislike greedy corporations and companies that shove a message down people's throat.

In reality big game companies do both. They try to milk as much money out of the consumer and at the same time hire 'ess jay dubyas' to make them seem more moral, when there not.

There honestly just two fruits from the same tree. Both trying to manipulate the consumer.

To add onto this, a lot of the negative anti- consumer capitalist shit added to games are from the companies trying to appeal to China's market which eats into pay to win games.

Quite ironic coming from a partially "communist" government.

There's two sides to the SJW hate, corporations are definitely using politically correct, inclusive people and surface decisions to cater to that vocal demographic, while at the same time language policing its customers by calling them whatever buzzword they can come up with when they shit on their products.

Ideologically sure, but by capitalist I was referring to members of the bourgieous, not those who ideologically support capitalism.

basically all of Hollywood is bourgeois radlib

Not necessarily. When you play sports you're limited by the community your in. And depending where you are might mean playing with the same race, and this in turn would create clicks.

When I was growing up there where these white guys who always play basket ball in a park nearby. There was this Mexican family that moved in and there kid would try and play with them, but they either lied and said the teams were already balanced or when they did allow him to play would never pass the ball to him.

I didn't hang out with those guys much longer after that.

It honestly is mainly based on the community imo. Typically gamers are like that in competitive games where trash talking is the norm

The data in this article might be total bullshit but I thought it was interesting. Basically reactionary / conservative gamers are just one cohort of gamers, and they tend to play more violent first-person shooter games.

What's also hilarious to me is that hockey is the #1 game for moderates, because I have a centrist friend who loves those NHL games lol and Fallout (open world). The vast majority of gamers also only play one or a few games, and that's "their game." Like, my brother's girlfriend only plays those Batman games like Arkham Asylum because she really likes Batman. A lot of this is probably due to race as well with very liberal and left-wing / left-leaning black sports fans.

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And capitalism created art, cinema, books, research, etc.
Capitalism is just one tool to repay the creators of a medium. As you know they are a lot of art created for free out of people's pure passion for the art. This goes for books, movies, research, and yes, even games have been made for free or even open source.
You shouldn't diss something just because the tool it was created by.

The same reason so many of them shoot up schools, it's an outlet for their destructive rage and nihilism

Yeah let's just ignore that gaming was fine for decades under capitalism and it's just a coincidence that it's going to shit as soon as social justice reared its ugly head.

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what game is in between kerbal and rocket league?

The internet mixed with gaming culture is completely different from people from the 80-90s having a hobby related to gaming, or mostly being children. Culture wars wasn't a thing either.

I do disagree with the idea that gamers are the most reactionary demographic in modern entertainment, though, sport fans kill people more than vidya players shoot up public places.

Yeah gaming was totally fine 10+ years ago when preorder bonuses were running rife and on-disc DLC had just been invented, it's only the essjews who messed it up.

It basically looks like black/non-white gamers, and those who socialize with them. Note Street Fighter, sports games, GTA, and old games like Sonic/Crash (based on nostalgia because they don't play games as much now, or having a less modern console growing up).
The fighting game community is without a doubt the most racially diverse group of gamers. It's also one of the most mechanically sophisticated and complex genres of game, if not the most. And it's more working class, as it focuses on practicing on a single game (instead of buying one every year) for a very long time, with low or even obsolete hardware requirements. It's funny that only one liberal/SJW game actually shows up on that chart, but it makes sense.

The shift in the game industry has been from a single purchase pseudo-commodity (disk/cartridge, or online game that depends on mods for new game modes), towards "games as a service," which is part of a shift in the whole software industry. This is undeniably the cancer killing games, and the reason is profits.


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Also it's pretty funny that the "moderates" like games where you get to just roleplay as a guy who chooses between different story paths and "bad" vs "good" paths/factions/etc.
And IDK why, but TF2 is very apropos for the reactionaries.


I know, but still funny

There's a list on the left. It's just generic "action-adventure games."

Yeah and MAGA moms I'm assuming

I'd say it's more acceptable than Life is Strange.

Capitalism is the cause because all the ugly trends in gaming are the result of owners seeking maximum profits by imposing their new business models on the developers and consumers.

I mean even 20 years ago, there are brilliant games like Fallout 1+2 and thousands of others that are forever marred by the fact that they were released in an unfinished state with cut content everywhere and gamebreaking bugs, purely because they needed to be put out either before the holidays or before the studio ran out of money to pay the staff.

I'm curious about the economic drivers behind the DLC-ization of gaming. Is there a falling rate of profitability in the game industry and this is a way to compensate for it?

Like, are games becoming more expensive to make these days? More overhead?

Well I'd wish they'd shut up when people criticize developers for that bullshit.

Something to consider is that the FGC was "formed" long before social media corps consolidated the internet and the emphasis was heavy on local events instead of online.

care to elaborate on why cancer better than AIDS?

That game is unironically good though. I just replayed it last week. Fite me IRL. Yeah you can nitpick 'cringe' bits out of it (as if we didn't know that cringe culture is reactionary cancer) but overall it's fun to play, has a nice message for young people, and is memorable and emotionally satisfying. There's games I played for twice as long as Life is Strange in the RPG/shooter/whatever category that I didn't remember at all a year after I played them, but I hadn't played LIS for 4 years and I remembered a bunch of the major characters and plot points.

Life is Strange gets unfairly compared to Gone Home when there's zero similarity between the two.

Gamergate was literally a perfect example of how dumbfuck reactionaries and centrists inadvertently serve porkie

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I'm not reading the rest of your post.

I don't think you understand the impact journalists have on corporations perception of consumer opinion.

Yes, HD games are much more labour and hardware intensive than the SD era, this is why you've seen a widening chasm between indie, with basic and stylised graphics but interesting ideas from small studios, and AAA titans with the very latest pixelwank graphics but with no new or controversial ideas, focus grouped to oblivion to be palatable to everyone, from giant corporate monstrosities. Games from small and medium studios that can afford to take risks are basically the only shit worth playing anymore outside a few exceptions. I mean, when the company is run by empty suits, how can you take risks on a project that cost 200+ million dollars?

I mean yeah, I agree SJWs are being used as/are serving as cannon fodder for the industry giants to avoid criticism but it doesn't mean they're responsible, like everything it's caused by material factors.

I bet you haven't even played it faggio.

You'd lose that bet.

Oh really? Surely you didn't play more than half an hour or something though before turning it off because you were triggered by the feminazis or whatever. I find it hard to believe you played it through and honestly think it sucks (I get it's not some people's kind of game but that's a different thing)

Vidya (and all software, and really all media now) suffer from a disconnect between cost of blueprinting and cost of production.
In order to produce a copy of a video game, you spend maybe like 30 cents (a cartridge + box) or less than a cent (online download). However, the production of the blueprint (IE, source code and data) can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. And the blueprint doesn't physically depreciate, but socially (through social discovery of bugs or loss of interest). So the law of value operates in a very different way. Generally speaking, a game that turns a profit is monetizing the labor of the designers and artists, plus the unpaid labor of the community (who give the game life through word of mouth, guides, videos, mods, etc). You obviously can't realize the value put into designing it unless the community responds favorably to the game + marketing. But the community itself generates value.
If you look at games like Half-Life (+ TF, CS, etc), Half-Life continued to sell at a less discounted price long after turning a decent profit because the community was making tons of mods. But this was actually a missed chance from Valve's point of view. Because someone could buy Half-Life once, and then they'd have access to an ever-growing number of mods. All the effort of the modders was not being monetized!! There are similar phenomena with Quake, Doom, Minecraft, HL2, GMod, and so on.
The modern solution is to make games that are hostile to modders, and to centralize everything on company servers. Then the game company replaces modders with its own team, who release updates and game modes on a schedule. The community is expected to either pay for some kind of subscription/season pass, or lootboxes, or both. WoW was an early example. TF2 was groundbreaking for this model in the FPS scene.
As for a falling ROP, while game companies do have increased capital costs, the biggest increases in cost are often from devs and artists. Due to the fact that the games don't follow the law of value established for commodities, companies can't just depend on realizing the value dumped into design. So it's increases in plain costs that is motivating the new payment models. However, with the new models come central servers (lots of fixed capital), which further reinforces subscription models.

Life is Strange is a shitty drama.

Generally, gamers are lazy fucks who hate work, and they would be forced to work under a socialist state.

I bet you think that EA was only shit when BFV came out

Capitalism is the reason vidya exists in the first place.

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Because gamergate happened and the real Left wasn't there for them. That's really it. I wasn't even a Leftist yet.

Reciprocate the goddamned firewall, China went full retard.


A system that requires force isn't really a moral system.
Forced sex is rape
Forced labor is slavery
Forced happiness is fake
A good system will motivate people to contribute willingly
You can't force a caged bird to sing.

China is the motivation for a lot of the AAA game companies to add all the neo capitalist pay to win features and games as a service stuff into games. Since they are the biggest market and they are into that sort of shitty games.

No matter what stage of society you live in– primitive communism, feudalism, slavery, capitalism, socialism, or advanced communism –the majority has to work to eat and live.
Work under communism is of a different character than under capitalism, as it isn't exploitation, workers will control the workplace, and the division of labor will be erased.

I second this. Those leftists were mainly claiming to be leftists for economic benefit.

Most Western games aren't even allowed to be sold in China you fuckwit.

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Real leftists play games like Victoria ii, EU III, and HOI III. The rest are just the black vote, and soyboys.
Change My mind.

Other than the ‘hating women’ confusion of optics, there wasn’t any solutions (if any were made) that the Left could get behind anyway.

Can't believe Ross got cucked by this motherfucker

What if some people have a physical or mental disability? Or they are a kid? Do we make those people work as Well? What if they can work, but causes them physical or mental strain that hurts them in some way? Hire much pain can we look past?

Also what about in a Post Scarcity economy? If automation takes over the majority of the tasks needed to eat and live there is less of a need for workers to maintain the system. We aren't there yet, but we are heading in that direction.

This is a good point though^^

didn't he dress in drag.

PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch are all really popular. Plus even if they aren't allowed to be sold in the country, allot of the things they are purchased and played over VPN.


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what a loser.

How much of these grand strategy games di they have to play to be "real leftists"?
One? Two?
What if they play these games most of the time, but also play COD of some time?
What percentage would they be of "real leftists".
What percentage would you have to be to consider you a "real leftist"
Are you implying a false diacotomy? You either are or are not a "real leftist"?

Why do you even bring that up? Did I say the disabled and elderly have to work? No, I didn't. Read Marx.

Not going to happen in anyone's lifetime.

This was such an embarrassing story to witness.


It is also likely that glow and the darks and discordnazis signal boost their own content through spam. I see it all the time, and it's kind of pathetic honestly.

yet another reason to abolish it

Was trying to bring up the fact it's not dichotomous and how lines are arbitrary and it's not a clear and cut in every circumstance. How much of a disability is a disability? Everyone has grown up in different circumstances.

Not with that attitude

Not going to lie though. A form of communism would be better than the crony capitalism which forces us to work indirectly through the forced need of money to live anywhere close to humane life.
We're in a system that is forcing us to work as well. And what has that created? A growing distrust of the government and those in power. Riots against the system that is forcing them to work not on the workers terms.

I think this is a gross generalization based on too much time on /v/ and tbh if I was a developer I wouldn't give two fucks what those faggots think because they openly admit they pirate all the games they play instead of buying them anyways. I would only care about the reddit spy boys who bling-out with like 50 items of merchandise.

proof that neolibs are right-wing

This is just a reflection of irl left wing sectarianism.

Mabey if your a girl on your period.

If your older than 30 you should be banned from doing drag.

Dedicated gamers = incels with no friends. They hate their own pathetic lives so they rebel against the world trying to blame others for their own failures

99% of the time this is true, they didn’t make themselves have poor social skills or go to a shity school or only be able to take shity minimum wage jobs. The problem is that they blame the wrong people. 99% of the time when their is something wrong in your life, you are not responsible.

Imageboard cringe culture says that the complainer is always wrong and cringe. Not a surprise how this mindset lends itself to conservative views, especially if you're a lumpenized kid who spends most of their day engaging in escapism. Might sound tinfoil-y but AAA dev shills on /v/ are to blame at least partially. Saying modern games suck for any other reason but having black people in them gets you ridiculed and called a nostalgiafag. Leftism is bad because they complain too much about things, I'm an epic irony doomer who doesn't care about anything.

Based Trot. Those who put the blame on the individual, particular those who are not powerful are the actual reactionaries. If they then portray themselves as "leftists" it's kind of obvious why the disenfranchised run into the arms of fascists that at least pretend to value them. Liberals always were our 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧greatest allies🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Completely agree. Those damn SJWs and their lootboxes.

video games are trash and they always were 99% trash

just download some old rom packs its like 10 GB for every Sega NES SNES Ps1 n64 and you have multiple lifetimes of "good" games to choose from

Video games were born from universities at first so the tech is not thanks to capitalism.

If you mean the video game industry, then you'll have to explain to me why do you think the current state of the industry is worth defending.

People who play video games with extreme regularity are seeking an escape from reality. They tend to dislike the symptoms of capitalism but are unaware of the cause since they are avoiding it in the first place. Not everyone is naturally analytical but even is someone is, they might not have the time nor the willingness to delve deeply into politics and economics, much less so if they find it easier to avoid it altogether by escaping into a fantasy world. With this is mind, does it surprise you at all that they would be attracted to reactionary politics?
Criticizing or mocking their hobby will only make them more attached to it as part of their identity, not to mention that it completely ignores the fact that they are alienated.


And a billion freeware games.

yikes @ every word of this

piracy renders all genres equal. ridiculous amounts of free time to spend on a game hint at not being working class, given y'know, 24 hours in a day and the working class gotta work. funding your fursuit with fighting game tournament money does not a proletarian make.

I'm on disability and I play games a couple hours a day.

I'm a leftist and I play a few games. I also post on the internet, by the way.