All right you fuckers, red-pill me on Stalin. What lies have capitalist propaganda spread about the USSR/PRC/PRNK...

All right you fuckers, red-pill me on Stalin. What lies have capitalist propaganda spread about the USSR/PRC/PRNK? Links to articles or sources appreciated.

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Stalin made mistakes but he is nowhere near as evil as the West has portrayed him out to be. Circumstances dictate action, and he was dealt a hand most would have floundered with.

We have this thread every week, day even, there's even a thread asking for this exact same thing that didn't get any responses because it's such a common subject. Go to /marx/ if you want big ass lists of sources.

Stalin wasn't a good guy, but many (most?) of his crimes are exaggerated or even outright fabricated by Western "scholars" and media. Any attempt to place him the same league as Hitler, for example, should be resisted and called out as the imperialist propaganda it is.

Additionally, the problems of the USSR would have existed with or without Stalin and trying to give him sole or primary responsibility for all of the bad things that happened is pure liberalism.

This, he isn't a figure to be respected past his few military accomplishments (which he himself sabotaged indirectly by purging everyone for no fucking reason), he didn't do anything anyone else couldn't have done better.
This server has a lot of info. The server is called Socialist Documents.

The only mistake Stalin made, was trust in Israel.

If you want the absolute best take of Stalin read Blackshirts and Reds by Michael Parenti, specirically tje chapter titled "Stalin's Fingers" It's one of the only books which goes in depth into debunking the lies about Stalin and the USSR during his era of leadership without completely sucking him off and even has a few passages making fair criticisms of Stalin and his actions from a Leninist perspective. It's also probably the best sources of Parenti's books imo

I've been on this board since 2015 and seen the attitude towards the USSR shift several times. The current general consensus seems to be

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if anything i'd say the opposite, i think you can within reason give credit to stalin as a statesman for holding things together reasonably well, you can credit him for his political work before, during and after the revolution, you can credit him for his understanding of and even his contributions to marxism if you like, but his military record is sparse, unremarkable and easily the least notable thing about him. The USSR produced some great military minds and generals with great accomplishments but Stalin is definitely not one of them.

read grover fur… the ultimate redpill

He was a very good writer. The west like to portray him as a stupid thug, when he's actually an intellectual and one of the most capable politicians in history. And even with this considered, he was also one of the most brave and honoured revolutionaries, not a greedy and corrupt tool; he went from being a seminary student and poet with 21 to plan bank robberies and give all the money to the revolutionary cause with 29.

Red Tzar

Over throws the ruling class of russia just to put himself as an even more brutal leader

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Shut up book worm fag

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It's also fucking infantial as shit to think you can match capitalist opposition with anything less than violence that matches or at the very least challenges their own. "Muh authority" isn't a fucking argument because every ideology that isn't completely inconsiquential utilizes authority.

Stalin was an alcoholic.

Even if you're the biggest liberal on Earth I can't see how you would believe Stalin was worse than the Tsars.

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Stalin died pissing himself, his wife killed herself, his grandaughter is now a weirdo, and Stalin ultimately died without any friends just loyal dogs.

real dogs or man dogs?

the 999999999999999999999999999999 gorillion number might be true, but they never tell who he killed. it was mostly fascists and kulaks (that starved people before). and Trotsky but i think trotskyist vs stalinist narrative should die out while making revolution.

I've heard plenty of libertarians argue that stalin was worse.

Not really, he was conscious a few more times and died 4 days later in bed.
Because old people are known for having lots of friends? Some of his closest friends were still around, like Malenkov, Molotov, Voroshilov.

The soviet population would have never grown if it was true.