Not trying to be Zig Forums...

Not trying to be Zig Forums, but why did Leftism in the USA get involved with minorities and etc when in the past people who were into it were vocal about being pro-imperialist and genocidal and shit like that.

Marx celebrated the conquest of Mexico as it brought them into history, Communism is an extension of Christianity which called for Maoist Cultural Revolutions of the complete wiping out of inferior cultures, Union Army had a bunch of Socialists and Communists who were vocal about wanting to kill non-whites, numerous people such as Jack London and etc who were early 1900's Progressives wanted total and complete dominance over other nations.

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COINTELPRO and other CIA manufactured consent projects.

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Probably because it wasn't a developed place, now he wouldn't have a problem with Mexican workers just because they are Mexican.

Also how is the left having a racist proportion in the past make it less likely to get adopted by minorities compared to the right? has the right had less racist movements?

The American Bourgeois were a progressive world historical force until the end of Radical Reconstruction. After this point, capitalism became predominantly reactionary.
This is why Marx supported the US in the Mexican American War.

You think socialism would be better if it was unapologetically racist? And you're not Zig Forums?

It was believed by the British that the reason that the Founding Fathers wanted to secede was to conquer Injun tribes. Monarchs just want to sit on thrones and get taxes. Confederates would've left Injuns alone.

They fought Empires such as the Spanish Empire and wiped Central Europe's Monarchies and Fascists.

That is pretty progressive if you ask me.

I just wanna know why it got so PC.

No, fascism is just another posture of capitalism. A liberal country fighting a fascist country is not progressive in a materialist world historical sense.

They were deliberately fighting fascists in Central Europe as little as possible.the US was very little involved in the Atlantic Theater and much more interested in establishing themelves in the Pacific.

Where they were fighting the Japanese Empire.

The US was tainted by settler colonialism from the very start. It can never be redeemed (as in, made socialist) and will first have to be destroyed.

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Are you 15 or 16 now? Are you still in america?

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That "I see in the near future…" quote by Lincoln is a forgery.

He did say/write k00l things, but that isn't one of them. Also calling Jefferson, Jackson, Adams, Madison and Lincoln "socialists" is asinine. Marxists in the US campaigned for Lincoln because of the Republican Party's opposition to slavery; they still recognized him as a supporter of capitalism, which was historically a step up from slavery.

Teddy Roosevelt was a notorious imperialist who threatened strikers and was openly anti-socialist.

I just think it's funny to fuck with ameriboomers by posting those quotes

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I'm way older than that brah.

Imagine my shock. Still would gladly gut every single founder if I had the chance.

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user! As a Christcom, you're not allowed to post pictures of obviously depressed anime girls. What do you think you're doing? Depression is a sin, probably. Not like i'd know.

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Don't know about this comrade. Christianity as in do unto others as you would have done unto yourself, as taking care of your brothers and sisters in times of trouble, as breaking bread with enemies and eliminating discrimination and crude racism? Sure. Christianity as in Paul's Catholic religion and modern day Protestant mega-churches? I am not sure.

Mega-churches have nothing to do with anything vaguely resembling Christianity. Christ's teaching are not taught in mega-churches, and Christ himself has been forgotten by a majority of Christians.
t. Hates Christians

Moses was a Marxist-Leninist.

do you think its a bad thing?

Yeah, agreed.

In what sense? I vaguely recall some quote by Marx that references Moses.

It makes people who are like that go into the Far-Right which doesn't do anything for them. And you kinda need to keep quiet about stuff about Race a lot because it's bad thanks to Liberals moralfagging

An Anarkiddie made a thing that Moses the first Marxist-Leninist and he's to blame for Hitler and Stalin.

I mainly wanna know what caused this. Like I know that Lenin caused the whole Anti-Imperialism thing because was in Russia and had to spread it to other places in the Third-World.

keep quiet about what type of race stuff?

We don't need socialism with neocon characteristics.

Here. now go back to Zig Forums.

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It really depends on the group and era. A lot of the people who opposed the "you gotta support XYZ because they're oppressed people!!!" attitude were massacred and assassinated for posing a threat to the US government. A great example lies within black nationalism in the USA. You had groups like the BPP whose leaders explicitly stated "Our goal isn't to put white workers below black workers or black workers above white workers, it's to unite the proletariat as a whole" vs folk like Nation of Islam (who btw also were repressed, just less severely) who supported reactionary dictators like Papa Doc because they were black and tried to introduce aspects of African culture to their nations. Almost the BPP's entire leadership were murdered by the police or in street shootings, or were put in prison, meaning other groups had the chance to come to the forefront. I imagine that without any actual radical movements, the language and attitude was taken, detoothed and quickly co-opted. Kind of like how Guevara became a symbol of armed struggle into "cool liberal shirt man". I can't say for sure because I'm not an Amerimutt.

It's almost like people aren't 1-dimensional comic book characters.

The Aztecs were doing imperialism against the other Mexica cultures so they could harvest more hearts for the heart god. Almost any other situation would be preferable to that.

Only in the sense that all western thought extends Christianity because of how much Christianity dominated western thought. There's certainly a profound influence, but this is like saying that science is merely an extension of alchemy.
There's a difference between changing culture because the material conditions are transformed and what happened in colonialism/imperialism with forced conversions and shit, where kids were taking from their parents to be indoctrinated into christianity and Western ValuesTM.

Product of the times. It's not good. Take the good ideas and leave the bad ones.

Pretty accurate. A big thing was the U.S. government trying to encourage violence between the Black Panthers and the reactionary US Organization. "US" was supposed to mean "us black people."

The thing with the Mexican-American War is that at the time Mexico like most of Latin America was ruled by the counter-revolutionaries. It's like if the people fighting the American war of independence switched places or something like that – with Spain having a bourgeois revolution and the counter-revolutionary monarchists taking control of the colonies and seceding.

I think sometimes Marx back then was way too into this Whiggish, teleological view of history where the march of progress and industry was always good. But I think that explains his support.

Pretty sure Marx writing about México and the conquest of the Aztecs happened in vastly different dates.

polock here
and i can confirm
litterally 70 percent the far right would go along with literally any Marxist common ownership you want if you guys just agreed to deport the shit skins and not let jews into power.

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Well then that's pretty retarded. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.

There was some american Christcom poster that was 14 that was posting here a year or two ago that wanted to nuke the united states. Posting style was similar too with the anime pics.

First agree to get your own rich whites out of power

Even if we literally did this, though, rightists would still call us cultural marxist democrat feminazi sjws.
Nationalist forms of Marxism have existed since the inception of Marxism, but rightists ignore this for their own agenda.

That we can do. The trick is to not have positions of power.

Lincoln was curious breed of capitalist that has long since died out: a Free Labor capitalist. They believed that capitalism should be maintained only so long as it continues to improve the lives of workers and should be destroyed the minute that it stops doing so. It made sense back when there was a frontier to grow into.

So long as "out of power" doesnt mean slaughtering them?
(though i should point out that you could probably get the right to kill them anyway if you called them "race traitors" who funded the browning of their countries and pointed out their conections to jews)

Rightists ignore it because every left wing talking piece since the CIA started funding anti bolshivic leftists in the 60s has been trying to make a coaltion out of blacks, gays, trannies and jews.
Go on pol right now and make a thread about strasserism.
Se what responses you get.


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The density of hot takes reached critical levels.

Man, Hitler sure killed that guy for even having an extremely watered down version of socialism, uh.

The Mongols committed vast genocide across the World to the point that the temperature was lowered but they managed to make a unified Empire.

How is the indoctrination of children into a prevailing system bad?

It would be great if there was a massive system going on where instead of thinking yourself as a European or an American you were a citizen of the World.

Or if you were made to think of yourself as an American or a European instead of various smaller groups.

And because of this Empire there was massive spreading of ideas which helped speed up history.

Keep in mind when randos come into Zig Forums talking about a left-brown alliance, the top "Strasserist" in America was this guy who blew up his own organization after being caught screwing his second-in-command's wife in a trailer (who also happened to be his own mother-in-law in the most convoluted Nazi love disaster since Jorg Haider fatally crashed his BMW after driving home drunk from a gay bar). This has since gone down in infamy as the Night of the Wrong Wives. Many will remember this!

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Sounds like when David Duke would go around fucking everyone else's wife.

In your picture with corporate brand collections, the food producers and the soap and laundry detergent producers are side by side.

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