India just re-elected it’s reactionary prime minister...

India just re-elected it’s reactionary prime minister. It see like age of reactionaries is about to stay for longer than I anticipated. Thoughts?

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Don't worry, Fascists always wage super-destructive wars and cause their deaths.

yeah, im sure you will be laughing when modi starts a nuclear war with pakistan

I fail to see how that is bad.

It's bad because all nuclear weapons create firestorms which throw up ash into the atmosphere and disrupting climate for everyone else on the planet.

No they don't. That's a function of what they're hitting.

In the case of Pakistan v. India, a lot of flammable shit.

At the same time India has one of the biggest communist movements in the world.

Yeah but then that cancels out global warming.

Of course. Burn fossil fuels until the CO2 emissions start going up to create imperialist superpowers, then when there's too many people just nuke some brown people and it'll drive the global temperature down for 10 years. Repeat every decade.
Sustainable, ethical capitalism!

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When did Arthur Caldwell wage a super destructive war?

I'd kind of hoped that by the time I wrote that nuking people on a regular basis was "sustainable capitalism" that I'm not being terribly serious in this.

Paint me surprised.


PoC can't be reactionary you bigots

Don't just fuck off, die.


Any and all of the working class can become reactionary if they never find out what alienation
is or whats causing it.

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Like I said, if someone has to be told WHY they are oppressed, they aren’t oppressed.

Man I was just wondering why money was constantly funneled to the top and why 46 million Americans were impoverished.

is importing 82 Autism Level brown people to drive down wages and sell debts to considered a "contradiction of capitalism"

asking for a friend

Hey, i'm not for importing work until we don't have to deal with wage labor. Exporting jobs to impoverished nations and importing cheap labor is literal class warfare. Did I claim that I want to import cheap labor when there are already 46 million impoverished Americans?

Depends if they want to larp being white all the time.

Indian user here.

Note that at this moment I am living in one of anit-BJP state so what I write here is bound to influenced by my surrounding. But during the 2014 general elections I was in one of the "Cow belt" states, and it seems things have not changed there after seeing the results.

Now this did surprise me as we had witnessed a strong farmer's protest this year. Data on unemployment released by NSSO showed it to be highest in four decades. There has been slump in economic growth. It seemed that Modi government is all hype, no substance. There has been degradation of quality of institutions, such as Election Commission (it failed to tackle violations of Moral Code of Conduct during the elections done by the members of ruling party).

Modi, who had came to power with the promise of economic development, might seemed to be on a crash course this elections. There was a perception of discontent for him during the early rounds. So, what happened?

Well, it seems this dude was right all along -

Oct 2018 -

May 2019 (after results)-

Many analysts are now pointing out lack of a strong opposition to Modi. Many pro-government news channels kept drumming up the TINA factor - There Is No Alternative. Since Indian National Congress - the only pan-indian party capable of going toe to toe against BJP (at least on paper) - has a record of being in power for about 60 years has led to many think of giving BJP a fair chance at a long shot instead of discarding him after 5 years (which they did to previous BJP led NDA government in 2004).

tl;dr - Cult of personality won in face of an ineffective opposition.

Further readings -

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Why is everyone so surprised

lol did you think revolution is just around the corner? Most of the working class is either: too well fed to want to revolt against the system or too weak and unable to actually fight against the first world

Addendum - it must be noted that in past few years BJP, the right wing party, has got huge donations compared to any other party. Key to this was Financial bill 2017 which allows political parties to get funds anonymously through electoral bonds issued by State Bank of India(largest commercial bank but not similar to Federal Bank. That would be reserve bank of India.). Mind you, this bill was passed almost unanimously. And guess which party got more than 90% of funds through this?

No wonder they have the capital to run effective media campaign.