So it's already common knowledge that the CIA, as well as modern-day slave-drivers are behind the rise of the alt-right...

So it's already common knowledge that the CIA, as well as modern-day slave-drivers are behind the rise of the alt-right, but is the CIA responsible for "meme culture" in general? I believe there's a CIA presentation about memetic warfare floating around somewhere

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thats a little too tinfoily for me, the memes evolved in the internet naturally, they are just another medium of art/communications

Did you see that file? Just look up CIA memes wikileaks. Just a collection of pathetic ascii art. Also in the release was like stupid highschool book reports on self help project management books. Seriously it's pathetic. I refuse to believe that the cia/nsa/etc is only pretending to be retarded as some sort of advanced reverse psychology. They are staffed by legitamate morons. Read their declassified files about remote viewing mars and psychic gateway mumbo jumbo. They are legit drooling tier retards.

The truth the left won't own up to is the cia coyld be stopping them is if they're even bigger mouth breeding retards.

nsa didnt even have the ability to read pdfs until the mid 2000s

US Army still uses Windows 98

The system that Manning got into? Yep. Windows 98 style password that nowadays can be accessed within 6 hours by random


If you think that the CIA is behind meme culture…

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The CIA actually had to get some Zig Forums users because Zig Forums was so good at memes.

Memetic warfare doesn't mean humorous internet memes.

While that specific incident was tangentially related to glowflame and stargate, the interviewer and remote viewer were from the Monroe Institute. and isn't hard to find the identities of the two men. They also got the coordinates and did the viewing at the request of a specific Army official, rather than the CIA, who hasn't been identified (though I have a decent idea who it was).

Yesh fair enough. Still up in the cia archives. My greater point being thatcall the "intelligence services" serm to be schizo retards. What about the gateway program? Ever read this one?

What's glowflame btw?

Sorry, got the name wrong, its GRILL FLAME. It was the Army-DIA project for researching psychic powers for military, not just intelligence, applications.

Cool. So do you believe in that shit user or do you think the cia/army just bought a bunch if snake oil because they're gullible retards?

This might be an unpopular opinion but I can see why it would have been worth at least trying to demonstrate psychic abilities for military purposes, it doesn't seem to be that much effort was put into it, just enough to establish it didn't work - I mean imagine if psychic abilities were real and the USSR had it and US didn't?

I think ESP deserves further investigation by the mainstream scientific community.

Oh come on… Is the million dollar prize not enough evidence for you? Every claim of psychic ability that has been properly tested in controlled conditions has failed.

Even if it's real the government still paidbout to charlatans. Unless it really worked and they're just keeping it top secret.

Its just another in a long line of goofy shit they wadted money on. Robokitty whayever it was called, operatuon climax, i dont need to get into the whole list. The cia ain't a bunch of super sleuths they're just a bunch of well connected ivy league secret society trust fund babies with too much money and no accountability.

I guess they're a threat in the same way your local podunk PD or street gang is a threat in that it doesn't take a genius to pull a trigger or pay someone else to do it but I refuse to believe they ever "masterminded" jack shit.

Most right wing/alt right people are either Zionist/global finacial system funded shills or controlled opposition, so you are correct to think that alt right people are created by the CIA. Only the people on /pol and obscure youtubers like Varg and Joe Owens are not Zionist shills and are genuinely concerned with anuddah shoah.

Your leftist translator thing changed the ethnic replacement of Western Caucasions to "anuddah shoah"

Cause it doesn't actually exist

source plz

Who cares. Memes are gonna kill the right. Do you really think people are gonna look back at the clown meme and laugh? It'll just be another embarrassment like kekistan.

Zig Forums is arguably speaking even more suspectable to being diverted towards the glow in the dark's aims. I'm not going to be shocked in the entirety of 4chan itself isn't besieged constantly by various intelligence agencies.

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Zig Forums is literally an alphabet soup propaganda outlet and those dumb fucks are too stupid to see it

Google owns Youtube and actively collaborates with the US government. Youtube's recommendations algorithm purposefully functions to direct people, particularly younger people, to alt-right videos or gateway videos.

Meme-culture was hijacked by Zig Forums and Breitbart during GamerGate.

They may have evolved naturally, but they are being actively used in digital warfare.

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Memetic warfare is a thing.


To put it simply, Don't Black, the guy who runs Stormfront, has no known source of income. His wife, however, works for one of the Fanjul brothers, a family of wealthy sugar barons known by the US government to produce sugar via forced labor. Don Black also has ties to the CIA, he was once caught trying to overthrow the government of a Caribbean nation supposedly on their behalf.