Are you in a union?

Are you in a union?

Do you find it beneficial?

Where do unions fit into the modern capitalist economy?

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Unions are reactionary

My dad taught me three things growing up:
Take a day off a week from work,
Always use protection,
And never be a fucking scab.

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Local chapter of UFCW.

It's okay. Haven't been to any meetings and I was automatically signed up with my job so honestly I don't really feel like I'm in one. It's just kinda there in the background.

They're better than no unions in a capitalist economy, but it's still a shitty capitalist economy.

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No but I have friends who are, and will probably get a union job at some point. My buds who are in unions will talk about the labor aristocracy and so on within the unions, but one beneficial thing is how they seem to hook workers up with jobs and so on – like a "who you know" sorta thing. Like my socialist group has a union jobs board. Or when tabling or doing demos someone would come up and be like "so I'm in a union, any of you guys?" And I'll point to the union guy with us and they'll hit it off immediately and be buds.

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I live in Denmark and I am part of a union. That's how you get government assistance if you lose a job. You get paid an "A-kasse", basically your salary. You have to pay about 400-600kr/mo. in dues to have the A-kasse, that is about 50-60€ and it's worth it.

Denmark doesn't have a minimum wage, but wages and salaries are high because the unions are strong and are able to negotiate high industry minimums. Unskilled labour pays 15-18€/hr. Your first 70,000kr/yr. is tax free, 35% after that for the lowest tax bracket. (yeah, I know it's Bragg, ignore him, it's a good song anyway)

Yes. The Union of Egoists.

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Okay Egoist Trade Unionism theory & praxis: go.

Hard mode: no variations on "not being poor makes you a reactionary"

No, I work construction and the industry is heavily influenced by unions so I just get all the benefits without needing to pay union dues

This is true though. Class enemies will die regardless of what they proclaim to believe

When will techfags stop being cucks and start their own unions?

t. Unruhe

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Milk! But only the freshest.

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Freshness is a spook, and this is 2016.

I pay dues to the IWW because I support their work, but I do not live in a place with an active chapter (though there are murmurs of trying to start one). I am moving to a place with a very active chapter though, and I'll hopefully help them out with strikes/actions.

construction worker. I couldn't see myself doing it for minimum wage, with no health coverage, travel reimbursement, etc. So being in a union is definately preferable to not being in one, especially since monthly dues prices are reasonable and my state hasn't fallen victim to "right to work" laws yet.

Role of unions as a whole now is to suppress the working class from forming broader movements. Unions cant operate on an international basis so the time has come for workers to form rank and file committees and launch strikes independently like the Matamoros workers did and the French Yellow Vests did.

The greatest working class struggles in history will be those independent of unions, but the decisive factor will be that of leadership and these workers will need to be guided by a Marxist party and that party is the ICFI, represented by the WSWS.

This lecture by David North succinctly explains exactly why Trade Unions are no longer viable vehicles to expand Marxist consciousness among the working class.

So much this. Pretty sure my union has an agreed upon statue that forbids strikes entirely… leads me to believe what the point of the union is. I understand that it’s not all about striking, but considering that striking is one of the most drastic methods of achieving worker demands, for it to be entirely forbidden just raises questions of the legitimacy of the union.

You should try reaching out to the WSWS for the formation of a rank and file committee in your workplace.

this, let other people foot the bill, but really no one has slashed your tires yet?