Xi Dada: Racists are "stupid." NazBols on suicide watch

Based Xi with a message to all the children out there:


Chinese civilization was an “open system” that had continuously had exchanges and learned from other cultures, including Buddhism, Marxism and Islam, Xi told the forum.

“Today’s China is not only China’s China. It is Asia’s China and the world’s China. China in the future will take on an even more open stance to embrace the world,” he added.

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I hope china imports more 3rd worlders and shitskins. This diversity is sure to do wonders for their country(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

China encourages productive partnerships with all countries and recognizes the contributions of China's many ethnic minorities to fulfilling the Chinese Dream

Xi seems more and more based the more I hear about him. It's good having a Dengist boomer commie as leader.

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How about some of his nice words materialize into something good.

They did. He also improved China's environmental policy and cut off few of the privileges CPC officials had. Don't expect Xi to launch a colectivization campaign. The Dengist model did wonders to the country, they don't really have a reason to go back to larger central planning. The only thing that would save a planned economy would be Cockshott's cybernetic. With the only countries who would want to implement that being Cuba and NK, both who are heavy sanctioned and don't have that many computers, you might as well wait for the next western revolution.

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Race doesn't matter in sweatshop labor, this is correct.

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Redpill me on Xi

He strikes me as a cynical opportunist who is capitalizing on the popularity of Mao's rhetoric to cement his own political power.

I don't want to bust your bubble of "good vs evil" but it is possible to genuinely believe in socialism and do good things while trying to cement your own position. Stalin definitely was a convinced communist but also tried to cement his power.

State capitalism with communist aesthetics

He's alright. It's true he concentrated lots of political power and increased censorship but besides that he seems alright. I've already posted the good things he's done few posts above. Whenever he's a geniune communist I don't know, but from what he says and does it seems to me he's closest China's leadership had to a communist since Deng.

You might as well use a tito flag tbh if you like markets that much.

Dunno really but the good things I've seen have included cracking down on corruption, putting billionaires in jail, and also increasing the role of state-owned enterprises in the economy – which is the opposite of what liberal economists in the West would have predicted 10 years ago or so. There's a big rural poverty alleviation program going on. Also helping out Venezuela: twitter.com/CVE_China/status/1129567999189508096

There's actually an article from an advisor to the Australian government which was warning Xi was a secret Stalinist, with lots of references to Xi quoting Stalin. Obviously that was a bad thing from the advisor's perspective but it sounds pretty based:


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Markets rule China in the sector of the light industry and consumer items, but all the heavy industry, infrastructure, energy production, docks, etc. are firmly state directed with the market having little or no say in it.

This hurted my brainings.

What's the scale of the difference in income in the state sector?

I don't like markets that much. The planned economies just had many fuck ups so it doesn't make sense for China to return to them and markets seem usefull. I'm of opinion what should be done is what works instead of an idiolized "planning is without problems" approach. Of course there's a difference between taking a step backwards like Deng did, and throwing socialism away like Gorbachev did. I would say that in China, instead of having the Bourgeoise rule the party, the party rules the bourgeoise. How long will they be able to hold onto that? I doubt it will be long.

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8ch finally has actual paid CCP shills

Planning without the fuckups of the 50s and huge beauracracy is entirely possible now that we have good computers and the internet. Paul Cockshott has proven this.

The problem is that nobody (or at least those in power) wants to risk in going back to the old state planned economy of the 50's or implement Cybernetic Communism.
Because of the benefits from the markets, or to maintain international support from Europe or because in the communist party there are some liberals and capitalists in disguise (just like in Hungary)

MSZP isn't a communist party. Munkáspárt is not full with liberals and capitalists.

computing power isn't everything. you need the right algorithms, which in turn require the political will and means to develop them.

The right algorithms exist, but you do need the political will to use them and also to improve them once they are deployed in the real world.

unfortunately porky has infiltrated the legal authorities

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You got any more information on this ?

Because there is a reasonable chance that the Ai went way overboard, and makred everybody as corrupt who was sloppy with paperwork or bend the rules a little to get stuff done quicker.

If the AI wasn't shit, then clearly the people who build it didn't think this through, If you have an excessively corrupt organisation, you have to go after the lower levels first, to transform the organization from the bottom up so that when you starts pointing your AI-finger at the big wigs the lower ranks are going to side with you, because they don't have a personal stake in preserving corrupt structures.

True. It was shut down because it was useless. The AI flagged some people, and there would be no way to desciper what leads there are to suspected corruption to help or guide the prosecutors, seeing as the Neural network operates as a black box.

If he was a cynical opportunist, he'd do business as usual, rather than take many risks and unnecessary challenges.

He's trying to do whatever's best for China, without a real commitment to communism. I'm ambivalent about him. The prosperity he's bringing to his country is great, but I can't help but see a kind of proto-fascism in the way he governs.

Communism is when you immolate your society and people in a sacrificial pyre for muh greater good. It's a right-wing caricature.

Communism is serving the people - and nothing more. If communism's sole and immediate goal isn't satisfying and safeguarding real and material interest of commons, it is, indeed, not a real communism.

If Xi moves away from the quasi-ethnic domination that china has employed in favour of the han, he has my support. if they could become actually socialist that would be even better

What do you mean unnecessary, has to take risks they are in deep trouble in the current trajectory

Awww sheeit so iz can haz me summadat yello pussay

That's a strange way of looking at things. So then you would say that Cuba and the DPRK ought to abandon socialism and open up to the US because it will end the sanctions and lead to an increase in living standards if properly managed?

The problem with your argument is that it is very short-term. In the short-term most communist revolutions will lead to a fall or at least stagnation in living standards due to civil war, revolutionary terror, sanctions or whatever. So therefore unless the entire imperialist core has a simultaneous revolution, it will always be in the short-term beneficial to stay with capitalism, in which case we will never reach communism at all.

This is wrong.

"Serving the people" is a relative term that doesn't concretely distinguish communism from what it's fighting. Every mode of production "serves the people" better than the one that came before it.

A much better shorthand for communism is the replacement of private property with social property. And, in that sense, China has regressed in its goal, not progressed.

One can make the (accurate) argument that China HAD to take a step backward or it would have succumbed to bourgeois counter-revolution, but it should still nonetheless be viewed as a regression away from communism, not a step toward it.

Meanwhile he puts Uyghurs in camps.

You deserve the gulag too.

Do you think religion isn't part of culture, or are you unable to read?

Universal Healthcare by 2020
Tuition-free education by 2025
Communism by 2050

What a retard.

So it's the second. Thank you for clarifying.

The subtext is that the Uyghurs are trying to assert cultural superiority and the Chinese are merely acting in self-defence.
This is the backside of saying that belief in cultural superiority is stupid. Genuine strife between cultures is no longer considered legitimate.

leftypol always had braindead leftoids like dengists and other revisionist trash. Nothing ununsual here

that's not how any of this works

That's *exactly* how it works!!

It will, due to the one-child policy China has a huge demographic problem where in twenty or so years their expected to have way to many retires compared to workers to sustain their current levels of economic growth. So they do need immigration, not now, but soon.

And we're supposed to give a fuck why exactly?

Were suppose to give a fuck about actions, not words.

Meanwhile in ughyur concentration camps

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Meanwhile, Comrade Kim Jong Il put Nazbols on suicide watch back in 1989

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Okay. I’m watching. My attitudes spike downwards sometimes, but I’m not permanently hateful anywhere. Sometimes gestures matter, so I’m likely to put some of my whining on hold for this. Y’all could learn that trick; Saudi Arabia did something interesting once and I reeled in a dissident spike there, too. I don’t have to love a country to go from hostile to watchful.

Maybe China isn’t manipulating this space. Maybe western cultures really have started to have a problem with suffering dissociated race-people somehow. It’s awful. Let’s keep working to fix it so people don’t have to be aryans and niggers.

I want China to be a functional modern nation because I want their laboratories to be able to participate on international cooperation. I’m really worried about their long-term toxicity load, too. Tit-for-tat trade policy is a dreadful weak environmentalism tool, but it does something. It’s one of the few internationally compulsory tools - a way that nations can clean other nations without war, compromise, or cooperation. Promoting trade tensions between the US and China very slightly shifts the global balance of metal production towards eco-friendly methods while tensioning waste disposal issues thus prepping them for better handling.

Recycling infrastructure in the USA has actually been fading at a point when we need material research closing the loops. The ongoing pressure about student loans might have an opening in it - can we offer targeted debt relief programs for studies of ecological importance? Ecology and economy do not have to be opposed; we need chemists, biologists, and material scientists for both purposes.

Even though I think Fate of the World was too pessimistic in most ways (and it missed a hazard in another), we still need to lean on every lever, and achieve haste in many ways. The people who slag this site with linkages between acceleration and collapse are fool conservatives; we must go faster, lest the world cease to be safe for Siberian puppers.

Sufficiently good words reach everywhere. Participating on the global stage is not futile.

I’m this guy again. Note for viewers, because I don’t see people do this very often, and this forum isn’t IDful.

China still seems like a fascist nation with inadequate protections for ordinary workers, fragility due to a culture+government that doesn’t promote integrity, plus extreme wealth gaps. None of that is what I’m willing to stop saying, not entirely, though I’ll likely drop the intensity.

B.R. Myers' BTFO'd

japan on suicide watch

You could say it was a Chinese room :^)