Many people think that Trump's rise is a threat to the left, but I would argue the opposite

The populist and anti-establishment sentiments causing Trump's rise has been around way longer than the man himself. His unexpected win in 2016 could be what finally propels dems to wake up and realize that if they want to have any hope of winning elections in the future, they are going to have to stop running establishment centrists (which the Trump movement was a direct backlash towards), and instead start running candidates with actual visions for the country and the people, instead of candidates who just care about protecting their own power. Once the american people realize how much of a failure trump's presidency was, they may over time start turning to more leftwing people who capture a similar base.


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I mean for me personally I'd probably still be a shitlib if it weren't for the 2016 election exposing me to more radical politics

electoralism, especially in the US, will always favor right-wing politics

He's a threat to "the left" in the US, i.e. liberals. To the actual left he's a godsend, a living caricature of the societal decay that capitalism inevitably leads to.z

Trump isn't "anti establishment"

No one in politics is anti establishment

Only hardcore liberals like Huffpo think it was so unexpected.

this is why people go into politics. To think you're going to elect someone who is above this is laughable

The problem is its not a failure at all. His presidency is succeeding in exactly what it intended to.

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It seems like people like Trump and the rest of the neo-fascists that spawn from whatever shithole the CIA conjures up their retarded fuckspawn from.
Honestly to the people who aren't Autism Levellets it just leads to people becoming more and more apathetic. The left isn't going to be ascendant, but rather the center is yet again. Honestly you're pretty delusional if you think total economic collapse through either stock market fuckery or a disasterous war would do anything to cause the left to rise once again. People are by nature reactionary and want to return to however they were raised in childhood. Only either the degenerates and/or the most wisest of us ever manage to escape from this fate.

OP never said he was anti establishment, though he did use vaguely anti establishment sentiment to cement himself into politics.

Trump being in power practically pacified the boomers, who all think they "won" against the establishment for some reason. Ironic, since they voted in the establishment.

No, I think he did fine really. And by fine I mean, do everything he can against American interests

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I phrased my point incorrectly I mean that the left can only rise through extreme economic tourmoil. The right however rises whenever there is turbulence rather than any actual threat to people's livelihoods.

I don't think this is the case. Just look at how the Democratic establishment obviously wants figures like Biden to be the nominee.

Back in the 1984 and 1988 Democratic primaries there was Jesse Jackson, who was somewhat similar to Sanders in that he had many on the left supporting him and was seen as a symbol of the party's move leftward. But that didn't happen. Instead, Democrats clearly lost 1984 and 1988 but were able to take advantage of the elder Bush's popularity to win in 1992, under a candidate who would go on to declare that "the era of big government is over." Jackson himself would show he was an opportunist.

Likewise in 2004 there was plenty of potential to unite people around opposing the Iraq War. And so Democrats nominated John Kerry, whose platform was basically "I'm going to continue the Iraq War but do a better job at it."

Expecting bourgeois parties to lurch left, except in exceptional circumstances, is foolhardy. Basing political strategy around it is disastrous.

Yeah but it's like how plenty of people got radicalized by Bush winning the "Supreme Court vote" in the 2000 election, or got radicalized by the Iraq War. It wasn't because Democrats did stuff, it's because a bunch of liberals were like "wow why does the Democratic Party not address the reactionary agenda of George W. Bush and friends?"

Meant to type "unpopularity."

Yeah that's true. I still don't have any faith in the Dems. It's almost certain they'll go with Biden no matter what.

The only hope would be a left-wing split from the party that takes over, but the progressive wing isn't nearly strong enough to do that now, and even if they were, they're all still basically shitlibs with marginally better politics.

I guess there could be a constitutional amendment to get rid of the two party system but lol like that will ever happen

Yeah, but in 1992 there was H. Ross Perot taking the libertards from Bush the Elder.

but the "progressive wing" isn't even left

Perot drew support from both Bush and Clinton supporters though, and even a few on the left backed him out of desperation for any sort of third party to emerge, even one under a "centrist" billionaire.

I believe Trump has been a bigger boon to the Left than Hillary would’ve been, it was 2016 that led me to Marx and eventually Lenin

They both have no more effect on leftwing politics than the other. Just capitalists giving the illusion of a power struggle

You don’t get what I’m saying, I feel Trump, as a guy, as literally this 80s Cartoon Business Man in 20-fucking-19 is such a perfect example of the decay of capitalism, he proves that everything America ever said about itself and it’s political theatre we’re all bullshit and he called it all bullshit. And now he’s basically tearing apart the international imperialist system because America itself is declining and he’s practically Decayed US Imperialism personified.

Just look at this flaccid attempt with Iran that ended in these jokers getting caught with their pants down and having to step back their insane warmongering.

He’s basically ensuring China will surpass America this century.

Hell, look at the pathetic attempt to get the coup off in Venezuela with that jackass Guido

Trump has been fantastic for disillusioning people with the electoral spectacle.

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the current year has nothing to do with capitalism in decay. In fact the worst thing is that capitalism might not even be in decay.

but the opposite happen. It made disenfranchised boomers optimistic about the system.

Do you have any evidence of this? Sure he complains about NATO but has there been any actual weakening of NATO or the UN? no.

But the same thing has been going on for decades. Trump and Iran isn't any more different than Obama or Bush on Iran. What has changed is the amount of social media the average person is exposed to.

But this has been the trajectory China has always been going recently. That is unless their paper tiger economy collapses.

What about it? How is that a "pathetic attempt"? You're assume the real goal is to actually put Guido in power.

All presidents disillusion some people and solidify the belief in the system for others.


The left is completely fucked in the US in electoral politics. More effort needs to be put into organizing unions, direct action, etc.

Considering that fewer people voted in 2016 than voted in any election in the prior twenty years despite population growth, I would guess that the number of disillusioned people substantially outnumbered those who had their beliefs solidified.

why not run for local offices and actually trying to explain leftism to people (difference between personal and private property) and other shit?

Trump is literally the best thing to happen to the right in decades. Look at how long Berlusconi has been running Italy and tell me the American left isn’t fucked.

That was almost three years ago.
As far as I can tell, this prediction has failed to manifest - even my hopes for the left in the wake of '16 have largely not manifest… and I just wanted, like, the left to stop fighting over dumb idpol bullshit and unite against a common foe.

Things have improved on that front a little but we're held back - the "center left" (ie center right) still controls mainstream 'left' politics, and they're going to go down with the ship. Meanwhile there's a branch of the actual left which seems reluctant to go after Trump for things he does wrong because the
"centrists" keep monopolizing that and tacking on national security bullshit.

RE the electoral politics implications of '16 - no. The single biggest factor in the '16 election was the absurdity of the EC and 'winner take all.' Clinton actually got most of the American vote but lost anyway - and there were shenanigans (on many sides!), and Clinton was an awful candidate, but she still literally got 3 million more votes nationally than the guy who won because he was just that bad. It was the second time in 16 years that the GOP won without the popular vote. They haven't actually gotten a president into office with the popular vote since Bush, Sr. Of the four times in history that there's been a win without the popular vote, every time it's been a Republican.

Both "centrists" and electoral "progressives" are under-emphasizing this factor. It's shady as fuck, and even if it wasn't the "winner take all" EC system would still clearly be totally undemocratic and obviously cuts third parties and independents out of their share of the vote every time.

The Dems should move left - but their actual incentive to do so is pretty nebulous.

Wasn't John Quincy Adams a Whig?

The American left is totally and utterly cucked beyond belief. Theres probably no hope besides pure accelerationism that can save us. That and actually explaining to shitlibs what leftism actually is and why if we don't do something about rampant problems in capitalism then were all fucked. There is no market solution to climate change, when that shit hits them it might actually make them become more open to leftism.

Shit, I forgot him - Democratic-Republican, sez Wiki.

I've genuinely thought about it, but you'd never get far if you're branded as a commie in the US

It's not so much Trump that's a threat to the left but the socially liberal economically capitalist elite like Bernie Sanders He's a degenerate capitalist fucking deal with it that destroy socialism from the inside that fucks it over
Honestly instead of hounding Trump on Russia they should of gone after how he was more capitalist then his campaign The funny thing is when they target his economics its always on shit that's bad for capitalism like tarriffs against China

voter turn out doesn't prove anything

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Trump is not the cause of this, but Trump's era is a victory for the left.

All masks are off. Capitalism can no longer maintain its' illusions of freedumb, free market and merit, muh democracy and so on. It's now a good old ultraviolence, exploitation, corruption, greed and tyranny for all to see.


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care to explain how antifa and left-wing groups get sponsored by billionaires through NGOs and bribery to exempt the left from criminal repercussion? Literally every fascist has been designated so by a media company paid for by an oligarch.

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They generally don't? I mean, the fucking billionaire the right points to for this, George Soros, is a rabid anti-communist who funded anti-USSR movements throughout the Eastern Bloc and colluded with the Nazis in his youth.
I hate having to keep addressing this point. Just because bourgeoisie liberals don't like you for whatever personal reason they have, them doing so doesn't suddenly validate your viewpoint as correct nor does it negate or confirm the claims being made. Sure, lots if liberals get their panties in a twist often and accuse whoever they don't like for being a Nazi fallaciously, I won't at all be the one to claim otherwise. But that doesn't mean that there were or aren't Nazis or that their beliefs are validated because liberals don't like them. And it also doesn't negate the fact that worldwide, when bourgeoisie liberals are faced with the decision of allying with communists or nationalists, they end up siding with and funding the nationalists every time. Even WW2, the go to arguement for Fascists, was preceded by Germany receiving huge international financial and verbal support by the bourgeoisie and the resounding rejection of the western governments towards the USSR's requests. The situation only became what it did after the fascists, pumped up with capital and believing themselves secure in their industry and infrastructure, made a go for more then they could chew and stepped on other bourgeoisie toes along the way. And even then the west refused to align itself in any meaningful way with the USSR till very late in the war.

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