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Theresa May faces ultimatum: set your exit date or quit now
Executive members of the 1922 Committee are preparing to ask Theresa May to step down immediately if she fails to set out a timetable for leaving Downing Street.

Drone attack on Saudi oil pipeline claimed by Houthis as questions linger over 'ship sabotage'
Yemen's Houthi rebels attacked a major oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia with explosive-laden drones on Tuesday, just days after an alleged sabotage of Saudi oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

Spain pulls frigate from U.S. Gulf mission amid differences over Iran
Spain has withdrawn a frigate from a U.S.-led naval group in the Gulf because it was now focusing on alleged threats from Iran rather than an agreed objective to mark an historic seafaring anniversary, the Spanish government said on Tuesday.

WhatsApp claims spyware attack has ‘all hallmarks’ of Israeli company that aides govt surveillance
A WhatsApp spyware attack that targeted human rights activists has clear links to a company known to help governments snoop, the messaging app firm said in a statement. Israeli firm NSO is accused of being behind the exploit.

Venezuela top court accuses more lawmakers of treason as congress building blocked
Venezuela’s top court accused four opposition lawmakers of treason on Tuesday, following similar accusations against 10 legislators this month, escalating a deep political crisis in the South American country.

Violence overshadows Sudan's transition push
Sudan’s opposition alliance blamed military rulers on Tuesday for renewed street violence complicating efforts to negotiate a handover to civilian power after last month’s overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir.

Indian actor-politician under fire for calling Gandhi's HINDU killer India’s ‘first TERRORIST’
Bollywood star-turned-politician Kamal Haasan is facing harsh criticism and even calls for his arrest over his recent claim that independent India’s “first terrorist” was a Hindu nationalist who killed Mahatma Gandhi.

North Korea demands return of ship seized by US
North Korea has demanded the immediate return of a cargo ship seized by the US, branding the move an "unlawful robbery".

Trump welcomes Hungarian far-right prime minister Orbán to the White House
On Monday afternoon, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was welcomed by US president Donald Trump at the White House. It was the first time in 20 years, since Bill Clinton welcomed Orbán in 1998, that the leader of the Hungarian far-right government has met with a US president in Washington.

Bolsonaro Fund Cuts Force Scientists to Migrate Brazil for Work
Brazilan scientists and students are being forced to leave the country in search of funding to finish their current research and studies fearing major cuts to the public higher education system announced last week by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

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US Army School Publishes Manual for Regime Change, Intervention
The U.S. Special Operations Command published a report on foreign interventions by the country detailing the successes and failures of 47 interventions since 1941.

Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective Defies Unlawful “No Trespass” Order
late Tuesday afternoon, the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police handed out a trespassing notice that was printed without letterhead or signature from any U.S. government official.The notice said that the Trump administration recognizes Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido as the head of the government of Venezuela and that the Guaido-appointed ambassador to the United States, Carlos Vecchio, and his appointed ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Gustavo Tarre, were to determine who is allowed into the Embassy. Those not authorized by the ambassadors were to be considered trespassers.

Republicans launch “anti-Semitism” smear campaign against Representative Rashida Tlaib
Republican politicians and right-wing media outlets have initiated a smear campaign against Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib over bogus allegations of “anti-Semitism.”

Ocasio-Cortez Decries Biden 'Middle-Of-The-Road Approach' On Climate Change
"I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need to find a middle-of-the-road approach to save our lives," the 29-year-old freshman Democrat, who introduced the Green New Deal framework earlier this year, said Monday night at an event in Washington, where she was trying to rally support for her climate-change proposal.

A major new report into rising inequality warned that the growing gap between rich and poor is now a threat to Western democracy
Inequality is rising in the UK and the US according to a new study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.The report warns that the growing gap between rich and poor risks undermining faith in democracy.Low earners in the UK have seen their wages stagnate as health and educational inequalities deepen.It suggests the rise in populist and fringe movements in the West is a direct result of the widening gap.

Uber drivers are freelancers, not employees, federal labor lawyer says
Uber drivers are independent contractors, not employees of the ride-hailing company, the federal labor board’s general counsel said in an opinion released May 14th. It’s another sign that drivers and labor advocates face a steep — if impossible — hill to climb to force Uber to reclassify its drivers as employees.

Disney to take full control over Hulu, Comcast has option to sell its stake in 5 years
Disney will take “full operational control” over Hulu from Comcast, effective immediately, the companies announce.Comcast also has an agreement to enforce an option to sell its 33% stake in Hulu to Disney in 2024 at a valuation of at least $27.5 billion.

God bless the Houthis, incredible people and an underrated national liberation movement.

Ruining your sciences departments to own the cultural marxist feminists.

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Thinking of the predator handshake meme where it's ISIS and Jair Bolsonaro and the hands come together over ruining science


Five years since the poisoning of Flint’s water supply: Part one
This is the first article in a two-part series drawing a balance sheet of five years of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.April 25 marked the fifth anniversary of the Flint, Michigan water crisis. On that day in 2014, the mayor of Flint, Michigan, Dayne Walling, ringed by a coterie of state and local officials, pushed the button that disconnected the city from its reliable source of treated drinking water. For 50 years, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) had supplied Flint’s water directly from its Fort Gratiot Treatment Plant on the shores of Lake Huron through a 65-mile pipeline capable of delivering 400 million gallons each day.With that fateful act, improperly treated water drawn from the polluted Flint River began to surge through the city’s lead-lined pipes. The water was acidic, and because it was not treated to control corrosion of the pipes, in violation of federal safe drinking water requirements, lead and other particulates leached into the tap water of homes and businesses. Residents immediately protested against the murky and smelly water coming from their faucets.

A Plan B for Our Planet
Ahead of the European elections due to be held on May 26, French politics looks sharply divided. On the one hand, most media tell us, is the slick liberal president Emmanuel Macron, with his bid to breathe new life into the beleaguered European Union. On the other is Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (ex–Front National), with its hard line against immigration and so-called “populist” rhetoric against Brussels.But as the ongoing gilets jaunes protests have shown, this is not the only divide shaping these elections. For six months Macron allies have sought to portray the gilets jaunes as reactionary Le Pen voters riven by antisemitism and homophobia. Yet far from this caricature, most gilets jaunes are just working-class people fed up at not being able to pay their bills, arguing that they shouldn’t have to shoulder all the costs of the ecological transition.Today, this argument is key to the European election campaign being waged by La France Insoumise (LFI). Since its leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s 2017 presidential bid, scoring 20 percent of the vote, it has stressed the importance of green jobs and putting an end to neoliberal EU treaties which impose breakneck deregulation. For LFI, social and climate justice aren’t opposites: they’re about taking on the same neoliberal elites.Danièle Obono is a La France Insoumise MP in France’s National Assembly. Ahead of next weekend’s elections to the EU Parliament, Jacobin’s David Broder asked Danièle about her movement’s plans to shake up the European Union, the new alliances it hopes to build in Brussels, and how it hopes to combine the spirit of the gilets jaunes with the new demands coming from the young climate protesters.

D is for a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy
What characterizes American government today is not so much dysfunctional politics as it is ruthlessly contrived governance carried out behind the entertaining, distracting and disingenuous curtain of political theater. And what political theater it is, diabolically Shakespearean at times, full of sound and fury, yet in the end, signifying nothing.Played out on the national stage and eagerly broadcast to a captive audience by media sponsors, this farcical exercise in political theater can, at times, seem riveting, life-changing and suspenseful, even for those who know better.Week after week, the script changes (Donald Trump’s Tweets, Congress’ hearings on Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, the military’s endless war drums, the ever-widening field of candidates for the 2020 presidential race, etc.) with each new script following on the heels of the last, never any let-up, never any relief from the constant melodrama.The players come and go, the protagonists and antagonists trade places, and the audience members are quick to forget past mistakes and move on to the next spectacle.


apart from their anti-imperialism, they sound like run-of-the-mill islamist reactionaries imo

guaido for prison 2019

I knew it. The US is trying to rally allies against Iran and doesn't have the diplomatic force to do it anymore.

And they said Trump doesn't affect US foreign policy.

Hey you can thank Stalin for murdering Koch Brother's employees so they went and funded all of that.

thanks news user

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A literal revolt against decadence. Middle East still stuck in CK2 phase.

Listen to yourself, you heartless scum. These people are fighting for their lives against a literal genocide, imposed on them by the USA and Saudi Arabia, and you're calling them "run of the mill reactionaries." What the fuck is wrong with you???

McDonald’s restaurants to double up as mini US embassies to help distressed tourists in Austria

I am aware of the situation, and how they are fighting against imperialism and are going through an act of genocide.of course I'm not some neocon who thinks the blockade and invasion are in any way justified. I'm as big a ☭TANKIE☭ as anyone on this board, but I think we're way too quick to lionize reactionary governments/leaders who are resisting imperialism. Does all the economic sanction/saber-rattling against Iran at the moment suddenly turn the cartoonishly reactionary and corrupt theocrats (who have killed and supressed bona fide socialists) who run that country into the next georgy zhukov? I think not.

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The article is giving the charlatans in the social studies departments the title scientists.