We banning people on supposed mental illnesses these days?

Got shit ton of vpn servers so BAN ME AGAIN ILL BE BACK!!! Want others comments banned to? Becuase you authoritarian fuckfaces cant handle a based schizo?
When i switch vpns proving thats true itll to funny.
Just because theres a stigma around schizophrenics doesnt mean were all poltards

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new baboon odor is even stinkier than old baboon odor

Mods instead of 404ing me just address me in the comments like a regular user!!!
You ban me on feelings and another protonvpn sever(many use is gone for … time) just stop and respect a schizophrenic user

Fuck off snownigger
How will you deal with a intersectional socialist front once capitalism on the edge of collapse?
How? Pic related!!!

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I'm schizo and i've stayed here a while.

shut up monkey. Want a banana?

This post wont last long modz love there power!! When and I mean WHEN Im banned, I'll post a pick of it to and get another vpn server banned!!! If i have to deal with bans because of being mentally atypical i will MAKE YOUR LIVES HELL!!! let schizophrenic user be that simple!!!

What ever you say creationist!!! Bet your literal descendant of a monkey genes arent of high enough quality to understand evolution, backwards ass pig!!!

Will you become car girl user 2.0?

schizos are rarely based

Lets generalize schizophrenics
Because we could do the same for racial groups am i right Zig Forums?


And have you ever been op pic'ed

I say a very based schizo on a particular thread, I won't say which one tho.

I can't say that i have or have not, because i may or may not have been banned for being a schizo.

I dont know what your referring to! I've only been on chans for the last year!!!

Was it because you were a "retard" mods love that one makes them feel intellectually superior!!! What youve been banned for?

Well i was posting a lot about yaldabaoth being the god of capitalism and how marx was gnostic.

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Forgot my Satan flag.

Hey everyone lets believe capitalist societial stigma of what schizophrenia is!!! Lets not see how the dugery of modern industrial work is bad on the creative and expressive!

Im schizo-satanic fam

you are seriously reterded

Dont see your explanation bud and if its my post WTF? really??? How bout you admit you insulted be and abused power for nothing smartass!!! Mods feel like self-critism? Bet not!!!

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You can a appeal a ban and i did but i took it public because im not waiting on a bureaucratic process now GTFO

Words have implications dont be to dense to see this! You used my post as a explanation THATS NOT! Point out in what I said was worth banning me(you did not you merely reposted my post). What did you do? you dropped a one word insult with no attempt at real explanation as I pointed out earlier how is properly done(you didnt do)!!!
You are in the wrong!!!
Can a man raise above his pride?anons and me will find out.

Based Schizo user

There are high level operating schizos that have been in most all intellectual field's. Forget that believe capitalist stigma on schizophrenic ( reverse psychology )


The Thread it was in is this, you will see the banned post and its context! You can judge for yourselves if i deserve a ban!

Maybe not a ban but you don't seem alright mentally.

Radlib found

Fuck liberals what should I say then? I wanted to get across that it will be of all groups of all groups of America in its current racial/sexual orientation outlook (no matter muh social construct…)


How? define alright? So vague!!!

Guys its true Im a schizo
I have delusional visions of utopia! I think in the 4th person (as to take my perspective and expand it) I walk aware I and I wont be timid on the expression of my consciousness!!!


To this day I wonder if my dad had done psychedelics would he be happy and healthy today.
So it was found out!

mods = fags

Indeed all he had to do was say im sorry user, I'll go about things better in the future. Instead he was prideful as I predicted.

Based schizo user, keep up the good fight

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Unsure if im welcome here user!!!

Remember what was stolen from us!!!

7-11 nationalism

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