The single hottest take in socialist history

Anti-imperialism is identity politics that marginalises the jewish people: discuss.

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This a big woe-is-me cry on behalf on Jews. Why, when we are so good and pure, must we be so persecuted? In many of the historical instances he fails to mention the role Jews had in imperialism, for the Barbary slaver trade they were financiers and slavers central to the trade. The Jews are just not a uniquely good people. There is also the odd, and unexplained, fusion of zionism and socialism. Why do jews deserve an ethno-state but no-one else? While he does mention the plight of the Palestinians, it comes off as something that has to be there to hand-wave away criticisms, it is a bit like the non-apologies that politicians give. "I'm sorry you feel that expanding the settlements is colonialism."

It's very much a big pile of narratives superimposed onto each other with selective context.

Says Ann increasingly nervous Israeli for the 5th time this year

I'm gonna need chemo after reading that take

He looks like a fucking vampire.

Do Jews get off in being hated?

All prior evidence pointed to jews becoming socialists after being targeted by strong anti-semitic forces. How the fuck was anybody supposed to know that Israel would become a fascist state that had to ban stalag erotica, because there was so much of it and it was getting embarassing?

wait until you start reading passages from the Talmud

Annexing an area like the historical Abrahamic Levant is an inherently shitty idea, seeing as it should be home to all the faiths that claim it.

We do not condone religious fundamentalism of any sort.

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marxism is a religion

Lenin had to deal with these types early on and solved it by slapping down the idea behind it in its entirety.

Get a better argument Peterson.

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He's not a socialist, he the founder of 'Blue Labour' they are crypto nationalist cranks that appeared early during the Miliband era as UKIP start to rise in prominence.

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and your mom is a homosexual transformer.

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your proprietary definition of religion sounds uninformative and merely normative

Almost think that this guy has just churned out a 'left anti-semitism' article because the New Statesman forced him to, or because he wants to shield Blue Labour from the smears. It's just lazy crap and the only evidence he brings up is that stupid mural that has already been established not to have been anti-semitic in intent. No way does he actually believe this rubbish when he actually begins the article by defending someone accused of 'muh tropes'.

You don't see the contradiction there? If you're only socialist as a means to look after yourself, then it was always a fairly tenuous relationship. This the socialist version of the guy who is a libertarian because he thinks he will be rich someday. Either your gaze goes a little bit above your bellybutton, or it's not authentic

that's why it's spot on

Yeah its just like all the rappers who are always talking about the haters. Any failing you have is never really your fault because the haters are trying to keep you down and any success you have is twice as impressive as everyone else's success because you did it because you did it in despite all the obstacles and adversity. Also it is just baked into jewish culture at this point. Every single important tradition jews have is based on some period of supposed persecution by a superior force(hannukah, passover, etc.) As if no one else in the world has ever faced persecurion except jews. They seriously believe they are the most persecuted group of people in history. The victim complex is their religion.

Stopped reading as soon as I recognised it was from the newstatesman.