hey people, i was trying to make some comics to educate the masses about capitalism. i decided to post them here to make if i'm doing it good.

what do you think? the idea is well expressed?

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You shouldn't use shapes, you should use squiggly lines in ms paint. Also don't add color. That way the low quality is so obvious that if anyone tries to attack the comic for its quality, you have a good defence.

i was trying to make a simple comic and i thought in something that could be done simply
i'll try to make new ones with that idea. at least the text is good?

Basically what said, if you want I can help with the comics. Not that I'm an amazing artist or anything. Also maybe less text. I hate the guy but there's a reason Stonetoss got semi-popular.
I will post tomorrow, I really don't have time now.

Text is fine if you ask me.

Not really a fan of political comics tbh, most them use logical fallacies (mostly strawmen) and comics are just too short to get a legitimate point across. but keep doing what you're doing its fine right now

It's actually an interesting style with some recognition value, when he keeps making a series out of it.

That issue of Superman were he landed in the Soviet Union rather than the US

well, the idea is there. and you have the characters. we can make a real communist story with leftyboy (temporal name) and porky.

i'll try to make more of them after analyzing the ideas of socialism. you can give tl;dr of the ideas and i´ll try to make them (or someone else)

On the text…
- Find yourself a good royalty free comicbook style font online.
- In your round text balloons, center-align your text. If you can't using the software you're presently using you download paint.net.
- First write out your text in a new layer, and then draw the balloon in a layer below it.
- Work on your grammar a bit. Make sure it works. You can still use broken English for comic effect of course.
- "yay! capitalism!" doesn't seem like a very strong punchline to me.

I'm gonna disagree. I like the simple setup and low quality, though you might want to add a little more detail to add to a distinctive, consistent style. The content seems decent but isn't new.

wtf who cares about that?

First comic sucks ass because it's not dispelling the myth that socialism is "everyone getting paid the same", but simply that capitalism falls into the same trap.

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maybe it's the big eye, idk, but imo that porky looks pretty cute. i can't be too mad at him.

Why not? They're available. Make use of them.

These are really bad. They look like shit, they could be turned into one panel and still have the same effect, and they don't teach or dispel anything. It's basically just an empty "gotcha" for people who already agree with the message.

OP here, what about now? do you like it the drawings and the message?

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Message is fine, work on punchline delivery and shading. You'll do better with a distinct but still nice artstyle. Artists like Odd1sout and Loading Artist have minimalistic artstyles while remaining distinct and still looking good.

Try to draw so that you don't need any text, the image has to speak for itself. It's hard to do but it's essentially what's breaks or makes a comic. You seem on the right path though. It takes a long time to get good at drawing so expect frustrations along the way. Go to 4ch's /ic/ if you want some good sources on learning how to draw but don't post this comic or don't say you are a lefty, there's a reason why everyone calls everyone crabs there.

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OP here. I made another one. Please keep the feedback coming cuz they are really helpful and I think I'm already improving thanks to them.

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Unironically hilarious.


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Why is porky an ant now?

Thanks for the advice. I remade the latest comic with this in mind. Is it any better?

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This one tries to hard. When you try to make a joke out of OP try to do it better.
is perfection.


Because he is the ant-agonist!

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This is SoMe AbstrAcT f33l 0f exxxплотэйшон.

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Can someone explain the joke

Incredible stuff, OP. Your comics are so bad that I almost think it's one of us false flagging. Power to you for trying though. What you're missing is the air of truth- every joke is based on a bit of truth. So if your comics are full of false things, it will throw off the reader and they won't understand them without significant analysis, which will kill any attempt at humour.

People do not "line up for pay day", engineers do not work for minimum wage, cars are very rarely inherited from deceased relatives. Additionally, you should be be able to make your point by only hinting at it and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusion. That's the only way they will put any stock in it. This run-on sentence thing is not going to work.

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