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ITT: factual and logical and rational takes by intellectually honest, good faith interlocutors

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Well, it's what you get for using this basket weaving site as a library

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Same. I have a minor obsession with hating him because I actually used to believe he was the wisest person on the planet when he's so obviously a narcissistic grifter.

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Sam Harris would flipped his shit when homophobic bigot and Florida orange juice spokeswoman Anita Harris got pied in the face by a gay rights activist in Des Moines in 1977.

Harris replied: "At least it's a fruit pie."

Anyways the pie along with a boycott of Florida orange juice helped tank Anita's career.

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Anita Bryant I mean

Seriously though reactionaries are such babies. Paper tigers, etc.

The one conservative who got splashed with some food and took it well was Arnold Schwarzenegger getting hit with an egg while running for governor of California. He brushed it off, carried on like it was no big deal, and when a reporter asked him about it, he went "Well this guy owes me bacon now … because you can't just have eggs without bacon!"

Like if you're getting splashed with a milkshake, you just need to come up with a line like "the guy didn't give me a straw for that milkshake" or whatever. Come up with something witty and flip that around.

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Some milkshakes are so dangerous that it may be ethical to kill people for throwing them

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This take is so much more fucking stupid considering WE HAD AN MP THAT WAS SHOT IN BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT YOU DAFT CUNT.

this took a trillion billion hours in paint I hope you like

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I kek'd

good post

You think that's bad? I used to think Carl Benjamin was smart as fuck and listened to his long ass retarded rants every day.

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I did too, at least I'm not nearly as autistic as I used to be.

Sam Harris gives me confidence because he made me realize you to be smart, knowledge or even good at your specific field to consider an intellectual, you just have to present yourself as one. Anyone can do it.

Not to mention Reagan, although I guess he broke the Tippecanoe curse.

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I have to ask, what did you see in him? At least Harris is pretty good at acting like a intellectual. But Sargon just rambles and rambles for hours in poorly produced videos.

I was pulled in by all the memes surrounding muh sjews and it eventually lead me to him for the memes. I guess my constant exposure to his constant stream of shit takes which eventually lead me into being swayed by them (the britbonger voice played a part in it as well)

Let me list a few things:
The meme is fucking real.

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hes perfect reactionary bait

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You can do gun/knife checkpoints pretty easily but you're right it's pretty unavoidable to stop milkshake assaults without a constable shouting OI MATE YOU GOTTA LOISCENCE FOAH DAT BEVERAGE

Think how much progress you've made, though.

I've seen stuff from both of those guys, but never liked either of them.

If you're capable of thinking logically at all Harris is obviously a total fucking retard. His whole schtick is talking with a calm drone that makes him sound serious and level-headed. If you listen to what he's actually saying or read it in writing he's obviously got a 2-digit Autism Level. It's almost funny how dumb he is. Constantly contradicting himself or failing to connect dots. He basically just states his poorly formed opinions.

Sargon on the other hand actually has a modicum of charisma and often picks genuinely stupid targets. His game has a bit more cleverness to it. If he can convince you that his target's ideas are having influence, it's pretty easy to rile up the audience. And the people he picks do tend to have some overlap with academic think tanks and what not, although usually a vulgar version of that. The thing is he got too comfortable in that zone and became "extremely online" and once he started thinking he could get away with saying nigger without losing his platform, he got forced offline. Then he tried to take his meme-addled brain into IRL politics and has been getting trashed ever since.

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This. A majority of people including me was only really in it for the memes and for owning the libs. Fortunately I can still own the libs by reading Marxist theory and thinking for myself.

I left his audience before he went out into the real world because I caught whiffs of his bullshit by reading the articles he cited (which normally debunked his own arguments). Watching him debate irl is like watching a man repeatedly trying to commit suicide but still failing each time.

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You keep the gun/knife in the milkshake you dingus.

Also you could just mix acid into the milkshake

But ricin umbrella is still the bes assasination tool ever invented. Practically any idiot could pull an assadination on almost anyone AND get away with it. Gullino was only caught because he turned himself in out of guilt.

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super secret concealed weapons techniques
pls don't open FBI

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The best assassination tool ever invented is definitely one that nobody has heard of because it's been kept secret. The CIA has a heart attack gun, btw.

I meant that amateurs could make and undetected as well. Castor beans grow wild everwhere and ricin is one of the deadliest poisons known to man and there is no antidote.

Not to mention radiation poisoning probably requires sustained exposure and could be detected with a cheap geiger counter. Don't know what the supposed heart attack gun is supposed to be.

You know that they are getting desperate when they are getting their ideas from the Penguin.

That is some stealthy shit for real. Cops wouldn't even know what hit them when I say that I have hay fever and need a tissue.

That was the soviets dude and it worked flawlessly so don't mock it.

No one here knows any history or how to do a websearch. Why do I bother.

Heart attack gun is totally real. We know the heart, like the rest of the body, is electromagnetic. How hard is it really to create some kind of device that would fuck up the electrical rhythm within it? Especially with the funds and research of the state behind you.

Then why do they keep fucking with the cancer shit if they got the heart attack gun? Name one person suspected to have been killed by the heart attack gun.

I don't know anyone who's been killed by it, I'm just saying it most likely exists.

I mean its called a defibrillator user. Remote, undetectable heart attack inducing device? Nah. The CIA would probably like us to believe though.

Sam Harris is a smarmy piece of shit relic from when Atheism was considered edgy

A pie in the face, is not a mock assassination though, there also is no reason to assume that it reveals weakness in security. The sniper on the rooftop tasked with protecting a VIP will likely only kill people that use actual weapons, not milkshakes.

This is a conflation fallacy. The reality here is that these are tests of leadership, basically can you maintain your priorities or are you going to abuse your position and be derailed chasing after settling a personal score, with glitter-dude.

Sam Harris should go back to telling people do meditation & mdma, combined with mockery of religious foundies.

It's okay, you are safe here.

I wonder if that guy thinks that The Three Stooges should be banned as terrorist propaganda.

It's at the same time correct, and also so incredibly wrong, let alone being someone practically begging for endless state violence against the citizens.

The proletariat is laughable. I honestly admire porky more than I admire most, they are truly clever as shit even in their most degenerative state. How could anyone win against them?

My fellow proles fucking disgust me at this point, if this is the future then just fucking end humanity

Honestly the only reason why I hang out on Zig Forums is because you folks of the few people who aren't retarded.