Hey there comrades, I'm a bit new here but has anyone here thought of raiding /pol?

Hey there comrades, I'm a bit new here but has anyone here thought of raiding /pol?

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We don't have time for it. Fun and raids are bourgeois.

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Ah, I see, but has anyone ever thought of a new name for this board, cuz i got an idea.

Every raid Zig Forums has ever tried against Zig Forums ended in up in you guys getting BTFO'd out of thread.


I can't think of a single raid we've actually orchestrated in the past 2 years.

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Go back to pol Aryan boy

Last time we tried the old BO ended up sucking a whole bunch of cocks.
The whole thing got embarrassing .

You must be new here
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Out of the raid, we got a bunch of new OC's, I'll try and find the thread

What happened exactly?

I'll be waiting.

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Did they use boring insults like cuck and soyboys cuz that won't work now.

I've been here since 2015 and I've never seen this board attempt to raid another (while it's been blamed for several ones). The closest thing was posting some generals on 4/pol/ to try to convert people.

He's not just any tripfag, he's the BO of /b/, user. He's not posting there much anymore because his board got btfo'd by /b2/.

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I think we need to start a new war, good idea or a bad one?

pics are from a failed attempt to covert /tv/
completely backfired on you guys

Thread talking about recent raids

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Nobody has ever suggested raiding a literally worthless shit site full of 12 year olds and boomer Qtards

Jesus, no wonder it why it backfired.

Strange, link didn't work?

The BO of /fringe/? Sorry but i haven't seen him post here.
The OP explained that it wasn't.
We haven't organized a board-wide raid for a while. I wish we did though. It'd probably be fun. Instead, it's just been me and my efforts posting on other boards mostly. I might meet maybe 3-4 Zig Forums posters on another board per day.

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Ok comrades, I think it's time we rest, rearm and get ready

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Oops, forgot to take off my shitposting name.

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Can you even read? Literally all those memes are anticommunist trash, and judging by the 4chan filenames, they come from Zig Forums. Thanks for proving me right, though.

Raiding is justly banned, you stupid fucks

I don't think we've ever organized a board wide raid.
All we've ever done is coordinate to establish honest threads in other boards to talk about how socialism relates to the thing that their boards are centered around.

Subhuman Autism Level, swallow a shotgun shell

Yes, always. If I was technical enough I'd spam the board with interracial porn until it was unusable. Can someone do that please or teach me how?

I love how you faggots will post false flags and convince yourselves that it's someone else doing it. You're not far from schizos, really.

Looks like someone didn't read the thread
Low I.Q.

None of those links work.
What you saw was probably a single autistic Zig Forumstard false-flagging. I've tried to get this board to establish a simple general on 4/pol/ in the past and it was nearly impossible to get anyone in the mood for it. Organising a raid from here is out of the question. Zig Forums is too cynical and not autistic enough.

It's an established fact that Zig Forums loves interracial porn though.

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raids are strongly discouraged. Calls for raids usually get an anchor or a delete.
controlled visits, like doing ONE thread, and answering questions, are generally accepted, but Zig Forums hates reading, it's inhabited by a shit ton of retarded suburban 12 year olds, and threads usually fail because most Zig Forumstards don't believe what they do because of REASON and LOGIC, but by what they feel which is confirmed by a myriad of shitty infographs they share (cause reading is hard).

Stop this shit. It's juvenile, ineffective and just causes repercussions which we have to clean up.